Curtains to the kitchen with a balcony door: design with tulle, curtains, rolls – beautiful options, how to hang lambrequins

Have you noticed how boring the room becomes when the curtains are removed from the window? Their significance lies not only in keeping warm on cold winter days or protecting furniture from burning out in summer, but also in creating family comfort and an atmosphere of security from adversity.

A special room in the house is the kitchen. It is its design that needs to be given special attention, thinking through the interior features. Original wallpaper, perfectly matched colors, comfortable furniture will not be able to create a complete ensemble if you do not pay enough attention to window decoration. Especially if there is a balcony door.

Advantages and disadvantages of window curtains if the kitchen has access to a balcony

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Balcony is more light

The small space usually occupied by the kitchen does not allow you to get carried away with rich heavy fabrics, even if you are thinking of creating a classic interior using carved wooden furniture. The place where food is prepared should always remain the brightest in the room, evoke pleasant memories of the time spent here. Fabrics in the kitchen are welcome:

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

  • lungs ;
  • transparent ;
  • matching the color of the furniture ;
  • creating a cheerful mood .

The kitchen is a place of increased danger for our decoration. Accidentally spilled sauce, hot greasy splashes and the smell of burnt milk should not cause irretrievably lost favorite curtains. It is worth taking care that the curtains are conveniently attached to the window, and the fabric can be easily cleaned with detergents.

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Lambrequins in the kitchen is not very practical if the stove is nearby.

Features of the choice of textiles

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

The layout of small kitchens in houses built more than 30 years ago suggests the location of the stove near the window. This creates a certain danger when using classic curtains. An open window or a small draft swaying a light fabric can cause an accidental fire. Textiles for the kitchen are best used from natural fabrics with minimal addition of synthetics.

Linen and cotton

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door
  • resistant to high temperatures ;
  • easy to wash off;
  • do not fade from sunlight ;
  • environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful chemicals.

Extended curtains can be used on a window located no closer than 40 cm from the stove. For security purposes, it is better to buy roller blinds, horizontal or vertical blinds.

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Beautiful curtains will make the kitchen brighter and more elegant

Great luck if your kitchen has its own balcony or is combined with a loggia. But the great opportunity to create a dining area or a winter garden here is complemented by a small problem: how to beautifully decorate a window with a balcony door? You can read about the design of the window in the kitchen in this article.

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Light curtains will make the kitchen more spacious

The architectural feature of the balcony opening is asymmetry. The task of curtains is to help visually balance and expand the space of the kitchen. For a French balcony, transparent Japanese panels or kisei curtains are perfect, letting in light and allowing the sun’s rays to play beautifully on the polished furniture. You can find out about the layout of the kitchen-living room here.

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Blinds in the kitchen will cover from the sun

A combination door with a bottom insulated part will require long curtains with a bright pattern that emphasizes the combination of colors in the kitchen.

Design features

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

The balcony in the kitchen is a functional part of the room. It opens several times a day for airing. It is convenient if the curtains will consist of several panels, allowing them to be used separately. You can fix them on a beautiful cornice with the help of hooks, rings, or eyelets. The resulting soft folds will allow you to leave the door free. Compositions from combined types of fabric look interesting in the kitchen space:

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door
  • milky matte tulle with plain pastel-colored silk;
  • roller blind with a delicate print , complemented by thin chintz curtains on the tiebacks;
  • dense folds of Austrian classic design , which look advantageous in a spacious room. And about Viennese chairs in the interior of the kitchen you can read here.

It is convenient when the blackout parts are attached separately to each part of the window. This makes it possible to adjust the lighting and freely open the door to the balcony, which is important when working in the kitchen.

If you are a fan of eco style, use bamboo curtains. They are lightweight, highly durable and perfectly reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the room cool.


Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Curtains for the kitchen must be chosen carefully

For a kitchen window with a balcony, you can offer a huge number of options for curtains. A small room filled with delicious smells of a family hearth allows you to be creative in creating a design, taking into account any wishes of the hostess . Of great importance in this is the choice of color for curtains. Soft pastel colors, geometric or floral prints are classic curtain colors for a brightly lit balcony. And you can read about two-color furniture in the interior of the kitchen at the link.

Sunny tones, stripes and a rich pattern will refresh and give a joyful mood to a dark room. The main thing is that the curtains do not merge with the walls in a single color scheme.

Classic curtains

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Classic curtains fit classic kitchens

Such curtains do not require excessive decoration, they are perfectly combined with a light transparent curtain. Two long panels look good on the window, freely moving along the cornice with the help of rings or eyelets . For classic curtains, you can use both a ceiling mounting option and a long metal twisted cornice, selected in combination with kitchen decoration details.

Grommets (rings fixed in the material) are the perfect decoration for kitchen curtains. They easily fit into the classics, modern hi-tech, country and even empire (one has only to add cute ribbons or bows to each ring). Fastening easily moves on a bar, quickly opening access to a balcony.

Thin tulle and muslin

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Light muslin makes the kitchen more airy

Lightweight transparent cotton fabric with the forgotten name Kisei continues to be a wonderful window decoration . Coming to us from the East, it creates an element of mystery, lightness and airiness in the interior. Thin tulle will not be able to protect the window from bright sunlight, but will make it elegant and festive. Thick folds look great on this fabric, which are laid when sewing with a special tape . It is better to fasten curtains on a white ceiling cornice.

Beautifully looks multi-colored tulle, laid with intertwining ovals. The door is decorated with a separate elongated element using pickups, bows or other decorations.


Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Roman blinds – stylish and modern

One of the most convenient types of curtains for a kitchen window with a balcony. They can be mounted separately on each frame or above the window opening, they easily rise and fall to the selected height, do not take up much space. The use of fabric with a large pattern visually expands the small space of the room.

These curtains are easy to care for and easy to use. Installed in the window opening, they are perfectly combined with a lambrequin or thick curtains.

Japanese panels

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Japanese panels – unusual and stylish

This is the most concise and beautiful type of curtains:

  • does not require additional decorations;
  • each curtain moves separately with the help of runners on the cornice ;
  • the canvas is supplemented at the bottom with a weighting agent;
  • you can move all the canvases at once along the 3-5 string slider , fixing them at the bottom with a connecting element;
  • classic Japanese style – pastel natural colors .

With the help of Japanese curtains, you can visually change the space. To do this, just take a few panels of different colors. This design looks good on a wide wall in a spacious room.


Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Roller blinds – classic

The most compact, easy to manage and perfectly coping with their functional duties curtains. Mounted on the frame of the window and balcony door, close only the glass, adjusting the flow of light. Equipped with a simple mechanism capable of operating with a remote control system.

Such curtains are ideally combined with both thick curtains and light muslin curtains. They can be a bright addition to a country-style kitchen interior or a gentle empire accent.


Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Curtains will always be a decoration

Lush frills, ruffles, folds require the desire to examine and admire them. They perfectly decorate a spacious room with access not just to a balcony, but to a flowering front garden.

Such curtains are created:

  • cozy atmosphere in the dining room;
  • become the main element of decoration;
  • provide good protection from direct sunlight;

Horizontal and vertical blinds

Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door

Horizontal blinds solution for many options

Unlike magnificent Austrian curtains, blinds can save kitchen space. They can be fixed both on the window frame and inside the double-glazed window. Easily turn and move in any direction, which is very convenient when using the balcony door.

For the kitchen, it is better to use blinds made on a fabric basis. They are more aesthetic than metal and environmentally friendly, unlike plastic options.

Curtains for a window with a balcony can be not only comfortable but also surprisingly beautiful. A variety of options for decorating the kitchen makes it possible to choose a window design that matches the style created in the room, taking into account the traditions of the family and the rules of ergo design.


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