can you freeze fresh juice

If you have a large amount of fresh fruits or fresh juice, you may think about if you can freeze or not. Whenever you have a busy routine, you are not able to make fresh juice regularly. So, it is good for you to freeze fresh juice.

The freeze fresh juices last for up to 3 to 6 months. The negative side is that fewer nutrients lose over time. But it also not say that all the health benefit of fresh juice will finish.

Can You Freeze Fresh Juice

How can you freeze fresh juice?

When you want to freeze a fresh juice, then use that jar which is free from BPA-free materials. The glass jar or the Mason jar is the best option for freezing juice.

You can easily store your fresh juice in any Mason jar. One most important thing that you should keep in your mind is that when you fill the jar with fresh juice; leave a small range at the top. The juice will extend when you freeze. Otherwise, the jar will burst if you will not leave the top space.

Another fun to store fresh juice is in the ice cube tray. It is for the fun way to freeze your fresh juice.

Freeze juice from Juicers

When you have a lot of work in your daily routine, then it is the most appropriate way to make juices at home and freeze the juices in the freezer. The homemade juices are great because of their quality.

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You can instantly store fresh juices from juicers. The quality of the juicer depends on how much time juice remains fresh in the freezer. The freezing of fresh juices is great and also has the best in taste. You can enjoy the freeze fresh juicer anytime. Before drinking, take the frozen juice out and defrost them for few minutes. After that, you can easily drink.

Can You Freeze Fresh Juice

Juice lasts longer in the freezer

It is easy to freeze juice in the freezer. But one important thing is that there is a certain time period for the long-lasting of the fresh juice. The fresh juice long last for more than 24 months which means that it is the most long-lasting fresh juice. Usually, the juice remains fresh in the freezer for 3 to 6 months. The taste remains delicious even after many days or months of freezing.

Do you think fruit juice freezes? If so, are there any particular methods to follow?

BEST RESPONSE by our experts

By Christine Poujol
It is very easy to freeze fruit juice, but there are a few precautions you should take. Make the juice as concentrated and fresh as possible. Take orange juice as an example. To get better orange juice, preheat it by rubbing it between your hands and in hot water for a few minutes. Then squeeze with an orange press and put the concentrated juice in a plastic bottle. Leave the cap partially open during the first 24 hours of freezing. So, it will be necessary to ensure that the bottle stands upright. Once the 24 hours have passed, lay the bottle in the freezer. You can close the bottle well and set the freezer temperature to 6 ° C. This will allow you to keep your juice for a long time.


By Maïs Joli
Personally, to freeze my fruit juices, I make ice cubes. This method is ideal for lemon juice. I fill the ice cube trays with the juice and freeze them at 25 ° C. When they’re ready, I put them in a freezer bag and store them below -18 ° C for long-term storage. This way of freezing is especially ideal for lemon juice, but it can also be done for other fruits and even for juice in bricks. To drink your juice, just put the ice cubes in half a glass of water, which is why it is essential that the frozen juice is very concentrated.

By Guinolet Lepeintre
It is not necessary to store the fruit juice, it is enough to keep it cool in the refrigerator. If you freeze your juice for longer than a week, the taste will deteriorate and become bland.

By Sabrina Guirina When
freezing fruit juice, always keep in mind that the bottle should never be filled. Space must be left for freezing. On the first day, the bottle must allow air to take place to complete the freezing process. From the second day, the juice should be stored at 18 ° C in a tightly closed jar or plastic bottle.

Do not hesitate to give your best advice in the comments.

How to freeze juice

For freezing, you need plastic bottles, which are used for packaging drinking water – such packaging is the most economical. Old water bottles can be taken, but they should be stored in a woodpile and open to avoid suffocation. The capacity of the container does not matter, the number of eaters in the family and the way of using the juice in winter are more important here.

Fresh juice is poured into a bottle, it is squeezed a little from the sides to squeeze out the air (even if the juice flows a little), and tightly closed. The filled bottles are washed, dried and placed in the freezer (again with a woodpile). And any housewife will always find free spaces between the bottles with something to fill.

How to store frozen juice

A freezer is required for storage. Now they sell anything – from vertical, similar in appearance to a refrigerator, to huge chests.

How to use frozen juice

It is important that the freezer never needs to be defrosted during winter storage. Because even short-term thawing spoils the workpiece.

Before use, the container with frozen juice must be removed from the freezer and transferred to the lower shelf of the refrigerator: a bottle and a half-box thaws in about a day.

With this juice you can cook soups, compotes, jelly, prepare sauces and gravies with it. It depends on the type of fruit that was turned into juice. But it’s better to drink.

Final Conclusion:

In the final analysis, you can freeze fresh juice. However, some of the nutrition loses from the freeze juice. When the juice remains in the freezer for a long time, then more amount of nutrition lose from the juice. Whether it is a fresh fruit juice or a vegetable juice, both are able to easily freeze in the freezer.

The one thing to consider is that the freezing of the juicer may result in decreasing in nutrition. The flavor of the juice may affect later. The only solution is that only store the normal amount of fresh juice in the freezer. 

Freezing juice is easy and you don’t need to buy it.

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