Beautiful workplace: glass apron with photo printing for the kitchen

Probably, when choosing a kitchen apron, everyone faces the question: from what material to choose a kitchen apron so that it fully fulfills its main function – protecting the walls from dirt and at the same time not violating the harmony of the interior with its appearance.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of one of the types of kitchen aprons that are currently very popular – a glass apron (skinned), which will help you quickly decide when choosing one of the most important details in the kitchen.

What are kitchen panels for?

Caring for such an apron, as well as for any glass surface, does not take much of your time, and does not require much work and special detergents.

glass aprons in the kitchen

An apron is necessary in order to protect walls from greasy splashes and stains.

A kitchen backsplash is a wall covering that is placed in the kitchen between the wall cabinets and the work surface. The main function of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the kitchen wall above the work surface from moisture, greasy splashes and other dirt that occurs in the process of working in the kitchen even for the most tidy housewife.

Also, kitchen aprons also have an aesthetic function, since they have a great influence on the interior and style of the kitchen. Regardless of what material you choose a kitchen apron from, it should be in harmony with the color palette of the kitchen and furniture, so if you decide not to decorate the walls with tiles, a glass apron may well replace it.

When choosing a kitchen apron for the kitchen, first of all, you need to take into account its practicality, the effectiveness of protecting the walls, as well as its appearance.

From our article you will learn everything about 10×10 ceramic tiles for an apron.

Main characteristics

The glass apron for the kitchen is made of tempered glass or triplex – laminated glass.

The main characteristics of such an apron are:

glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing
  • its strength and shock resistance;
  • fire resistance;
  • neutrality to temperature extremes;
  • chemical resistance;
  • high resistance to physical impact;

These characteristics of the glass apron determine its advantage over other options for the material for the kitchen apron.


glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

The advantages of the apron are undeniable and make the glass apron one of the best materials for the kitchen.

This is primarily:

  • easy installation;
  • its maximum impact resistance and strength, as a result of which, under any mechanical stress, such glass never crumbles into sharp fragments and does not injure people who may be nearby;
  • the variability of the glass apron, which allows you to design it in an original way and bring the view of the apron as close as possible to the interior of the kitchen: it can be installed completely transparent, as well as apply a pattern to its back wall, or use photo printing. A glass backsplash goes well with a granite countertop or faux stone countertop;
  • simplicity in the care of such an apron, since the care of the glass surface will not take you much time or require special efforts.

Such significant advantages of glass kitchen aprons significantly exceed its disadvantages.


glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

The disadvantages of glass aprons are so insignificant that it makes little sense to pay attention to them.

In addition to advantages, glass kitchen aprons still have some disadvantages, the main ones of which are:

  1. relatively high cost in the case of ordering such an apron with a photo print;
  2. Since the finished tempered glass panel cannot be cut, it is impossible to cut additional holes on the finished apron during its installation or after installation, therefore, it is necessary to provide holes for sockets, rails and other accessories in advance, at the stage of its manufacture.
  3. glass kitchen aprons are made in the overwhelming majority of cases only to order, it is impossible to buy an apron that would take into account all the features of your kitchen and your wishes.

Glass apron with photo printing in the interior

glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

Currently, the most common type of glass aprons are panels with a full-color pattern on glass, which is applied using photo printing. These kitchen aprons are more expensive than other types of glass aprons.

In this case, you can use any photo or drawing you like, which is applied to the back wall of the apron using various methods: film, triplex printing or ultraviolet printing. Also, when drawing a picture, you can use the method of sandblasting technology, which will make the panels for the kitchen walls a real work of art.

Kitchen glass aprons with photo printing can liven up the interior of your kitchen, give it originality and even visually increase the space of the room (for example, when using a 3D drawing).

Arrangement of a kitchen apron with photo printing will make it possible to realize any of your desires and imaginations, and then the interior of your kitchen will acquire harmony, style and individuality.

glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

The glass apron is suitable for any interior.

A glass apron with a photo print looks the most harmoniously in modern kitchens, which are distinguished by smooth and smooth lines. These are, first of all, the styles “high-tech” (ultramodern style), “techno” (strict and functional style), “minimalism” (characterized by its laconicism and simplicity), “futurism” (the style of the future). At the same time, such an apron will best be combined with kitchen furniture of simple shapes and closed facades, which can be seen in a Scandinavian-style kitchen.

However, for admirers of the classic style or country style, manufacturers of glass aprons with photo printing also have many interesting proposals, for example, frosted glass for an ordinary white apron with a pattern that suits exactly this style (gastronomic still life or city panorama). The option with photo printing of natural marble, wood or brick will also be appropriate.

A universal version of the picture on the skin, applied by means of photo printing, for all styles is an intricate ornament, the pattern of which is repeated on the walls or curtains of the kitchen.

DIY decor

glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

It is not at all difficult to make such an apron with your own hands.

A glass kitchen apron is almost the only type of aprons that allows you to decorate it yourself. Moreover, this does not take a lot of time, effort or finance.

For example, if you have artistic talent, you can “immortalize” your drawing by painting it on the back of the glass or directly on the wall.

One of the options for decorating a kitchen apron with your own hands can be the use of your favorite photos, looking at which you will remember the brightest and most beautiful moments of life.

Currently, the option of decorating a kitchen apron with a tapestry, which looks great behind glass, is very popular.

glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

Also, one of the simplest options for decorating a kitchen apron on your own is to use ordinary paper wallpaper with an interesting pattern, and in just a couple of hours your kitchen will be transformed and take on a new style. To do this, we glue the selected wallpaper on the wall, let it dry well, and with the help of transparent glue we fix the glass of the required size, which, of course, needs to be prepared in advance, having well polished its inner side to a shine.

There are many more ways to decorate a glass backsplash yourself, each of which will bring brightness and personality to your kitchen interior.

DIY decor options for a glass apron, which will become one of the most original accents in the interior of the kitchen, will tell your imagination.


glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

The glass apron is mounted after the complete repair and installation of kitchen furniture. Unlike other types of aprons, the installation of such an apron does not require the use of building materials (for example, plaster, putty), when working with which dust and dirt are formed.

There are two ways to mount a glass apron:

glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

1.Fastening the apron to the wall from four sides with screws, which are closed with special clips. The advantage of this method is that the walls do not need to be specially prepared before installing the apron. The disadvantage of this method is that the clips are not always combined with the interior of the kitchen.

2. Fastening the glass apron by gluing to the wall. This method will not violate the integrity of your kitchen interior. However, before using this method, you need to align the walls and adjacent corners more carefully.

After installing the glass apron, sockets are installed (wiring is done before its installation), and, if necessary, roof rails and other accessories are attached.


glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

A beautiful apron will become a highlight of the kitchen

One of the main advantages of a glass kitchen apron is ease of maintenance, since such aprons do not have seams and joints, where dirt deposits can most often accumulate.

glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

Flowers, coffee or just an abstraction – the imagination of designers is immeasurable

Taking care of such a panel in comparison with other types of aprons is a pleasure, as a result of which a glass kitchen apron will delight you with its appearance and practicality for many years.

glass aprons for the kitchen with photo printing

Among other things, the glass apron does not lose its attractiveness for many years.

Thus, we can conclude: kitchen aprons made of glass have significant advantages in their characteristics over aprons made of other materials, and therefore, by choosing and ordering skins for your kitchen, you can give uniqueness and originality to its interior.


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