Best Mexican Food Channels for Food Lovers 

What comes to your mind when you hear Mexican food? Tacos, Chilaquiles, Burritos, Menudo, and a long list of spicy and fiery food, right? Well, it is attributed to the fusion of different cultures in Mexican food that make it absolutely appealing. A combo of flavors, spices, and colors garnished with an attractive appearance makes it something that no one can avoid. 

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If you are someone who, like the majority of people out there, is into Mexican food, and truly wants to learn what is the secret to their scrumptious and uber-tasty cuisine, then you have got to watch out for some of the best Mexican food channels. 

Be wary! These channels will make you fall in love with Mexican food and make you feel hungry every time you watch a recipe (pun intended). Anyway, here is a serious disclaimer. If you wish to watch the exclusive content online and do not want anything to disrupt you in the middle of the show, you better buckle yourself up. 

For example, make sure your device is connected to a super-fast internet. This will let you enjoy the show without the screen getting frozen or going wibbly-wobbly. If you seek recommendations, you may check out Suddenlink, which enables you to enjoy 4k streaming without worrying about running out of data. If you need help or wish to learn more, you may contact Suddenlink servicio al cliente en español (for Spanish CS).

Enough of disclaimers! Now, let’s get to the list of the best Mexican food channels right now. 

  1. Cocina Con Adela

Salvadoran Cocinera Adela shows off her mastery of cooking skills on her channel, Cocina Con Adela, which has over one million subscribers. By far, she has posted 814 videos on YouTube and she mainly cooks some of the best dishes across Latin America. 

A various number of her videos cover recipes from EL Salvador; however, some of the videos also revolve around dishes from other countries to cater to different viewers. But since you are interested in learning about Mexican food, you will find a wealth of knowledge on this channel. 

  1. Cooking Claudia Regalado

Claudia Regalado is a sensational social media star who gained immense popularity due to her Youtube channel where she shares her lifestyle as a mother and wife, which includes cooking tips as well. 

With over 900k subscribers on her YouTube channel, Cooking Claudia Regalado, she shares videos showcasing Latinx recipes. Her recipes are followed and loved by many people worldwide; which is why, she announced the launch of her cookbook a few days ago. So, you should not be missing out on learning what she has to teach in her videos. 

  1. Simply Mamá Cooks

Another brilliant cooking channel that makes it to our list is, Simply Mamá Cooks. You must tune into this channel if you want to learn cooking with mama’s love, as said by Angelica, the cook herself. In all honesty, this is the channel that will make you crave cozy Mexican food like anything. 

This Youtube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and all of her videos are food tutorials, including a mix of Latin and American food. So, get ready to learn some exquisite cuisines, from lasagna to tortas, jacked potatoes to roasted chicken, and everything in between. 

  1. Cooking with Kirby

Cooking with Kirby is a growing cooking channel with around 87k subscribers at the moment. What sets this channel apart from others is that the cook showcases Mexican recipes using a wide variety of appliances available at your home easily, such as Air fryers, Char-Griller Smokin Champ Offset Smoker, Weber Kettle, and others. Moreover, by subscribing to this channel, you will sign yourself up for exclusive tips and tricks that you might otherwise not know. 

  1. Abuela’s Kitchen

If you want to have a legit Latin food channel on the tip of your fingers, then this is the channel you need to subscribe to. Well, it is natural for anyone to trust tips and tricks that come straight from the backyard of Abuela. And there you go – this is why you would feel like this channel has got you the most organic insights into Mexican food. 

Closing Remarks

Mexican food is truly tasty; thus, very popular globally. If you want to learn the art of Mexican dishes, then you must subscribe to the channels we have listed above. 

Happy cooking 😊  


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