Top tips for making the perfect sports shake

People who are dedicated to sports life as a profession or those who are closely linked to physical activity as a hobby, know that the performance of our body depends directly on the food and diet that we have been the most optimal. This is because the needs of the body of athletes are different from those of people who lead a sedentary life, since the metabolism is modified with the sports routine, causing more fat to be burned and, therefore, more fat is needed. more energies. Seen this way, it is understood that it is vital to know how to adapt the food we eat to compensate for the physical effort to which we subject the body.

Shakes for athletes, whether fruit, vegetable, or protein supplements,  contribute to the well-being of the body and act as an ally to improve our performance and our results.

Homemade smoothies for athletes

Homemade smoothies are one of the most natural and convenient ways to take smoothie supplements, especially since they can be easily made at home with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Fruit or vegetable smoothies mixed with nuts, seeds, or algae are recommended.

They are rich in carbohydrates and low in saturated fat, so they will help you recover the energy you need after physical activity or accumulate it before playing sports. Depending on when you are going to drink the smoothie, we recommend some fruits or others.

Before playing sports

If your idea is to drink the shake before sweating, what we recommend is that you make yourself a  green set. These shakes are very light and are gaining a lot of fame in recent times. The best of the green smoothies is the one that combines two bananas  (previously frozen, to increase the creaminess of the juice), a handful of spinach, a   green apple, and the juice of a lemon. It has a high water content, which will prepare you to sweat and you will not feel heavy. In addition, it will help you burn fat and gain muscle.

after playing sports

To recover energy after physical activity, we recommend an oatmeal shake. There are many benefits of oatmeal, which is a low-sugar cereal that provides a large amount of fiber and serves as a source of protein. It provides high-quality carbohydrates and helps us recover the energy spent and regenerate muscle mass. To prepare it you will only need half a cup of previously cooked oatmeal, a quarter of oat flakes, half a liter of almond milk, and a tablespoon of cinnamon, to add a sweet touch.

Prepared protein shakes

It is proven that a  supplement such as  GFS aminos based on carbohydrates and powdered proteins manages to provide certain benefits to the body that collaborate to a  faster recovery and that the muscles assimilate exercise better. In addition, it also serves to increase muscle mass, since it returns the fibers that you have lost during physical activity. They are usually low in fat and can be taken daily, being one of the essential supplements to transform fat into muscle mass effectively, increase physical resistance, and improve the muscle tone of those who take it.

In less than half an hour it is absorbed by the body, making it possible to replace animal proteins, especially if we take into account that a 10-gram capsule is equivalent to  350 grams of meat or fish  (in terms of protein synthesis).

It is recommended to be ingested before physical activity, at least half an hour before, which is the time the body needs to absorb it. In professional athletes, however, it is recommended that it also be taken additionally after the next training session, together with food.


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