Kitchen 3 by 3: design for 9 square meters – planning ideas

Unfortunately, in many panel houses, the size of the kitchen is very small – about 8-10 square meters. This imposes a number of serious restrictions on the design, but this does not mean at all that the 9-square kitchen is hopeless. Subject to a number of rules and recommendations, even the smallest kitchen can be turned into almost a work of art, which will be not only beautiful, but also convenient from a practical point of view. But what features do small kitchens have? What are the classic and modern kitchen layouts 3 by 3 m? And is it possible to visually enlarge the space? Below we will find out the answers to all these questions.

Features of kitchens 3 by 3 m or 9 square meters in panel houses and their shapes

A small kitchen with a standard area of ​​9 squares is quite enough to accommodate furniture and all the necessary equipment; for large sizes, you can make a living room with a bar counter. It is recommended to buy furniture in the form of a single set, and the format of its location directly depends on the shape of the room (below we will consider these issues in more detail). Due to the lack of space, it is recommended to buy built-in appliances. The refrigerator should be placed away from heat sources (ovens, batteries, etc.).

If you are planning to make repairs in an old apartment, then in this case it is imperative to install new wiring, since the simultaneous operation of the refrigerator and the washing machine can lead to an overload of the electrical network.

Rectangular standard kitchen sizes

The shape of the kitchen space directly affects the way the kitchen is placed. In the case of a rectangular room, the optimal location of the headset will be as follows:

  1. Linear. In this scenario, all set furniture and appliances are located near one wall. On the opposite wall there is a table with chairs, a stove, a sink + you can hang several wall cabinets for dishes.
  2. U-shaped. With this arrangement, the headset and equipment are placed in the form of the letter P against three walls – a table, chairs and various auxiliary equipment / furniture are placed against the remaining wall.

Some kitchen projects involve the use of a bar counter instead of a wall in the room. Such an environment is relevant for young people who spend little time at home. In the case of a family and a small child, the bar counter will not allow you to protect the kitchen, and all the noises and smells arising from it, from the bedroom-hall. In this case, it is better to leave the door.

Arrangement of square

In the case of a square kitchen, it is recommended to arrange furniture and appliances according to the following plan:

  1. Corner arrangement (L-shaped). In this scenario, furniture and appliances are located along two walls that form an angle; appliances are often built in. A table with chairs is usually placed in the opposite corner.
  2. Island location. This scenario is very similar to the previous one, with the only difference that some elements of a headset or equipment can be placed in the opposite corner (for example, a sink, a refrigerator, an additional cutting table, and so on).

Most kitchens in panel houses are square, not rectangular.

Layout options and examples of how to furnish

So, now you know the basic rules for arranging a small compact kitchen with an area of ​​9 square meters. Let’s now look at several popular scenarios for the arrangement of furniture, appliances and decorative elements in the kitchen, which professional designers resort to. In our review, we will consider both square and rectangular or narrow kitchens.

For square

The optimal L-shaped scenario: a stove, refrigerator and headset in one corner – a table and a comfortable sofa (instead of chairs) in the other.

In this photo, you can see that the kitchen set is located in the form of the letter P – while there are windows on one of the walls.

An unusual scenario for a square kitchen – the headset “flows” into the sofa, and then back into the cabinets.

For rectangular or narrow

Ideal for planning a small space: along one wall – chairs and tables along the other.

Another good scenario for rectangular kitchens – notice that there are several furniture cabinets along the second wall near the balcony exit.

An unusual option for a rectangular kitchen – the corner set stylishly “flows” into a compact dining table.

Modern ideas for renovation and interior design for a small kitchen

Above are the main ideas for renovation and interior design for a small kitchen, which has become classic a long time ago. However, in addition to them, there are some modern scenarios that are adapted to solve a particular practical problem. Below we will look at a few of these modern ideas. This article will tell you about a cast-iron pan with an enamel coating.

With a sleeping place of 9 square meters

If you often receive guests / relatives, then it makes sense to equip a sleeping place in the kitchen. The best option would be to install an L-shaped headset – this will allow you to place a sliding chair or sofa in the opposite corner next to the table. If necessary, the table is removed to the side – and the armchair / sofa unfolds and turns into a sleeping place.

With a balcony

If from the kitchen you have access to a glazed closed balcony, then it makes sense to connect these rooms together by partially or completely dismantling the connecting wall. This will significantly increase the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe kitchen, which will allow you to place a table with chairs, a bed, a refrigerator or a washing machine on the balcony, and so on. This material will tell you about matte stretch ceilings for the kitchen.

At the same time, please note that the styles of the balcony and the kitchen should be the same in order to create the impression of a single room.

In a one-room apartment

If you live in a one-room apartment, then in such a situation the kitchen room can perform additional functions in addition to cooking and receiving guests. Key recommendations:

  1. In addition to the headset, put several compact cabinets – there you can store seasonal clothes and various equipment that you rarely use (for example, an iron).
  2. If there is no room for a desk in the living room, then in this case you can make a partition and put a large long table in the kitchen, which will be used both for writing and for eating.

The location of the bed in the kitchen will significantly reduce the “load” on the main room, which will increase the comfort of the residents.

With TV

Also, in the kitchen in 10 squares, you can arrange a TV for watching TV while eating or listening to background information while cooking. The main ways to position the TV:

  1. In one of the corners, a headset cabinet or a low refrigerator is placed, on which a medium or small TV is installed on top. A long dining table is placed next to the cabinet / refrigerator.
  2. An alternative option without the participation of cabinets / refrigerator – the TV is installed on a small shelf or platform next to a long table.

How to visually expand the space: design solutions for small-meter apartments

To make a small kitchen space seem large, use the following guidelines, which will visually expand the space:

  1. Paint the walls in light colors or glue on them wallpaper of neutral shades – this will allow you to visually “push” the walls.
  2. Paint the floor in dark or gray colors – this will allow you to “increase” the height of the room (you do not need to be afraid of color contrast).
  3. Do not be afraid to buy furniture and appliances with mirror or glossy surfaces, do not overload the space with decorative elements.

Do not lay carpets or various paths on the floor, do not use linoleum, the optimal coverage is tiles or parquet.

In what styles can you arrange

The following styles are ideal for decorating a kitchen:

  1. Contemporary (modern). The main materials are glass, plastic, some wood (for chairs and tables). The use of the built-in technique is encouraged. Decorative elements must fulfill some kind of application function. Colors – white, gray, black, dark blue, light green and others.
  2. Classic style. The main material is wood and wrought metal (only for chairs). The use of technique should be kept to a minimum. Many decorative ornaments can be placed. The main colors are various shades of brown, white, gray, deep red.
  3. High tech. The main materials are glass, plastic and aluminum. The use of wood is excluded. The technique must be fashionable and cutting edge. The color palette is dominated by cold and restrained shades (white, black, various shades of gray).
  4. East style. Less equipment and furniture, more free space. It is recommended to decorate the walls in restrained light colors – light green, dark blue, light red and others.


  1. A kitchen space with an area of ​​9 squares can be made beautiful and functional, and the format of the arrangement of furniture and equipment depends on the shape of the room.
  2. If necessary, in such a kitchen, you can make zoning from the living room, or put a bed, install a TV, connect it to a balcony, and so on.
  3. To visually expand the space, make the walls light and the floor dark, do not overload the space with decorative elements, put mirrors.
  4. The main styles are contemporary (modern), classic, hi-tech, oriental and others.


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