Pictures for the kitchen are modern: styles that can be hung

Bored and somehow empty in a brand new kitchen? Neither the stylish design of the headset nor modern household appliances please the soul? How to transform this routine, breathe life, movement, and a breath of breeze into the gray walls? Very simple: the dullness of space can be decorated by hanging modern works of art – paintings on the walls. But they will not be in the usual sense of paintings as such, these are most likely elements of decoration that create an atmosphere of warmth and homeliness. But what kind of wall murals exist on the wall in the kitchen and how to choose them, this information will help to understand.

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What materials are they made from

Decorating the kitchen with paintings is not an innovation, but rather to give tradition: after all, many people associate it with the living room or dining room, and works of art have been placed in them since ancient times. Today, these habits have remained, however, the materials from which the paintings for kitchen spaces are made have changed:

Panels and posters, paintings made using the photo printing technique, claim the first place. Here you can make an individual order to enlarge and frame a personal and very expensive photo, a frame from a movie, or another photo with a landscape, still life, etc. You should also pay attention to wall kitchen accessories.modern paintings photo printing for the kitchen

Photo printing is the most commonly used way to create a picture, including for the kitchen

If there is enough wall space, then they make modular, composite paintings of the same theme: a bouquet of wildflowers, connected and several parts, the seabed, the night sky – whoever likes what. Can be installed at the corner kitchen set for a small kitchen.

modern picture for the kitchen in the form of a flower

Flowers can be of various sizes and colors.

Or simple and short-lived materials, such as paper. It can be applied to a watercolor drawing in the kitchen, directly on the wall, or made with a simple pencil. But such a painting requires protection, for example, to place it under glass and a reliable frame: after all, in any case, fat vapors and even soot from ready meals and gas combustion hover in the kitchen.

modern painting in the kitchen in the form of a watercolor drawing

Watercolor painting is the most beautiful and practical type of painting

The classic of the genre is a painting executed with oil paints on linen canvas. Although the oil itself is a durable material, the base, that is, the canvas needs protection: it is best to place it under glass as well. This technique will help preserve the brightness of colors and protect it from dirt and dust. If you choose frescoes on the wall, then special protection is not needed for such material. To illuminate such a picture, led lighting for the kitchen is suitable.

This picture is more beautiful, but more expensive.

This picture is more beautiful but more expensive.

A new trend is pictorial painting on glass with special types of paints. The format of images and themes can be very different, but in any case, they are durable and do not lose their brilliance over time. In addition, care is very easy – just wipe them with a damp cloth from dirt and dust.modern painting painting on glass for the kitchen

A great option for the kitchen, as such a picture will last a long time

Or innovations in the technique of painting: from different cereals, flower petals, coffee beans, and even embroidered, usually multi-colored beads are used for the latter option. Some craftswomen make them themselves according to sketches from the Internet or a fashion magazine. Everything is used: large pasta, beans of different colors, nuts, and even dough. Such paintings are very popular today: they make up a type from a simple salty dough dyed in different colors, carefully dry it in a warm oven ajar, and place an already composed composition right on the kitchen walls.modern picture for the kitchen from cereals

Such a picture can be made with your own hands or ordered according to your preferences.

The main thing is that the picture should have a finished look, arrange it correctly: place it in a frame or baguette that matches its design and style. It is appropriate to decorate the classics with a traditional frame, and thin metal edging is suitable for a photo or a panel.

Design Options

Bright, picturesque canvases are best suited for raising your appetite and good mood, but abstraction in black and white can also add zest to the overall kitchen surroundings.

A variation of the picture with a modular orange, apple, other fruit, or vegetable will fit perfectly into any kitchen space.

paintings with modular orange

Such paintings look very good, including in the kitchen.

And who remembers grandmother’s plates? They are again at the peak of popularity today, however, they have changed the subject and material of manufacture: you can no longer find ordinary faience thick products made in the primitive technique of popular prints, today the plates are made of thin fiberglass, using the latest photo printing technology. On the walls, you can place not one, but several interconnected paintings-plates at once, which will harmoniously complement each other, for example, a winter theme – a skating rink, decorated Christmas trees, snowmen, and Santa Clauses. The asymmetrical layout will add variety, and bright colors will remind you of past events. Also, as a beautiful attribute, you can add text to photo and make it more attractive.

pictures of grandma's plates in the kitchen

This picture will look best in a country house

Plates of different geometric shapes will also look good: round and oval, square and rectangular will only complement each other, creating comfort in the kitchen.

Volumetric glass or ceramic multi-colored paintings with images of vases of fruit, plates of vegetables, sliced ​​​​meat or fish snacks have become popular – you just want to quickly start a meal!

Or such works of contemporary art as a clock stylized as a picture, for example, a clock mechanism is equipped against the background of the urban landscape, and the hands follow the current time on their own.

Many people are no longer surprised by the beautiful views in the paintings, for example, a photo from a family album: people make panels order using the photo printing technique. Photos on vacation look very beautiful: gatherings around a fire with friends, smoke from food prepared in a bowler hat, a shining moon illuminates a small mysterious meadow, or a kayak trip along a fast-moving river, a sea cruise on a yacht. It makes me want to go back to the same place again.

You can choose the plot for the paintings yourself, but the main thing is that it should be combined with the chosen style and the surrounding surroundings:

  • If you have chosen the Provence style, then the pictures should reflect the old times, villages or endless lavender fields.
  • For the classics, portrait works, still lifes or traditional images of landscapes are needed.
  • For modern interiors, you should choose abstract paintings, or simple black and white drawings and pencil paintings.

Where to hang

But not only pictures are appropriate on the walls! They can decorate facades, aprons between furniture and the hob, cabinet doors or household appliances!

modern paintings in the kitchen where to hang

Usually such paintings can be hung either above the table, or in a neutral place.

But any designer will say that when placing paintings, one should follow the traditions: in the direction from the entrance to the window. Small prints are placed first, then medium ones, and only then large format paintings.

But in any case, it is not suspended from the ceiling, but placed at the level of the human eye, so that the perception of beauty is a pleasure.

The principle of arrangement is simple: remember the quote from the famous cartoon: “a picture is useful – it blocks a hole on the wall”, so you can arm yourself with this principle of placing pictures, but in most cases I fill empty walls with it, creating volume and beauty in the kitchen room.


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