Kitchen-living room Chalet in a country house: design with a fireplace

Chalet-style kitchen: living room with a fireplace in a country house, design in a city apartment, wallpaper and ceiling

The chalet is a shepherd’s house, which is located on high mountain pastures, a haven for travelers lost in the mountains. That is the meaning of this word.

Already at the beginning of the last century, the chalet-style became quite popular in home design, probably because it successfully combines simplicity and functionality, a kind of provincial comfort, and a kind of attempt to create an ideal refuge from global urbanization and technological progress.

Chalet style design

chalet style kitchen

The chalet is a cozy house in the mountains. Therefore, the style of the kitchen in the first place should create a cozy atmosphere.

The main thing in this style is rustic comfort, simplicity, and hospitality.

The chalet is a rural house, so the style of the chalet is close to the country style.


Its features are already in the name:

  • the main materials are wood, stone;
  • wooden furniture is defiantly simple, without decorations;
  • a lot of forged parts: handles, lamps, all kinds of fixtures;
chalet style kitchen
  • ceilings with decorative wooden beams;
  • mandatory open hearth;
  • paintings depicting hunting scenes, animals and birds, landscapes;
  • artistically designed hunting trophies: horns, stuffed animals, skins;
  • hunting rifles, knives;
  • the main colors are brown, gray, burgundy, in the details of the decor it can be juicy green, pink, orange, but in very moderate quantities;
  • only natural textiles are used for decoration.

Advantages and disadvantages

A big plus of this style is the use of natural materials, comfort and simplicity.

chalet style kitchen

In chalet-style kitchens, you need to make the most of natural materials that are close to the rustic style.

The downside is that

  • a truly full-fledged chalet style can only be created if the room has high enough ceilings;
  • the main colors that are used to create the style – brown, burgundy, chocolate, gray ─ do not complement the light in the room, so additional lighting may be needed even during the day if the windows are not large enough.

In a private house

chalet style kitchen

A person, deciding to build a private house, first expects to find peace and solitude in it. Home for him is a refuge from the bustle of the city and the crazy rhythm of life. It is no coincidence that when decorating interiors, one of the rustic styles often becomes an idea for kitchen design.

Natural materials, simple decor – this is what you need for peace of mind. Chalet style in the house in the kitchen, where the owners spend a lot of time, this is exactly what is required for a private house.

Here it is easy to implement the following requirements for the interior of this style:

chalet style kitchen
  • in Alpine chalets the kitchen was entered directly from the street;
  • the window frames are wooden, the windows are very large;
  • it is better to make ceilings high, then massive dark wooden beams will look natural;
  • one of the walls must be decorated with stone, the rest with wood, usually it is lining with clapboard, which can be covered with dark varnish or vice versa – whitened;
  • a wide floorboard is placed on the floor, which needs to be “aged” using special oils or varnish with a patinated effect;
  • a fireplace with an open firebox, lined with brick or stone, is obligatory, it was this that warmed travelers and shepherds in the mountains; the hearth should take pride of place in the center of the kitchen;
  • a wood-burning stove looks good and is practical to use for cooking;
  • lamps, descending on chains from beams and decorated as antique portable lanterns.

If for some reason the stone is not available, then the wall can be plastered, specially creating irregularities, and whitewashed.

kitchen living room

chalet style kitchen

A chalet-style living room kitchen can be combined not only with a hall but also with a billiard room or a home theater. this style is perfect for a bachelor’s lair.

  • The walls of the kitchen can be completely stone or stone, and the walls of the living room are wooden.
  • wooden beams on the ceiling and in both areas, and only in the kitchen;
  • a fireplace can be placed in the living room, deer or elk antlers can be hung on the wall there, homespun carpets can be laid on the floor in the kitchen, and a large long-haired carpet in the living room;
  • place several different wooden cabinets and shelves in the kitchen area;
  • in the living room put a large leather sofa with many embroidered pillows; several comfortable chairs of different shapes, which are not one set with a sofa, the color of upholstered furniture is brown or gray;
  • a long oak table can be located on the border of two rooms;
  • wooden coffee tables are scattered throughout the living room;
  • curtains can be with a small floral print, the same in the living room and kitchen;
  • in the living room you can put a large wicker box, clay floor vases, hang decorative plates on the walls;
  • the main colors of furniture and finishes are brown, caramel, amber, cream.

If you cannot make a real wood-burning fireplace, you can put a fireplace with an imitation of live fire, now there are many options, including those that work as heaters.

small room

chalet style kitchen

It is difficult to recreate a chalet in a small room just because massive wooden furniture looks rough in a small room.

It is difficult to create a full-fledged chalet-style interior in a small space, but you can use a lot of details of this style, and thus come close to what you want:

chalet style kitchen
  • the ceiling is whitewashed, white or light gray;
  • one wall is decorated “under the stone”, for this purpose you can use wallpaper with the appropriate pattern; you can leave just bleached concrete;
  • on others ─ wood panels or wallpaper with a pattern “under the tree”; wood furniture looks good, the same color and texture as panels;
  • washing is appropriate stone;
  • an apron made of large tiles in one of the shades of brown or gray;
  • it is better to hang lamps matte, round and place around the perimeter;
  • a table in the middle, chairs completely wooden, but not bulky (due to limited space), stand around the table;
  • you can lay homespun rugs on the floor;
  • curtains made of unbleached natural fabric, fixed on the window frame, so they will not create a feeling of filled space in the window area;
  • in a small kitchen, medium-sized decor elements will look better: a couple of small mountain landscapes, two or three dry bunches of herbs in the corners, a pair of small decorative forged candlesticks, a portable lantern;
  • furniture is placed on two walls, a corner set is used (a set is allowed in small kitchens, but always made of natural wood);
  • on the walls where there is no furniture, at the top under the ceiling you can make a narrow open shelf and it is on it to place the entire rural surroundings: earthenware jugs, candlesticks, copper basins, lanterns, and so on;
  • in the corner, if possible, it is worth putting a small sofa or chair, preferably leather, of a simple form; put a pillow embroidered with flowers or with the image of a wild animal there, put a gray or dark red plaid in a cage.

The chalet style is a kind of relaxation. Neither the color scheme nor the environment is annoying here.

How to make repairs

chalet style kitchen

The chalet is created from small elements. After all, not only massive beams are the visiting card of the chalet.

kitchen table with ceramic tiles

A kitchen table with ceramic tiles is an interesting idea.

Provence style in the interior of the kitchen, read all about it in our article.


Walls can be decorated in different ways:

  • wooden completely or only wall panels;
  • decorative tiles;
  • natural brick;
chalet style kitchen
  • plastered stone surface, plaster color brown, grey,
  • beige, can be plastered and discreetly painted with small bouquets of alpine flowers, images of animals or hunting paraphernalia;
  • it is possible to keep part of the brickwork open when plastering;
  • it is better to decorate walls in different ways: more often one wall is made of stone or brick, the other three walls are wooden.


Basic design options:

chalet style kitchen
  • dark massive beams made of natural wood;
  • simple whitewashed ceiling;
  • gray ceiling, to add color – imitation of light sooting, better in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe fireplace or stove.

Wood needs to be aged with special techniques.


Of course, there were no wallpapers in the shepherds’ houses in the mountains, but they are widely used in modern interiors.

chalet style kitchen

The chalet will make the interior of the house a highlight

Wallpaper can be used in small kitchens and the living area with the living room kitchen layout option.

Wallpaper can:

  • imitate natural surfaces made of wood and stone;
  • have textured coatings of the appropriate color: brown, gray, terracotta, chocolate;
  • you can successfully use wallpaper depicting hunting scenes and wild animals, this option looks especially good in living rooms combined with a kitchen;
  • you can stick them on one of the walls of a small interior.


There are a few flooring methods:

chalet style kitchen
  • unpainted floor board, treated with special oil and aged;
  • the floor is also stone;
  • can be laid out with large tiles;
  • in the living area, the floor can be covered with a long-nap coating;
  • the skins on the floor look good.


The kitchen should be well lit, and therefore the following lighting options can be placed on it:

  • lamps with frosted glass;
  • round plafonds;
  • chandeliers above the table on chains, with many lamps in the form of candles or also with round frosted shades;
chalet style kitchen
  • the chandelier may not be of a traditional shape, but be a long, rather massive bar with shades fixed to it;
  • separate lamps standing on the working surface;
  • you can put a lamp in the form of a portable lantern on the windowsill;
  • the main emphasis in lighting is a chandelier in the center of the room;
  • fixtures should cast shadows of various shapes.

When installing lighting, cables and junction boxes are conveniently hidden behind beams.

How to choose furniture

It is easy to choose furniture, for this you need to consider the following features:

  • kitchen furniture in this style should be diverse;
  • simple forms, quite massive, varied in style, very simple;
  • a wicker chair and a leather sofa can stand nearby;
chalet style kitchen
  • it seems that everyone bought “on the occasion”;
  • the main requirement is that it should be comfortable;
  • wooden cabinets, unvarnished; a restored kitchen set, aged, is well suited;
  • in no case should a set be placed in the kitchen;
  • there may be simple rectangular cabinets with open shelves;
  • to the place there will be buffets, racks for kitchen utensils;
  • shelves of different sizes, chests, boxes, cabinets, but all this should be made of natural, preferably unpainted wood;
  • minimum glass doors in cabinets;
  • kitchen appliances should be cleaned;
  • upholstered furniture or fully leather, or with leather details, upholstered or plain textured textiles, or with a soft floral print;
  • the center of the kitchen is a long dining table, preferably made of oak, around chairs with high carved backs, various types can be;
  • cabinets are best placed in shallow niches, which can be done using drywall.

In the article, you can read about how to organize a wooden kitchen in a house made of timber.

The chalet-style kitchen seems somewhat cluttered with furniture.


chalet style kitchen

The kitchen decor should be simple and unpretentious.

Decor details should be functional enough and without unnecessary pretentiousness. Here are located:

  • undyed unbleached fabrics or fabrics with a floral print; with alpine motifs;
  • antique wooden toys placed on the shelves;
  • patchwork for decorating furniture;
  • small bouquets of dried (mountain) plants, do-it-yourself crafts for the kitchen;
  • shelves can be decorated with coarse natural fabric or plain, appropriate with a small floral print, you can take fabric in a classic cage, peas;
chalet style kitchen

Skins on the floor, light, wood, and most importantly, live fire, or at least its imitation.

  • dishes of soft colors, mostly earthenware and faience;
  • metal pots and pans, well polished;
  • soft pillows can be placed on wooden chairs;
  • on the floor there are skins and long pile carpets, hand-woven runners;
chalet style kitchen

Forged elements, if there are not many of them, will harmoniously look in the chalet.

  • on the walls there are paintings with hunting scenes, bunches of dry herbs and flowers hung throughout the kitchen, deer and elk antlers, hunting paraphernalia;
  • braids of garlic, descending almost to the floor, hung in the working area;
  • large jugs, clay barrels, copper basins will be appropriate.

It is better to put kitchen appliances in boxes and chests.

Chalet style kitchens

chalet style kitchen

Cozy rustic cuisine in a modern metropolis. Many city dwellers lack the warmth of a rustic style.

  • There are four dark massive beams on the ceiling;
  • on one of them, above the table, a chandelier with lamps in the form of candles, descending on chains;
  • the floor is paved with sand-coloured stone tiles. To prevent the stone from being cold, install warm floors;
  • stone sink;
  • stove and hood, decorated as a stove;
  • under the windows there are small cabinets-cabinets, the same height as the window sill;
  • on the opposite wall in a niche, a rack for utensils;
  • sideboard and rectangular cabinet with closed shelves;
  • in the center is a long table, around which are chairs with leather and wooden carved backs;
  • against the wall to the right and left of the door are armchairs: one leather, the other ─ upholstered in textiles with a floral print;
  • the main color of the furniture is chocolate;
  • on the window is a white jug with dry flowers;
  • on the wall above the armchair there is a decorative plate with the image of a deer;
  • above the second armchair is a small painting with an Alpine landscape.
chalet style kitchen

This cuisine is a wonderful antidepressant.

And if you add a little <a href=

And if you add a little white kitchen, the chalet will turn into a royal castle of the Middle Ages.

chalet style kitchen

If there is no fireplace, make a warm, diffused light above the stove.

In a chalet-type kitchen, the atmosphere itself invites you to drink a cup of tea, sit, enjoying the comfort and aromas of herbs, the slight smell of garlic, apples. There are only these smells here because the interior is made of natural materials. Wrap up in a blanket in rainy weather and indulge in memories in a comfortable chair.

Prepare a delicious dinner and serve it on large earthenware plates. Invite friends and arrange a real holiday at the table under a chandelier hanging on a chain from a wooden beam, light a fireplace, sit right on a fluffy carpet on the floor and listen to songs with a guitar all evening. Designing a chalet-style kitchen is the best option for creating a special atmosphere conducive to creativity and good rest both with family and friends.


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