How to decorate a window in the kitchen with curtains

Window decoration in the kitchen: curtains in a modern style, how to play with the design and decor, how to decorate a large

A stylish and cozy kitchen is the dream of every housewife. Indeed, in any home, this room is not only a room for preparing food, but also a place for gathering relatives and friends, both on weekdays and on holidays. To stay in the kitchen brings only positive emotions, you need to think over to the smallest detail its interior and arrange, one of the components of which is a window. The main functions of the window in the kitchen are to ensure the penetration of light and air into the room, sound and heat insulation, as well as aesthetic properties.

The window in the kitchen is the central element of the interior

The window is one of the main elements of the kitchen interior. Its design should harmoniously emphasize and complement the style of the kitchen. At the same time, you need to remember about the practical side of the design, since the kitchen is a place for cooking, the vapors and smells of which can soak any fabric.

how to decorate a window in the kitchen

The first impression of the kitchen is the window.

Options for how to decorate beautifully

There are many ways to decorate a window in the kitchen. You can decorate in the following ways:

  • hang curtains ;
  • curtain;
  • curtains (tulle);
  • Roman blinds;
  • roller shutters (blinds) .

In addition to these design options, you can consider painting on glass with acrylic paints. In this article, we will take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of standard options.


Decorating a window opening in the kitchen with curtains is one of the traditional options. Currently, the textile market offers a huge selection of curtains, both natural and synthetic fabrics, as well as a wide variety of colors: from monochromatic to bright multi-colored.

Most of all, this window design will fit into the classic, Mediterranean interior styles, as well as Provence and country styles.

The main advantages of using curtains when decorating a window in the kitchen are:

  • a variety of colors, which makes it possible to choose curtains that best suit the color scheme of the kitchen and emphasize its individuality;
  • good protection from direct sunlight and prying eyes from the street;
  • many options for decorating a window using the same curtains, as well as options for attaching them to the cornice (using eyelets, drawstrings, hinges, ribbons or strings);
  • their availability, since curtains for a window in the kitchen can even be made by yourself.

The main disadvantages of using curtains when decorating a window in the kitchen are:

  • absorption of vapors and odors from cooking by the fabric from which the curtains are sewn;
  • curtains in the kitchen will not fit into every style of interior;
  • difficulty in leaving (frequent washing);
  • their non-compactness.

Since the kitchen is primarily a workplace for preparing food, decorating a window with long, bulky, heavy and dense curtains is impractical and inappropriate.

Decorate beautifully with curtains

 arrange a window in the kitchen

Curtains in the kitchen are an excellent alternative to the usual curtains, but it is not so easy to take care of them, after all, grease, soot, fumes

Since the curtains are made of light, translucent fabric, they are best suited for small kitchens. Read how to make a Provence style kitchen design in this article.

Most of all, the curtains on the kitchen window will suit the classic style, country and Provence styles. Also, curtains can fit well with minimalist and oriental styles.

Using curtains to decorate a window in the kitchen has a number of advantages, namely:

  • the possibility of decorating the window with curtains when using a variety of draperies;
  • good light and air transmission and ability;
  • ease of care (compared to curtains).

The main disadvantage of this window design in the kitchen is incomplete protection from direct sunlight.

Curtains successfully selected for the kitchen window will visually enlarge the room, harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen and give it individuality. Read here how to choose the right colors for your kitchen.

Curtain, tulle

Tulle on the kitchen window will add lightness and freshness to the room, as well as decorate the kitchen, harmoniously complementing its design.

Window decoration in the kitchen with tulle will be appropriate in classical, oriental styles, as well as in Provence and Art Nouveau styles.

The advantages of using tulle when decorating a kitchen window are its lightness, the ability to combine with blinds, curtains, lambrequins, as well as the unhindered penetration of daylight into the room. Tulle is the perfect solution for the design of a small kitchen. At the same time, this quality of tulle does not protect the room from the bright sun, so the best option when decorating a window in the kitchen would be to use it in combination with roller blinds or blinds.

Roman roller blinds

 arrange a window in the kitchen

Roman blinds are a trendy and modern element of our kitchens

Roman blinds are one of the most practical and versatile options for lifting curtains in the kitchen, which will look great in many interior styles: both in cold high-tech and in rustic provence. Also, roller blinds will be appropriate in classic and minimalist styles.

The main advantages of roller blinds are:

  • practicality;
  • compactness;
  • ease of use;
  • ease of care;
  • functionality.

The only drawback of such curtains is that they are not very small, in comparison with other window decoration options, the price is due to the manufacture of the mechanism. But their merits fully justify such a cost.

A variety of colors of Roman curtains will allow you to bring novelty and originality to the style of your kitchen. You can find options for chalet-style interiors, nautical design and, of course, for Italian classics.

Roller shutters, blinds

Roller blinds (blinds) are a compact model made of a wide variety of materials (wood, plastic, metal, bamboo, textiles), which is suitable for a kitchen of any size, as well as style: from classic to modern styles.

Blinds have a number of advantages, the main of which are:

  • good protection from direct sunlight;
  • the ability to regulate the flow of light entering the kitchen;
  • variety of colors;
  • ease of care;
  • possibility of self-installation.

The main disadvantage of decorating a window in the kitchen with blinds is their cost, especially if you use them as curtains for a kitchen with a balcony.

In order for the blinds in the kitchen to serve as long as possible, when choosing them, it is necessary to take into account the quality of the assembly and the material of manufacture.

Plants on a plastic windowsill

 arrange a window in the kitchen

Plants in the kitchen will liven up even the most boring interior

When choosing plants that can be placed on the kitchen windowsill, the following factors must be considered:

  • the dimensions of the washing distance and the electric stove, since even the most unpretentious plants will not tolerate the constant ingress of fat and soapy water on them;
  • illumination: for some plants insufficient illumination is destructive, for others – its excess;
  • temperature drops, since for the most part indoor plants do not tolerate drafts.

You should choose unpretentious small plants with thick smooth leaves, which, if necessary, can simply be wiped with a damp sponge. Aloe, ficus, crassula (money tree), scindapsus, chlorophytum, and anthurium are most suitable for the kitchen.

Small flowering indoor plants such as geranium, begonia, violet, primrose, azalea, Kalanchoe, and cyclamen will also look very beautiful on the kitchen windowsill.

They will decorate the windowsill of the kitchen, and also add additional charm to its entire interior with decorative pepper, coffee tree, or citrus fruits.

Natural flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers will become a real decoration for your kitchen, with the help of which its interior will revive and sparkle with new colors.

Bright flowers will look especially beautiful in a bouquet in the kitchen: tulips, roses, peonies, dahlias, chrysanthemums.

Several delicate bouquets of miniature flowers such as snowdrops, lilies of the valley, small daisies will also decorate the kitchen. What are the options for paintings for kitchen decor in this article.

Fresh flowers in the kitchen in beautiful vases or pots, in harmony with the style of tableware, will give you only positive emotions and a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day.

Window sill-vegetable garden

How to decorate a window in the kitchen

A vegetable garden on the windowsill – who does not remember them on grandmother’s windowsills. But today the garden bed on the windowsill is even fashionable.

It would be very appropriate to arrange a kind of mini-vegetable garden on the windowsill of the kitchen, since edible herbs will be useful for food, and at the same time they will revive the kitchen with their appearance and aroma all year round. All kinds of greens are suitable for such a garden on the windowsill: parsley, dill, basil, watercress, thyme, marjoram, mint, lemon balm.

You can plant these delicious herbs in different containers, but they will look most impressive in old cups or teapots.

Caring for the design on the window

Since the kitchen area is primarily a workspace for food preparation and is often humid, the windows in the kitchen require more maintenance than the windows in the rest of the house. This link will tell you how to care for a kitchen in a wooden house with a stove.

First of all, you need to take care of the equipment of an additional ventilation system (think about an exhaust hood without an air duct). In addition, it is necessary to regularly, especially in the cold season, wipe the glass with water with the addition of vinegar or citric acid.

You also need to remember about ventilating the kitchen during a long operation of the stove or oven, since window seals can lose their shape and their protective functions from excessive moisture. Currently, the household chemicals market has a huge assortment of special detergents, as well as a variety of window cleaning accessories (brushes, mops, scrapers) that will help you take care of your kitchen window.

How to decorate a window in the kitchen

Beautiful curtains can be decorated in the same style as the tablecloth

Caring for your kitchen window sill is not particularly difficult and will not take a lot of your time. However, it must be looked after regularly, as grease and dirt can accumulate on the kitchen window sill during operation. If you clean and wash the kitchen window sill on time with the help of special modern household chemicals, it will serve you and delight you with its appearance for many years.

When decorating a plastic or wooden window in the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the features and style of your kitchen, as well as your wishes and requirements for the functional and aesthetic properties of the design methods used. And then the window in your kitchen will be decorated not only beautifully, but also correctly. Read about interesting kitchen design ideas here.


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