Chandelier for the kitchen Provence: stylish DIY lamps

Chandelier for the kitchen in the style of Provence: DIY lamps

Returning home after a hard day, study or a walk, all household members must gather in the kitchen – this has already been done with us for a long time. And in order to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere for communication and exchange of news from the past day, stylish design of the kitchen space

Provence will be the best fit for the goal. Provence is notable for its simplicity in everyday life, but at the same time there are notes of sophistication and sophistication in it, creating a unique provincial home environment. But what kind of overhead lamps exist for the kitchen under cabinets and how to install them on site, this information will help to understand.

Style Description

New trends in the design of kitchen space in the rustic Provence style have been popular for more than a decade, and it all began with country houses, where urban chic was not needed, but on the contrary, simplicity and ease of atmosphere were welcomed. The colors of furniture and walls faded in the sun, scattered spots with color accents of dried hay and flowers, sea breeze and endless lavender fields prevail here.

chandelier in provence style

This version of the chandelier will be combined with the overall style of the kitchen just perfect.

Therefore, the main theme of the design will always be bed colors in light green, blue, peach, beige, olive and pale lilac shades, or the color of a dried rose.

The style direction originated in France at the beginning of the nineteenth century: city dwellers began to imitate the atmosphere of the provincial houses of ordinary workers on the southern coast of the country. There was no pretentiousness and grotesque in it, everything is extremely simple and at the same time beautiful: the main colors will always be shades of vines, lavender fields and the sea coast, and the home environment was made exclusively from handy natural materials.

Some may confuse Provence with a country direction, but there is no confusion here – these are synonymous words, and they mean the same rustic design direction. And the lamps also meet these requirements: they often look like old oil or kerosene lamps, which were used by the common population of that distant era.

Therefore, they are distinguished by several characteristic features:

  • Devices always emit a lot of light: the shades of chandeliers or lampshades are usually transparent, without pretentious delights, which affects the high light transmission.
  • The products always use only natural materials of manufacture: the frame can be made of wood, ceramics, forged metal, or a combination of these materials in one product.
  • For shades, natural silk, linen or chiffon is used, but they can be made of glass, crystal or carved wood.
  • The color of the products is always in gentle pastel colors, and resembles a fabric slightly burnt out in the sun.
  • As a frame, craftsmen can use overhead decorative details in the form of birds of paradise, outlandish flowers or inhabitants of the depths of the sea.
  • The floristic direction of the style is very popular, both on the basis of lamps and on shades. For example, the frame is made of wood, skillfully carved into bizarre shapes of growing grapes, rose bush, etc. Plafonds are made of baked clay or glass, fabrics are framed with the most different ornaments of a floral theme, and the painting is always handmade. Also common are fabric lampshades in marine motifs: seething sea waves or an underwater world with unusual inhabitants.

But what kind of pendant domestic inexpensive chandeliers for the kitchen exist and how to make the right choice, you can see in this video.

What are they

Often, the base of the frame is made of forged metal, then processed using the craquelure technique for artificial aging of the product. Painted with blackened gold, silver or gilded nickel, but you can also find exclusive options completely made of bronze.

metal chandelier for the kitchen in the style of Provence

A metal frame is required, as it indicates the quality of the product

Plafonds are no frills, and if it is frosted glass, then necessarily with floral motifs, elements of flora or marine fauna . Crystal is practically not used in the design of chandeliers of this style, but fabrics, or even paper, are common options. You can also opt for an inexpensive kitchen ceiling chandelier.

chandelier for the kitchen in the style of Provence with oriental shades

Shades can be made of opaque glass

Pendant lamps are characterized by a natural simplicity of execution – there are no high-flown elements, special decoration : everything is extremely simple and even naive. It can be one horn lamps with shades made of fabric, multi-colored glass, always painted with flowers, birds, small leaves.

Or a very popular option: a chandelier with shades in the form of burning candles . For framing, a metal, ceramic or glass base in the form of intertwining branches of plants, bunches of grapes, a flower wreath can be used. But which chandeliers over the kitchen table are the most beautiful and popular, you can see here.

chandelier for the kitchen in Provence style with candle lamps

Such lamps will look very unusual.

All products are characterized by soft, smooth lines, without sharp corners and lines, almost all of them are decorated with many curls and bizarre curves.

For a budget option, modern plastic can be used, stylized as wood or glass, visually not much different from natural materials.

But how to choose the right kitchen hood and how to highlight it, the information on the link will help you understand.

As for the shape of the shades, asymmetric lines are uncharacteristic for them, usually these are products in the form of cones, spheres, hemispheres or in the form of trapezoids. Otherwise, the whole harmony of the province will be irreparably violated.

chandelier for the kitchen in the style of Provence in the form of a sphere

A sphere-shaped plafond will look the most beautiful

Manufacturers and prices

In stores you can find Provence style lamps from different manufacturers and price categories, we offer several models for the review:

An original pendant lamp from German manufacturers of the Maytoni brand. Three candle-shaped horns are mounted under a fabric lampshade of delicate pastel pink color. Jacquard weave fabric with floral patterns matching the main color. Metal base, painted in a light tone, mounted on a chain to the kitchen ceiling.

Chandelier for the kitchen in the style of Provence Maytoni

The most beautiful thing about such a lamp is that the bulbs are most often made in the form of candles, giving a cozy atmosphere

Unusual chandelier from Italian manufacturers of the Arte Lamp brand. The five-arm product is made using the technique of floristry, the frosted glass shades have an unusual configuration, stylized as grape leaves, located at different heights on a bronze base.

Provence style kitchen chandelier Arte Lamp

Most often, plafonds can be of various shapes and colors.

Another version of the Proven style chandelier from Danish manufacturers. Made of chrome-plated metal, with a transparent glass shade, designed for three incandescent or LED type lamps. For decoration, metal coins scattered over the entire surface of the lampshade were used.

Suspended lamp from Italian masters of the Odeon firm. A three-arm product with frosted glass shades stylized as a floral trend. The base is made of metal, painted in the color of baked milk, with bizarre curves reminiscent of plant branches.

chandelier for the kitchen in the style of Provence Odeon

Plafonds have a floristic direction with colors.

Now you have an idea of ​​the direction of the Provence style, and the lighting fixtures popular today. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the upholstered kitchen stools in this article.


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