Omelette with vegetables or my grandmother’s gardened omelette (TORTILLA PAISANA)

Omelette with vegetables or my grandmother’s gardened omelette. Delicious and delicious omelette with healthy and natural ingredients based on vegetables, similar to the famous TORTILLA PAISANA. Ideal as a starter, aperitif, first course, tapas, to take to the beach, the pool or also in the tupper to eat at work, this delicious omelette is a variant of the potato omelette, which by adding vegetables still leaves more Delicious as they add a lot of flavor and extra juiciness that is so delicious the day after making it as freshly made.

Table of Contents

Ingredients Omelette with vegetables

3 – 4 Medium-sized potatoes

1 Medium-sized onion

1 Zucchini

1/2 Red pepper

6 Large-sized eggs

Salt to taste

Extra virgin olive oil

Omelet with vegetables preparation

1. Peel and wash the potatoes, chop them and place them in a large container, peel the onion and chop it, put it next to the potatoes and salt to taste. We wash and chop the zucchini, wash and chop half of the pepper (in my case I peel it, but it is optional).

2. We put a frying pan with plenty of oil to heat, when the oil is hot we add the potatoes with the onion and fry them at medium temperature, after the first 5 minutes we put a lid and leave it for another 5 minutes, stirring from time to time.

3. After 10 minutes, add the zucchini and fry it, stirring from time to time for 10 more minutes at the same temperature. When the zucchini has been fried with the potatoes for those 10 minutes , we add the pepper and fry everything together for 5 more minutes .

4 .Pour the sauce into a colander so that the oil drains well and meanwhile beat the eggs with a little salt, pour the well drained sauce into the egg shake and mix very well.

5. We place the frying pan on the fire with just a little oil and when it is hot we pour the mixture of eggs and stir-fry, let it curdle for a few minutes at medium temperature, then we place a plate on top and turn it over, let another set A couple of minutes on that side and we repeat the operation a couple more times until it is well set or until it is the way we like it and ready to enjoy.

You will love trying it !!


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