Cold seafood cake or Seafood Sandwich – Summer or Christmas Special

Cold seafood cake or seafood sandwich, ideal in summer, Christmas or a holiday, first course or starter, even an aperitif, also to enjoy any day with family or friends; Due to its simple and inexpensive ingredients, it is a recipe that fits any budget, it is also so attractive and so delicious that everyone will want it again and again, it is prepared quickly and can be prepared hours in advance, that is very interesting since it offers us the possibility of having time for ourselves, with sliced ​​bread it offers us many possibilities and this is a good example to make a starter or starter, even an aperitif.

Cold seafood cake or seafood sandwich, ideal in summer, Christmas or a holiday, also to enjoy any day with family or friends

Ingredients of the first filling of the cold seafood cake

Sliced ​​bread without crust

200 g Cooked and peeled prawns

100 g Crab sticks or surimi grated or finely chopped

200 g Good quality mayonnaise or mayonnaise

25 g Pickled gherkins

50 g Olives stuffed with anchovy

Tablespoon Sweet mustard

50 g Very chopped spring onion

2 boiled eggs

ground white pepper to

taste salt

Ingredients of the second filling of the cold seafood cake

Natural tomato


Crab or seafood

cold cuts Mayonnaise or mayonnaise

Ketchup sauce

Ground white pepper

Ingredients for the decoration of the cold seafood cake

Cherry tomatoes



Pitted black olives

Mayonnaise or mayonnaise

Preparation of the cold seafood cake

1. We chop the onion, the gherkins, the olives and the eggs very often, put all the finely chopped ingredients in a large container, add the prawns and the surimi, add the mayonnaise, the mustard and a pinch of ground pepper, mix well and reserve in the fridge covered with plastic wrap.

2. Mince the lettuce and the peeled tomato without seeds, reserve it on a plate, in a large container we put the mayonnaise, the ketchup sauce and a pinch of pepper, mix well and thus we will have a pink sauce, and reserve.

3. In a rectangular mold (in my case disposable) we put a slice of bread without crust on the bottom and we distribute half of the seafood salad, spread very well and cover with another slice of bread pressing a little .


4. On the slice of bread we put a layer of pink sauce and spread it well, we distribute cut lettuce until covering that layer and on the lettuce we distribute the chopped tomato and on the tomato we pour a little pink sauce that we will also spread well, we place Some slices of cold cuts of crab or similar, we cover with another slice of bread that we will press lightly.

5. Spread the rest of the seafood salad over the last slice of bread and spread it well, cover with another slice of bread pressing lightly and cover with plastic wrap, let it rest in the fridge for a few hours.

Preparation of the decoration of the cold seafood cake

1. After the resting time, decorate on top; We crush some pitted black olives with a little of the juice of the same olives until they are a fine puree.

2. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and, in turn, cut each half lengthwise without breaking it completely, separate a little to make it look like the body of a ladybug, reserve it on a plate.

3. We cut a piece of black olive and in turn we cut a small base from that piece, we reserve it together with the cherry tomatoes, we also cut a few sprigs of chives and other sprigs a little longer.

4. Remove the cake from the fridge and unmold it on the serving tray, place a little chopped lettuce on the base around the cake and cover the top with mayonnaise.


5. We spread the finely chopped chives over the mayonnaise, place the cherry tomatoes to our liking and put the cut olive so that it is the head with the cut base down, with two toothpicks we place small mounds of olive puree to make it the characteristic black spots of ladybugs, we make the eyes with mayonnaise with the help of some toothpicks too (watch the video to understand it better).

6. We make a few small cuts on the bread and we puncture the longer chives pieces that we had cut so that they are like green plants, so we will have a very nice and delicious decoration, we can puncture some skewers all over the cake and cover with plastic wrap to keep in the fridge until serving time and ready to enjoy.

You will love to try it !!


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