How long can you freeze fruit for smoothies


All the frozen fruits for smoothies have many advantages. You can freeze your favorite fruit and make smoothies anytime, even if there is no season for that particular fruit. Frozen fruits are safer to eat as well as safer for smoothies.

With the freeze method, you can efficiently extend the time of the fruits without any spoilage. The long-lasting freshness of the freeze fruits is more than six to nine months. Even the fruits will remain fresh in the freezer for up to one year.

Before using such frozen fruits, you can quickly thaw them or use them in the recipes. The frozen fruits are a great alternative to the use of ice. The adding of ice will cause thinner smoothies. If you will use frozen fruits, then there is no need for the addition of ice. The making of smoothies with frozen fruits makes thick and creamy smoothies.

How Long Can You Freeze Fruit For Smoothies

Good idea to freeze fruit for smoothies

It is always a great idea to freeze any local or seasonal fruits for smoothies. All fruits can quickly freeze. But the lifespan of each frozen fruit is different from others. In addition to it, there are different best ways to freeze fruits. The frozen fruits will remain fresh and with healthy nutrients even after a long time of storage. With the freezing of fruits, you will enjoy your favorite smoothie even after the season is over.

The lifespan of freeze fruit for smoothies

The lifespan of frozen fruit varies from fruit to fruit. Usually, the frozen fruit remains fresh for one year. Within one year, you can make smoothies anytime from the frozen fruits. The fruits remain full of nutrition and healthier for smoothies. On the other hand, some fruits have a short lifespan in the freezer also. As an example, frozen bananas remain fresh for few months instead of one year. However, frozen apples have a lifespan of several months.

Ways to properly freeze fruit for maximum durability

Here, we will describe the simple method for the freezing of the fruit in any freezer. Now, you will know about some basic ways about how to freeze fruits; with the following of these ways, the durability of the frozen fruits increases. This more straightforward method is for the freezing of all sorts of fruits. It is a straightforward method. One crucial thing to remember is that moisture is the enemy of all frozen fruits.

1. First of all, wash the fruits and then dry them. Make sure that fruits dry very well.

2. If you will use that fruit that has skin, then peel its skin. After that, remove any kind of gashes from the fruits.

3. In the case of large size of fruits, cut the fruits into small pieces. The pieces of fruits should small from bite-sized. Also, you can cut the slices as per your demand.

4. After that, pat the fruit again for the best dry purpose. You can use any towel or paper towel for this task. This step is to ensure that you will remove maximum moisture from the air.

5. The next step is the transferring of the fruits in any tray. This tray should cover with parchment paper. Now, spread all the fruits over the tray in a single layer. After that, cover the tray with plastic cling wrap. Then, put this tray into the freezer. The tray should remain in the freezer for several hours or one night.

6. The last step is the removal of the tray from the freezer. After that, peel off all fruit from the parchment paper. Now, transfer the fruits to the freezer bags. Remember one thing that always uses BPA-free freezer bags so that the fruit remains healthy for a long time when you put all the fruit in the bag and squeeze it very well before sealing. This step ensures the removal of all air from the freezer bag.

Every fruit has a different lifespan of freezing

As we above told, every fruit has a different lifespan. Therefore, the freeze of every fruit also has a different shelf life. Some frozen fruits remain fresh for several months, and some remain fresh for only a few months. But one common thing among all fruits is that all the fruits are possible freeze quickly. In addition to it, every frozen fruit has some techniques that make sure fruits will remain fresh.

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Tips for storing different fruits that increase their freshness

Here, we will tell you some specific tips for particular fruits for their freezing. These tips are helpful to increase the lifespan of the fruits. If you will use:

Bananas: You should firstly peel the banana and then slice and freeze.

Berries: All kinds of berries should firstly wash and dry. Then you can freeze them quickly.

Mangoes & Kiwi: Both mangoes and kiwi first peel and then slice.

Citrus: The best way to freeze citrus fruit is to make juice of these fruits firstly. After that, put citrus juice in the ice cubes. You can also simply directly freeze in the freezer bag. In this way, you will ensure the maximum freshness of the frozen fruits.

Must thaw freeze fruit before making smoothies for maximum results

It is our recommendation to thaw fruits firstly if you want a thin smoothie. You can quickly thaw frozen fruits with the use of clean tap water. Put all the frozen fruits in the container and then running them under tap water. Also, you can thaw them in the fridge.

If you want to thaw in the fridge, then it requires few hours. On the opposite side, if you want to drink full thick smoothies, there is no need to thaw. The frozen fruits are the best to make thick & creamy smoothies.

Bottom line

In conclusion, you can efficiently freeze fruits to easily making of smoothies. The freezing method is helpful to freeze any seasonal fruits. The frozen fruits will remain fresh for up to one year. Every fruit has a different long-lasting shelf life. But if you freeze the fruits with the proper method, you make sure about the long freshness.

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