Pina Colada With Strawberry Puree

Recipe 1: Pina Coladas with Rivers of Strawberry

The drink of Pina Coladas with strawberry puree is of great taste. It considers as the best mocktail or cocktail. It requires defrosted frozen strawberry puree. When you purchase strawberry, then make puree from strawberry. You can use either fresh strawberry puree or frozen. This recipe is more straightforward in the making and takes only five minutes. It will yield four glasses of pina colada.


Frozen or fresh strawberry of two cups

Coconut milk of two cans

Pineapple juice of two cups

Ice cubes of one cup

Avoid ice if you want to make a mocktail.

Pina Colada With Strawberry Puree


First of all, blend strawberries at high speed and make a puree. Now, pour the half cup of puree into the glasses of the cocktail. Second, wash the blender and then add the remaining ingredients to it. Only blend at high speed for a smooth texture. Now, pour the pina colada on the above of the smoothie puree. The puree with the pina colada gives a more delicious taste. Serve the drink and enjoy.

Recipe 2: Strawberry Pina Colada Lava Flow

It is a great refreshing cocktail recipe for the summer season. It is a sort of tropical drink that uses strawberries, pineapple, etc., in the making. The strawberry puree makes the effect of lave flow with the combination of Pina Colada. This American cuisine takes only five minutes with calories of 384kcal.


Frozen strawberries of 12 oz

Half cup of 7UP

Pineapple juice of 10 oz. Coconut cream of 8 oz

One banana

Crushed ice of two cups

Fresh wedges of pineapple


Blend defrosted strawberries and make a smooth puree. Pour out this puree, and then rinse the blender. After that, blend coconut cream with pineapple juice and keep it aside. Then, blend a banana with ice and add pineapple and coconut mixture to it. Blend the mixture to make a frothy smoothie.

Now, fill the half glass with strawberry puree. After that, pour pina colada above this smoothie. The strawberry puree with pina colada gives the best taste of drinking. You can use pineapple wedges on the top of the glass.

Recipe 3: Easy Strawberry Pina Colada Mocktail

The servings of this recipe are four. It is one of the easiest recipes for pina colada mocktails with the use of strawberry puree. You will quickly make it in a very short time. All the ingredients enrich with healthy nutrients. This pina colada drink provides a great taste.


Frozen strawberries of 12 oz

Canned pineapple juice of 2 cups

Coconut cream of 15 oz

Only half a cup of ice


Take a high-speed blender and make the smooth puree. Keep the puree aside and clean the blender. Now, in a pitcher, place all ingredients in it and blend it. Then, add ice to the blender to make a slushy texture. Pour smoothie puree in the glass, and then pour the pineapple juice. At last, immediately serve the drink. You can also add more ice if you need it. 


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