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Your baby is growing every day, and the mother’s milk alone is not enough for him, gradually you need to introduce bait, including carefully chopped fruits and vegetables. But it is not enough just to grind fresh food to the desired consistency, they should be safely thermally processed, for example, with steam, and a surprisingly useful and necessary device can help in this – a steamer with a blender function for baby food. You may also be interested in the information that the hand blender or mixer is better.

Steamer device with blender for baby food

A small body is not yet able to chew food on its own; it needs help, for example, to bring vegetables and fruits prepared for the baby’s food to a state of puree, which he himself can swallow without problems. But such a device as a double boiler-blender, in addition to the main functionality, will be able to process prepared food with steam, disinfecting it and making it absolutely safe for imperfect digestion.

Basically, devices are intended for cooking food for one meal so that it does not remain and could not deteriorate, therefore they are compact in size. And a bowl for chopping products can be used instead of a plate, so mom can save her precious time on washing dishes.

But what is the best blender for home and how to choose it, this article will help you understand.

Many models come with very useful options for any busy mommy:

  • Shutdown in automatic mode at the end of steaming puree . As soon as the mechanism is triggered, the device beeps to know that the process is over and you can start feeding.
  • There is no need for pre-cooking food: the device itself will bring food to the required temperature for disinfection and readiness of food for a small person.
  • Mom does not need to work to grind food through a fine sieve : the blender will grind everything to the required puree-like consistency.

Everyone understands perfectly well that steam processing retains more nutrients and minerals than is possible when cooking individual ingredients.

But which blender is better submersible or stationary and how to make the right choice, this information will help you understand.

You can activate the cooking process as follows:

  • Cut prepared food into cubes, put them in a special cooking container.
  • Turn the button on to the desired cooking mode.
  • Then connect a blender and start grinding.
  • Turn on steam processing.

As soon as the signal sounds, the food is ready and you can feed the baby. Many manufacturers accompany their products with an interesting and useful recipe; the book contains many useful tips and tricks that will definitely come in handy for a young mother without experience.

steamer blender for baby food

And other models can defrost food, reheat ready-made meals, or have additional equipment in the form of a mixer.

Cooking is carried out at the level of impulses, which allows you to set the desired program: for a very small child, you need a gentle puree, a little older you can give already grated food, or small pieces. Dishes are prepared no more than 15 minutes. Some tricks: you can start by steaming, then transfer the mass to a grinding container. And again treat with steam for disinfection.

Many models are equipped with an additional tray for collecting the broth if required by the recipe.

But which blender for smoothies and cocktails with glass is the best and according to what parameters it is worth making a choice, is outlined here.

Rating of the best models and prices

Philips avent

Let’s start our product review with the well-known Philips Avent 4 in 1 brand :

it includes:

  • 2 containers for preparation and further storage of ready meals for 120 and 240 ml: they freely fit into each other for easy storage.
  • You can use the product heating function.
  • The containers are suitable for use in a microwave oven for heating food.
  • All parts are sealed and do not let in steam.
  • Overall dimensions compact

But which blender is better to choose for use, submersible or stationary, this information will help to understand.

Perfect for making the most delicate sauces for adult family members.

Philips avent baby food blender steamer 4 in 1:

With such a blender, you can make even the most delicious sauces for all family members.

The next model Avent Philips scf870, has the following characteristics:

  • Power consumption up to 400 W, operates on a regular power supply.blender Avent Philips scf870
  • Very efficient equipment for quick preparation of various vegetable purees, even at low speeds
  • It is connected manually by turning the knob on the product body; at the end of cooking, a sound alert is given.
  • Cooking capacity up to 200 ml, grinding capacity up to 0.5 liters.
  • The product consists of a device with an evaporator and a base on which there is a setting for operating modes: blender, double boiler, shutdown.
  • The cord is short, which is not very convenient.
  • On the lid of the steam evaporator there is a recess for the bowl where the steam is being processed.
  • The package includes a measuring container and a spoon.
  • If the water boils away, the device will turn off automatically.

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Beaba Babycook

The following review is dedicated to the product from Beaba Babycook

But this is quite justified. Since it has a lot of functionality:

  • Sterilization of the cooked meal.
  • It can defrost or reheat food, there is an automatic shutdown option.
  • A removable basket will allow you to separate the broth or broth from the main product, mix everything with a blender to the desired consistency.
  • A handy spatula is included to transfer food to a convenient container.
  • The set includes 2 different sizes of bowls.steamer baby food blender Beaba Babycook
  • steamer baby food blender Beaba Babycook

Nice and modern design.

Happy baby fusion

The Happy baby fusion model belongs to the middle price category. depending on functionality and supplier. Convenient and beautiful design, a whole range of useful and necessary functions.

steamer baby food blender Happy baby fusion

Having prepared soup or mashed potatoes, you can also store it for a long time.

The manufacturer has completed its products:

  • Three jars and heat-resistant glass for storage and preparation.
  • A book with recipes useful for a child.
  • Spatula, measuring cup, bowl for easy cooking.

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Essential brand products scf 862 02. Cost. a set of a double boiler, blender, measuring bowls. Made of modern plastic, with a manual switch for cooking baby food or sauces. There is a device that protects against possible overheating, accidental opening of the lid during the cooking process.

Essential baby food blender steamer scf862 02

A very safe device and even with a child in the kitchen you don’t have to worry, since the lid will not open itself

Chicco easy meal

Model of a steamer-blender C Chicco easy meal from Italian manufacturers. The package includes:

  • The possibility of cutting with special knives above the basket of the device.
  • The folding basket allows the cooked product to be transferred to the chopping bowl with a blender.
  • The bowl precisely enters the body of the device and the steam treatment starts.
  • Grinding bowl with capacity up to 1000 ml, for steam processing – 550 ml.

You can also be interested in information about the Moulinex electric meat grinder.

There is also a recipe book and a vegetable cutter with a comfortable handle.

steamer baby food blender Chicco easy meal

A great option for a sufficiently large amount of food preparation for a baby


A device of the Bololo model depending on power and equipment:

  • The power of the device is 400 W.
  • Ability to work in 5 different operating modes.
  • 2 containers: a jug for grinding with a volume of 1 l, a bowl of l., 0.25 ml.
  • Supplied with 2 lids, a spatula and a children’s recipe food blender steamer Bololo
  • A large number of working modes will allow you to very quickly make various options for food for your baby

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  • Yana, 24 years old: “This amazing device was presented to me for the birth of a baby, I did not even imagine all its possibilities. And now I just can’t imagine how I would manage without it: I loaded it, turned on the necessary modes, and by the time of feeding everything is ready. “
  • Oksana, 19 years old: “I got pregnant and decided to leave the baby, although she didn’t really want to, because I’m a student. Time is categorically not enough for anything, not to mention delights. But the device helps me very well: I can load everything according to the recipe, and go for a walk, and by the time we arrive, the food is ready, and there is no need to spend additional time on cooking for the baby. ” We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Bosch food processor with a meat grinder in this material.


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