Kitchen corner for a small kitchen: corner height and standard sizes in a small kitchen

A small kitchen is no reason to lose heart. Even in this case, you can find a way out by planning the space correctly. Every centimeter must be used effectively. An option for a small kitchen can be a corner.

A beautiful and comfortable kitchen nook will be a place for joy, not frustration due to lack of space.

How to choose a corner for a small kitchen

kitchenette for a small kitchen

In the kitchen, you often have to save space, and if it is not possible to equip a separate dining room, a corner will help.

The territory is considered to be close already in 8 sq.m. The shape can be square or just straight and narrow. Let’s figure out how to create a cozy place for spending time together. How to choose a kitchen interior read here.

Advantages of the kitchen corner:

beautiful kitchen area
  • the opportunity to sit down with the whole family;
  • saves precious space;
  • models with drawers allow you to store additional things;
  • zones the room, creating a pleasant visual perception.

A small space dictates strict rules, the non-observance of which will attract constant discontent. Either you hit a corner, then two people will not disperse in any way. And if you don’t refuse a good electric stove, then no matter how much you want to cram all the desired appliances and furniture into the kitchen, you will have to give up something.

kitchenette for a small kitchen

The dining place gathers all seven and often becomes a symbol of the hearth

Some designs fit perfectly into a small space. In order not to reinvent the wheel, just look at the possibilities to make the layout functional.

Monolithic construction

kitchenette for mini kitchen

Favorably highlight the dining area. You can apply it in a room where a single space and a kitchen area combined with a living room must be separated from the entire apartment. Get a mini island. It’s like a podium. Concrete is poured into the area built and fenced to the required height. This is costly work.

The second way is the framework. That is, the same area remains empty and can be used for additional boxes. You can also hide extra wires or pipes.

If the ceiling is low, then the podium should be smaller in height. If there are children in the house, it is better to further fence this area to avoid injury.

Folding corner

kitchenette for a small kitchen

This is a way out of a situation where there is absolutely no space and every centimeter counts. Assembled and disassembled as needed. The simplest option includes a sliding table-book. This is a popular option in small kitchens. The chairs can also be folded.

The whole set takes up minimal space and looks neat. Moreover, the seats can be hung on the wall, freeing up space.

Dining place from several modules

kitchenette for a small kitchen

The design is similar to the previous version. But even a small sofa can be included in such a system. However, it will become a full-fledged place to sleep only in a combination of additional adjacent padded stools or chairs. Elements usually come in the form of a small kitchen table, a pair of chairs, and a corner seat.

How to choose the right kitchen

The cramped space dictates the purchase of furniture as compact as possible. So the standard depth of cabinets is 46 cm. Unfortunately, they don’t do less. We have to reduce the size of countertops, buy the most compact appliances (a washing machine, for example) and corners for several people.

In large families, family members often take turns eating. Therefore, no matter how you want a chic spacious headset, you will have to stop at a smaller version. They are often even more expensive.

A few primary rules will help you quickly navigate and ask the price in choosing models of corners:

kitchenette for a small kitchen
  • first figure out where it will stand. Furniture should definitely be further from the stove;
  • make measurements. Without them, it will be very difficult to find the same headset. A few centimeters can decide the fate of the purchase;
  • if decided between two sets, then it is better to settle on the smaller one.
  • if space allows, you can choose a model with drawers. It is more bulky, but there is an opportunity to store additional necessary household items in it.

Types of corners:

  • corners are in the form of the letter G and P;
  • models can be right- or left-handed;
  • the kit may include stools, ottomans, additional attachments to the table, benches, etc.

Desire is limited only by material means.

kitchen corners for a small kitchen photo

In the interior of the kitchen, the corner occupies a central place. so let it be bright and beautiful

The furniture in this place should be beautiful, because it immediately attracts attention.

How to take measurements

The work is carried out only in millimeters.

  • measurement starts from the corner and to the sides to the maximum possible distance;
  • so that there are no problems with dragging furniture, you need to take both the width of the door and the passage;
  • when taking measurements, you need to remember not only the standard sizes indicated by the manufacturer. Consider whether it will be convenient for the rest of the family.

When measuring a corner sofa, keep the adjoining chairs and surrounding space in mind. If a person sits down, then he may not fit in the planned space.

Dining room material

Of course, it is better to buy furniture made from natural materials. It is environmentally friendly and will not emit harmful substances in a humid and hot kitchen atmosphere. But plus the rest – cheapness and availability.

Metal. Usually used to make a frame. Resistant to moisture and durable. Of the minuses – it looks perfect only in modern interiors. Strong but cold. If the table is entirely made of this material, then the hands will not be comfortable, especially for children and the elderly. Usually metal models are supplemented with glass.kitchenette for a small kitchen

Metal for modern kitchens

Natural tree. Used in luxury furniture. Environmentally friendly material, reliable, and incredibly beautiful. But it does not tolerate moisture well and requires more careful care.>

kitchen corner for kitchen: wood

Natural wood will emphasize the comfort of the kitchen

Chipboard. Cheaper than natural materials and more resistant to moisture. Today, not only corners are made of chipboard, but also sets and kitchen corner for kitchen chipboard

Inexpensive kitchen corner material

Plastic. Short-lived material. Although it is very beautiful. A variety of shades and various additives will make the corner very cheerful. But small cracks from a knife or cutlery will quickly bring the appearance into disrepair. It is more practical to use plastic kitchen panels, read here how to choose.

plastic kitchen cabinetsPlastic looks nice, but it’s better for giving upholstery for a soft textile. It must be water and dirt repellent. The presence of children and just mischievous people in the house will lead to food getting on the seats. If the fabric is not protected, then it will be problematic to remove stains.

Light colors in a white kitchen
look incomparable but also become unsightly very quickly. On dark ones, traces may not be noticed. An option for those who do not like to frequently clean furniture.kitchens with corners: fabric

Fabric corners look cute and cozy. It is better to sew covers from fabric so that it is convenient to wash. Leather and leatherette. Durable and easy to clean. But such a corner will be very corner for kitchen: leather

Looks nice and solid, but also costs accordinglyCorner without upholstery. It will be hard to sit. If you rarely eat in the kitchen, then this option will become more economical. Or you can buy or sew pillows separately. The fabric must be durable if there are many people in the house. Constant contact will cause an abrasion of the material. How to make your dining area more comfortable kitchen corner will become a pleasant place for communication only if it is comfortable. It depends on its dimensions, materials, and on design.

nice things for the kitchen

If the room is narrow, then it is better to choose a bright corner. This will make dining more enjoyable. Brighten up the space with colorful pillows and ottomans. And on the table, there can be an interesting napkin holder. If a lot of friends came with a big pizza, then a folding table would be ideal. Remove the chairs from the wall and enjoy the atmosphere. This is easy to achieve if you think about all the little things in advance. A cozy kitchen place for lunch can also become a working one. Consider outlets in the kitchen that can be placed closer. Hang joyful and light curtains on the corner decor

The kitchen should be cozy and homely. to enjoy your time here. The tips given in the article will help you choose the option that will last a long time and will delight you every day.


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