How to make Chantilly Cream in 4 easy steps

Today I bring you all my secrets and tell you how to make Chantilly Cream. Today I am not going to tell you the story or anything, we are going to start directly with the recipe. Another day I’ll tell you, or if you want to read it on the internet, everyone loves to tell their version of how the recipe for chantilly cream comes about.

Well, this preparation is very simple, but it never hurts to take into account all the tips so that it comes out perfectly and you enjoy it in the best way. Because there is nothing more frustrating than preparing something with all the love and that in the end it is visually ugly. Without further ado we start with this!

The secrets of the chantilly cream recipe

Read these tips, you will thank me

The chantilly cream is the ideal to finish and decorate your desserts in the best way, as long as it is well done. In this post I not only want to tell you how to make this typical whipped cream to accompany and decorate desserts but I also want to give you all my tricks to make it stable and smooth. We are going to learn how to make a very hegemonic whipped cream! And we are going to get it!

Here are my tips so that it does not cut, or come out watery, or lumpy … Or all those problems that can arise when this preparation is made.

  • Once made, it can last up to 5 days in the refrigerator if stored airtight.
  • The cold is the best friend of the cream: before making it, take all the utensils to cool. Either in the refrigerator for a few hours or in the freezer for a while. Everything you use huh! The bowl, the rods, the spatula … And if you are going to put your finger to test how it turned out, also put it in the freezer, ok? Thus, it will mount much faster and it will have a more beautiful texture! All the ingredients must remain refrigerated  until the exact moment that you are going to start beating it. Don’t take it out sooner and keep playing with the new Instagram filters, do me a favor.
  • The ideal is to use powdered sugar or icing , so it will have greater firmness and will be incorporated more easily into the cream. Using icing sugar it will not be necessary to beat the mixture excessively. It is added when the cream is half-whipped and it is perfect!
  • In the case of having common or granulated sugar, a good tip so that it integrates well and then does not lose water and gives it that aspect of “sweat” and half cut (you understand what I mean, right?) Is add the sugar when we have not yet started to beat, mix well and leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours. If they leave it all night better! This way it will dissolve in the cream and when it is whipped it will integrate super well!
  • Add the flavoring at the end, when the whipped cream is at the desired point. They can also add a coloring, zest or whatever they like. But it should always be once you are at the point you are looking for! The classic flavoring for this recipe is vanilla, but you can add whatever you like. Here we are not going to become policemen of taste!
  • If you want, you can add a little bit of unflavored gelatin to make it hold better . The ratio is one teaspoon of unflavored gelatin to 4 tablespoons of water. You stir it, take it to the microwave to dissolve and then let it warm. The right time to add the gelatin to the chantilly cream is a second before it is just right. They must add it in the form of a thread and beat to the right point and that’s it! Then they take it to cool for a while so that the gelatin takes effect and they can use it.
  • Do not over-beat the whipped cream. Read this well to me, Mabel: DO NOT BEAT OVER! Once the preparation has firm peaks, or once it is at the point that you like READY! Not one more turn. Not even just in case. You set the whisk aside. Like it’s burning your hand, yeah? Otherwise it will be cut.
  • If the cream is cut off by those things in life, add a splash of milk and stir it with a spatula. You will see that it is smooth back! But you can also add a little cream without beating and also mix it with the spatula until it recovers the proper texture.

Done, that’s all I know about it. If you have any other advice, we are all eyes to read them!


  • 500 ml heavy cream (whipping cream)
  • 120 g of powdered sugar (icing sugar)
  • Vanilla essence

How to make Chantilly Cream in 4 steps!

  1. Whip the cream or cream at medium speed with the electric mixer. It should be at medium speed so that air bubbles can be incorporated into the cream and thus build a good structure.
  2. When the cream is half assembled, add the icing sugar and continue beating.
  3. Beat the mixture until stiff peaks are generated or the desired consistency is achieved. Do not beat more because the preparation is cut.
  4. Add a splash of vanilla essence and mix with a spatula


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