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Are Frozen Vegetables as Nutritious as Fresh Vegetables?

Juicing frozen vegetables. According to the perspective of many people, they suggest that frozen vegetables are also having much nutrition. They consider that sometimes the fresh vegetables are not fully ready when picking them. These need some time to completely ripen and when such vegetables come to the market, they can lose nutrition.

On the other hand, when vegetables remain in the freezer for 48 hours, they lock their nutrition. While, some people are against the frozen vegetables as they use the blanching process. The blanching process for freezing the vegetables may destroy a few essential vitamins and minerals.

The best situation is that you should use fresh ingredients. Yet, if you want frozen vegetables then choose those that do not pass through the process of blanching. However, the frozen vegetables have also a good amount of nutrition as well as good in taste.

Advantages of Juicing Frozen Vegetables

The main advantage is that you will able to enjoy your favorite drink for the complete year. When there is not a season of that particular vegetable.

Frozen vegetables are also ideal to make juice because they produce more yield of juice. It is a big difference between fresh and frozen juice. The fresh vegetable produces a lower yield of juice as compared to the frozen vegetable.

Disadvantages of Juicing Frozen Vegetables

The negative thing about it is that they might slightly different in the taste. It depends on your own choice that you may like the juice from frozen vegetables.

Another problem is that when you thaw the frozen ingredients before juice, the juice disappears with the water when it melts. As a result of it, the juice has less flavor.

Juicing Frozen Vegetables

How to Make Juice from Frozen Vegetables           

After you decide to make juice with the use of frozen vegetables, you can easily make it for yourself and for your family. But there is the one most important thing that you should contemplate when making the juice. Specifically, the thawing before the juice is essential and necessary.

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Thawing Before Juicing:

If you juice straight from frozen, then it is not too good an idea. When you have a centrifugal juicer, then it is too bad idea because the blades become blunt. When you direct make juice from frozen, then it will also not suitable for masticating juicer.

Therefore, keep the frozen vegetable aside and take time for thawing. The thawing is very important. For this, you can leave all the frozen ingredients for a long time such as overnight. Also, you can wash them with cold water for about thirty minutes continuously.

On the negative side, when you run frozen vegetables under cold water, it will also remove some of the nutrition as well.


The juicing of frozen vegetables is a little tricky but not a very difficult task. Furthermore, you will able to get the taste of your favorite ingredient for the entire year. It is also a straightforward approach to enjoy your favorite juice.


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