Summer smoothie or which blender is better

In terms of its functionality, the blender can be compared to a food processor. The indisputable advantages of the first are practicality, compactness and mobility. To chop the onion or whip the cream, sometimes you don’t want to go far into the closet and assemble the combine, and then carry out the reverse manipulations to put it back in place. The blender solves the same problems and takes a minimum of your time: it is compact, quick and easy to clean. However, in terms of power and a set of capabilities, of course, it is inferior.

What is a blender

blender which is better

The blender is one of the most beloved technical innovations of housewives.

The principle of operation of the blender is based on the operation of an electric motor that rotates a shaft with a nozzle fixed on it. This allows you to chop or whip products. The device is equipped with a blade attachment and a bowl with a double knife. Many blenders also come with a whisk, which replaces the bar mixer for milk cocktails in the kitchen. Modern models are equipped with a vacuum pump nozzle that pumps air out of the container, thereby helping to increase the shelf life of products. And you can find out about the Bosch food processor with a meat grinder and blender here.

Which one to give preference

blender which is better

When choosing a blender, just think about what you will be preparing it: baby food or cocktails. This is the starting point.

How not to get confused among the variety of models presented on store shelves? All blenders differ by manufacturer, power, functionality, design and, most importantly, cost. There are even baby food steamers-blenders. It’s important to choose a blender that’s right for you based on your preferences and needs. So which is the best hand blender or stationary blender?


blender which is better

It is a plastic or metal handle, on one side of which there are two-blade blades, and on the end of the other there are 1-2 buttons and speed control. The device is lowered into a container with food and begins its work by pressing and holding the button.

Among the main advantages of this type are:

  • compactness: easy to store and takes up little space;
  • use for products of any capacity;

Ease of use for small quantities.

The disadvantages include:

  • the cost is higher than that of stationary blenders;
  • inconvenience of working with large volumes (works only when you hold down the button).

This blender is perfect for chopping small amounts of ingredients: greens, fruits, vegetables or meat. He will become an irreplaceable assistant in the preparation of children’s dishes and desserts and sauces, making the food puree. Also, the device will help to make bread crumbs and grind meat into minced meat.

blender which is better

Time for berries – time for cocktails


This unit has a slightly different structure and is a plastic or metal case with a built-in motor unit and a bowl fixed to it with blades located at its bottom. The controls are located on the block. The capacity of the jug is usually 1 to 2 liters. You can find out how to choose a meat grinder here.

blender which is better

Among the indisputable advantages, we note:

  • there is no need to hold the device in hand all the time;
  • self-cleaning function (quickly and easily cleaned without the risk of cutting yourself with knives);
  • relatively low cost.

When choosing, it is worth considering a number of disadvantages:

  • not as compact as submersible;
  • you cannot use a whisk or a vacuum nozzle;
  • it is impossible to use other containers. And how to choose a waffle iron can be found at the link.

A stationary blender is used primarily for making cocktails, whipping proteins and creams, chopping solid foods, cracking ice, and mixing ingredients.


blender which is better

Combine blenders are perfect for housewives who like to spend time in the kitchen

This blender is the latest development in this area. It is a mini-harvester and combines the functions of a stationary and submersible blender. Its complete set includes: the submersible blender itself, a bowl with a double knife, a whisk, a measuring cup.

This device is practically comparable to a food processor, but it takes up much less space and its cost is much lower. With the combo blender, you can easily make a smoothie, chop vegetables or nuts, and whip up the cream.

August is watermelon. Try an unusual cocktail from them

What to look for when choosing

In order to choose a model that will really serve you for a long time and will not disappoint you, you should pay attention to some criteria.

blender which is better
  1. Manufacturing material. The immersion part and the jug can be made of plastic and metal. In the first case, the models are less practical, since plastic is prone to staining, and this material is also quite fragile compared to metal. But for a jug, plastic is the best alternative. This is due to the lightness of the material and its impact resistance. In addition, self-respecting manufacturers actively use good plastic that does not darken over time and does not absorb food odors.
  2. Power. It is worth choosing a blender with a power of 300 watts. The fact is that if this figure is lower, then you can only chop boiled vegetables and other soft foods. In addition, such a blender will not be able to work for a long time.
  3. Required functions. All devices are equipped with a universal chopping knife. It should be made of stainless steel to ensure a long service life. It is worth paying attention to the presence of a whisk and a chopper in the kit. A nozzle for making mashed potatoes, graters and shredders and ice picks may be useful. Any blender provides speed regulation, as well as the “turbo mode” function, which will allow you to select the desired mode depending on the type of product and the desired result. And you can find out about an electric vegetable grater in this article.
  4. Optional equipment. Additional options include a vacuum pump. With this nozzle, you can evacuate the air from the container, which will allow you to store food for a long time. Some blenders are equipped with a juicer, making them a 2-in-1 appliance.

Manufacturers rating

blender which is better

The recognized leaders in the field of blender production are:

  • Bosc;
  • Kenwood;
  • Philips;
  • Braun.

Among the less expensive models, you can consider the company’s blenders:

  • Scarlett;
  • Supra;
  • Brawn;
  • Polaris;
  • Vitek.

blender which is better

Cocktail recipe in infographics. Try it. click to enlarge


There is nothing difficult in caring for a blender. All parts are washed with warm running water using a sponge and a gel-like product. Before storing the appliance in the cabinet, make sure that each part is completely dry.The most delicious cocktails for a summer evening

blender which is better

Delicious cocktails for friends

So, in conclusion, I would like to note that you need to choose a blender based on your expectations from its action. So, if you need a device that is close in function to a food processor, you should give preference to a combined blender. For cooking small amounts of food, a submersible device is an excellent solution. Well, for lovers of cocktails and smoothies, a stationary blender will be enough. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the smoothie and cocktail blender in this resource.


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