Curtains for the first floor and how to decorate a windowsill in the kitchen

How to decorate a windowsill in the kitchen: curtains and tulle for the first floor, decor ideas

A kitchen is a place where the character of the hostess is fully manifested, her hobbies and skills are reflected. In the organization of the kitchen space, an important role is assigned to the window. And here you need not only to choose curtains that match the entire kitchen decoration but also to arrange a window sill, which is often forgotten, and at best it remains empty, and at worst – chaotically cluttered with everything that has not found its place in the kitchen. A good hostess will turn the window into a real work of art, showing imagination and miracles of needlework, and a small garden on the windowsill will become the place where you can relax your soul.

Kitchen window decoration ideas

interesting ideas for the kitchen

The window, if properly decorated, will become the central element of the interior

In modern design, a lot of attention is paid to window decoration. Now many people order curtains from specialized ateliers, but kitchen curtains are primarily an expression of the hostess’s individuality, using various ideas as a starting point for embodying their own vision of window decoration, it is worth trying to sew the curtains yourself.

If there is no balcony door

interesting ideas for the kitchen

You need to decorate the window in the style of the kitchen

Small curtains:

interesting ideas for the kitchen
  • curtain – lambrequin from above, fixed on the cornice, two sliding curtains up to the window sill, fixed on a decorative cord in the middle of the window;
  • they can be completely textile, plain or with a print, depending on the rest of the kitchen design (for example, for Provence style, cotton curtains with a small floral print or plain pastel colors are suitable, and for high-tech style ─ gray or light brown from dense natural fabrics);
  • the upper curtain-lambrequin can be made of classic tulle, organza, white cotton, and the lower one is made of colored plain cotton or with a print; if this design is in the Russian style, the Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen or any other ethno style, then the curtains can be embroidered with an ornament with national motives;
  • the only thing that is not allowed here is a large print;

Continuous up to the windowsill:

interesting ideas for the kitchen

Curtains to the windowsill are very convenient for the kitchen

  • they can be either plain or with a print;
  • such curtains can be decorated with decorative ruffles along the entire inner length, they can be made from several longitudinal strips of fabric –
  • one strip of plain fabric, the second with a print, and so on, the main thing is that these stripes are combined – this option is good for a kitchen in a nautical style (for example, one strip is blue solid, the other in a white and blue strip), in kitchens in Russian style ( one stripe is bright orange, the other with a floral print), Scandinavian style (stripe is white, stripe is light blue) and so on;
  • you can trim plain curtains with a wide (or vice versa, narrow) sheathing of fabric with a print;

Long curtains:

interesting ideas for the kitchen

Floor-length curtains are not always relevant, but you can hide tired batteries

  • almost reaching the floor: plain and with a print; complemented by a lush lambrequin made of the same fabric or another, but harmonious in color;
  • an option is possible when the lambrequin is made of fabric with a print, and the curtains themselves are plain, and vice versa;

interesting ideas for the kitchen

Another option

it is especially good for the first floors: two types of curtains are hung on the window ─ decorative curtains and curtains that have a utilitarian purpose: the window is designed in accordance with the general design of the kitchen, for example, long curtains consisting of stripes of different colors. They are fixed with a cord on a special hook, lifting and straightening them so that their cut is clearly visible.

And small light ones (white are ideal in this case) are hung, fastened on a thin nylon line directly on the glass, and they are pulled in the evening, hiding the room from the prying eyes of passers-by, the main rule: when unfolded, they should be the size of glass, which close.

Curtains – awnings:

interesting ideas for the kitchen

Awning curtains are refined and elegant

  • it is better to sew them from light fabrics or organza;
  • they are made out in different ways: they simply close part of the window with even wavy folds of white or light pastel colors;
  • each such wave can be raised slightly higher than the previous one and the shortest waves can be left to the middle of the window, then the same smooth increase in length to the opposite jamb can be started;
  • on each wave you can place textile flowers, bouquets, applications; such an awning can play the role of the upper part of the curtain, and the lower one in this case should have the most simple forms, of course, if the kitchen is not decorated in the Baroque style.

Double curtains are not always needed in the kitchen, if the apartment is not located on the ground floor, then it is quite possible to do with only textile curtains or only curtains made of tulle and organza.

interesting ideas for the kitchen

But even then, you should not close the entire window from ceiling to floor. Curtains in the kitchen should leave free access to the windowsill, as little as possible to prevent light from entering. If there is no need to close the window at dusk, then the curtains can only have a decorative value, which means they can be very small. In this case, they serve only as another decorative accent.

Curtains just provide a good opportunity to highlight accents.

You can find the necessary applications in the store, the main thing here is not to overdo it: one application on each curtain or a picture from applications on one looks perfect.

interesting ideas for the kitchen

If the curtains do not close the window at night but serve only as a decorative element, then you can fix them on the jamb in various ways: with a ribbon in the form of a bow, a cord with brushes, just pass it through an elastic band and leave it hanging free at the edges of the window. You can tie the curtains themselves with a decorative knot at the level of the windowsill, then when cutting it is necessary to increase the length of the curtains by about 40 cm.

You can hang decorative ornaments on top of thick plain curtains. You can buy all kinds of butterflies and dragonflies in the store, but it will be more original to sew a vertical garland of textile sunflowers, suns, bells, nesting dolls, cups, jugs, and so on. It is better if such a garland is only on one side of the window.

If you take a dense tulle, then it is not difficult to sew appliques on it: for example, a simple boat with a sail, folded from several geometric shapes, as in a children’s applique, the sun, for different variants of the nautical style, a stylized house or mill for the Provence style, a coastline figure for cuisine in the Russian national style.

How to arrange an exit to the balcony

interesting ideas for the kitchen

The balcony needs to be decorated wisely: you need to pay attention to rationality

When designing such a window, it is necessary to take into account the fact that free access to the door to the balcony must be provided.

In this case, even tulle curtains should be in two halves. But this does not mean that the halves will be the same. The curtain looks original, in which both halves are made of material of the same quality, but with a different pattern. For example, the window is decorated with monochromatic organza, and the balcony door is decorated with organza of the same texture, but with a floral print, while it is better if the drawing is stretched vertically in one line.

The option of two different materials is especially convenient if the balcony door needs to be completely closed with a curtain, and the window only up to the window sill or the central heating battery.

In this case, you can make an interesting blackout curtain:

interesting ideas for the kitchen

  • it is enough to cut the balcony curtain along the bottom with a cape, an angle and hang it with the short side to the window;
  • or sew a ruffle at the level of a short window curtain, you can make it even more original – lengthen the balcony curtain by fastening the bottom with buttons using decorative loops;
  • loops are sewn on the top of the curtain, buttons on the bottom fabric.

Additional details

interesting ideas for the kitchen

Don’t forget about the curtain holder, it can be very interesting

If the kitchen is decorated in any of the rustic styles, then you can add door curtains to the window curtains. They can be either along the jambs, attached to them just below the middle by any decorative element, or in the form of a lambrequin above the door.

interesting ideas for the kitchen

Small napkins made of the same fabric as the curtains, placed under vases or covering open shelves, look good. Of course, most often you should not sew soft seats and backs or sofa cushions from light-colored fabric, but sheathe the edges with it, or sew a circle, triangle, and so on in the center, thus completing the design of the kitchen with the help of textiles, it will be logical.

In some interiors, an applique using textiles similar to curtains, or a textile interior doll in a dress, with elements of such fabric, will look good on the wall. But the main thing here is not to overdo it, everything needs a measure.


interesting ideas for the kitchen

The window sill in the kitchen can serve as a continuation of the countertop, but also as a breeding ground for flowers and herbs

Do not forget that the window sill is also part of the interior. Ornamental plants are also a traditional decoration for window sills.


interesting ideas for the kitchen

Indoor flowers should be placed on the windowsill taking into account the chosen style. Almost all styles involve the placement of decorative indoor plants. But for each, it is worth choosing certain plants.

So, for the village geraniums are irreplaceable, especially since now there are odorless varieties, balsams (and it is better, not modern terry and variegated varieties, but classic white and red wet vans), coleus.

For the Mediterranean style and ethnic, palm trees are suitable, herbaceous ones, yuccas, cordylines are better; passion flowers, crotons, bright New Guinea balsams will look great. For the Mediterranean, country, Provence, it will be appropriate to grow a myrtle tree, oleander, laurel on the windowsill. Saintpaulias, European cyclamens, dwarf chrysanthemums are suitable for the chalet style.

For minimalism, hi-tech, loft ─ yucca, nolina. Juncus and zamiakulkas look especially impressive here.

How to choose a flowerpot

interesting ideas for the kitchen

Pots can be decorated in a rustic style like this.

It is important not only what grows, but also what grows. For rustic and ethno styles, it is worth using ceramic pots, wooden boxes, for modern urban styles, pots made of glass, plastic, painted wood. It can be any container, for example, cans, bottles, various colorful bowls.

interesting ideas for the kitchen

In some cases, containers decorated with textiles look good. Of course, not all flowers are suitable for this, you should not decorate flowering plants with a fabric with a floral print, but myrtle, fragrant geranium will look very comfortable in a pot decorated with a floral cloth, gathered on an elastic band in the shape of a skirt.

In addition to individual plants, you can create compositions by placing them in boxes or wide flowerpots. So, a composition of variegated coleus and ever-flowering begonias with dark leaves will look elegant in a round flowerpot in a village kitchen. And if you put various varieties of pilea, episodes, hypoestos in a stylish rectangular box and add something high there, for example, sansevieria, planting it haphazardly in several places, then such a composition will be quite appropriate almost everywhere. You can find out how to decorate the walls in the kitchen here.

Annual street flowers

interesting ideas for the kitchen

But such annual flowers can be grown both indoors and outdoors: it’s great when outside the window there is such an extravaganza

Annual plants on the windowsill bring an element of novelty to the interior, evoke new sensations, and raise the mood. First of all, flowering plants look spectacular on any windowsill.

Petunia is a versatile flower; the seeds of its many varieties are now easily found on the shelves. Garden balsams grow well and bloom all season on window sills, while it is not necessary to choose dwarf varieties. On tall windows, varieties up to 70 cm in height can also be grown.

interesting ideas for the kitchen

A wide pot of asters (in this case, it is better to plant dwarf varieties) will bloom until late autumn, extending the summer in your kitchen. This is especially worth considering in chalet-style kitchens.

For kitchens in the style of ethno, loft, minimalism, high-tech, comb celloses are suitable. Three multi-colored scallops in a wide plastic flowerpot will look very impressive here. In-country kitchens, kitchens in the Scandinavian style, you can grow salvia, but here the main thing is to take into account its color: good old red will look great on country windows, and fashionable lilac or rare white on Scandinavian ones. And you can find out about table setting at home here.


Spices can be grown all year round. Basil, marjoram, chervil planted in ceramic pots are especially decorative. Basil and marjoram can be trimmed into a spectacular ball shape.

Such a garden can be both year-round and seasonal.

interesting ideas for the kitchen

Onions, herbs, herbs are just the first things that come to mind for growing on a windowsill.

In the kitchens of modern urban styles, a basin will look peculiar and unexpected, an old oval basin made of zinc-iron, filled with densely planted microgreens, which, by the way, is useful from time to time to eat and plant a new one, especially since it grows quickly enough. In the same basin, you can plant a whole garden: salad of different varieties, and therefore of different colors (iceberg, Lola Rossa, Berlin cabbage), parsley, onion, dill, fennel, cilantro.

You can also grow an ampelous tomato bush. Make one hole in the bottle, plant a tomato seed there, it is better to take balcony varieties with a height of at least 50 cm with small fruits. The seed will sprout, and the bush will grow upside down if the entire structure is hung on a window. How to equip a small kitchen can be found at the link.

A good idea for such a kitchen: take a plastic bottle of any shape, preferably at least three liters, fill it with soil, make several holes, about 12, plant two or three lettuce seeds in each and hang the bottle on the window at the very top. The seeds will sprout, and very soon you will have a spectacular garden of an unusual shape. And also useful.

Dwarf varieties of tomatoes and special indoor varieties of cucumbers grow well on the windowsill. You can also grow a small squash if you plant it in a large enough container.

The amaranth plant in the fresh air reaches two meters in height, this will not happen on the windowsill, but a cute bush with a decorative comb and leaves that can be added to a salad feels great in the kitchen. It will be appropriate in modern urban style kitchens. And you can find out about the layout of the kitchen in this article.

interesting ideas for the kitchen

And with a successful decor, such a garden will become a highlight of the kitchen.

It is not difficult to combine a vegetable garden on the windowsill and flowering plants: you just need to hang a pots with blooming petunias or ampelous ivy geraniums at the top, and place edible greens on the windowsill below.

The originally designed window will not only make the kitchen even more comfortable but also pleasantly diversify the diet. And this requires only a drop of imagination for an idea and a little effort to implement it. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the ideas of kitchen design with your own hands in this material.


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