is apple juice a diuretic

The apple and its health benefits

The apple is considered a diuretic fruit thanks to the moderate concentrations of potassium, this makes it appropriate for patients with fluid retention or high blood pressure.

The apple is not only a delicious fruit, in its composition it has nutrients and natural chemical substances that attribute beneficial properties to your health.

Good for the heart! Although it is true that vitamins and minerals are the potential antioxidants of fruits, in the apple this property is due to the amount of natural chemicals (phytochemicals) concentrated in its peel. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that oxidize our cells thus increasing the risk of developing heart disease, degenerative diseases and cancer.

It is also considered a diuretic fruit thanks to the moderate concentrations of potassium, this makes it appropriate for patients with fluid retention or high blood pressure. Patients with kidney failure should remember that the apple, like other fruits, is discouraged due to the restriction of potassium in their diet.

Good for constipation and diarrhea! The peel of the apple contains insoluble fiber that helps the intestinal evacuation,  in such a way that if we eat it raw and with the peel it prevents constipation. Already in supermarkets we can find apple bran, which is precisely this type of fiber that is very pleasant to include in our preparations such as cookies, or in fruit salad with yogurt (remember to drink a glass of water later to hydrate this fiber and achieve a bowel movement).

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In the pulp we find pectin, a type of soluble fiber that rather slows down intestinal transit in addition to capturing water, reducing its loss during diarrhea. The pulp also contains natural chemicals called tannins, these have astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Recognizing them is easy since they feel rough on the palate and easily darken when exposed to the environment. If we grate the pulp of the apple, soon the tannins will appear darkened . You know, raw and peeled apples regulate your intestines, but peeled and grated will help you cope with diarrhea.

Good for preventing cavities! There are definitely no substitutes for brushing your teeth, however the texture of the apple that can sweep the remains of food from the teeth, added to the delicious juice that delights our palate, turns out to be a good preventive measure for cavities.

Beware of kidney stones! If you suffer from kidney stones, ask to know what the stones are formed from since food can help their formation. Such is the case of the apple that contains oxalic acid that during digestion it can combine with calcium molecules, thus forming calcium oxalate, a compound that forms a certain type of stone. Now, cooking the apple removes oxalic acid, in this way the patient with kidney stone could consume it.

Is Apple Juice A Diuretic


It is not only an extra refreshing fruit and vegetable juice, which helps us to be hydrated, this is also one of the best diuretics known and you can prepare it at home because it is very easy to make and inexpensive, just with two ingredients.


  • 2 apples
  • 1 stalk of celery


Blend the apples and celery with the help of a blender or mixer (If it is too thick we can rinse it with a little oat milk)

It is taken as is, as a juice or juice.

Both celery and apple have diuretic properties and will be a great ally especially in case of fluid retention.
Diuretic foods are those that, when consumed, help us eliminate excess water and salts from our body, promoting kidney function.

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Natural diuretic: Apple and raspberry juice

There are various fruit combinations that you can make at home to take care of your body. If in your case, you want to eliminate toxins and lose fat, we recommend mixing raspberries with apples.


This juice has a diuretic effect. In addition, due to its high fiber content, it purifies the intestine, facilitates digestion and fights constipation. It is also indicated for people who are overweight, obese or suffer from bone and cardiovascular disease.


  • 2 red apples, peeled (peeled)
  • ½ cup fresh raspberries


-Place the apples in the blender glass, process and strain.

-To the preparation, add the previously washed raspberries.

-Liquua, serve and drink the liquid obtained.


It is best to take it once a day, preferably in the morning, twice a week is enough. Oh, and if you want you can also add a couple of cherries.


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