Combined cooker with electric oven: rating

Basically, in the homes of Russians, gas is supplied to the kitchens to connect hobs or panels, but in many apartments there are also electric stoves, but the electrical wiring was made so long ago that it can no longer withstand the loads of modern household electrical appliances. But this is not a reason for frustration if you purchase a combined, economical and modern stove. This can be beneficial for many reasons: gas ovens bake much worse than their electric counterparts, so this option will be optimal for those who cannot imagine their life without home baking. Also, you may be interested in information about what are and what the Hans combined stove looks like.

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A variety of household appliances for the kitchen, in particular for cooking, can confuse any housewife who is not very aware of new cooking technologies.

Therefore, it offers a brief overview of the possibilities and characteristics of combined home cookers:

  • With upper gas supply to the hob and electric stove.What is the advantage of such a device? At any time, the hostess will be able to quickly select the intensity of the gas supply, reduce or, conversely, increase the heating of the hob, which will lead to slow extinguishing or rapid boiling of the coffee. And the electric oven will help in cooking dishes that require baking, not stewing, for example, an appetizing chicken with a crispy crust, or homemade pies, which are especially fluffy under these conditions, without stickiness inside. And if the stove is in a country house, then in the event of the end of the gas filler in the cylinder, you can always use an electric oven, soups and other types of dishes in them turn out to be no worse than on a gas burner. But the price can be a little upsetting, you will have to pay an additional amount for the convenience.combination cooker with electric ovenThe cooktop has gas and electric heating capability
  • Even if the upper part of the stove runs on gas, then there is plenty to choose from: you can find the hob completely made of a sheet of stainless steel, or glass ceramics, or a special tempered glass surface. But the last two types should be handled with extreme caution, if you suddenly put heavy dishes on them, you can damage the surface and ruin the stove itself. But how to choose a cauldron for an induction cooker for pilaf, this information will help you understand.combination cooker with electric oven glass gas hobA very beautiful hob that can run on gas and still look beautiful
  • The number of heating elements. This parameter is very important for a large family with many children, because the hostess needs to cook a lot of food at once, so it will be inappropriate to purchase a stove with 2 burners. You may also be interested in information on how a two-burner tabletop induction cooker looks like.combination cooker with electric ovenThere can be several ovens as well as 5-6 cooking comfort
  • The best option for a large family would be an induction top hob – it can be set up so that the entire area warms up or maintains a certain temperature regime in a certain area, for example, when stewing dishes, when high heat can only ruin the dish. And in this case, you can take a closer look at the option with a gas oven, which can help out at a critical moment of a power outage. But in an induction cooker, there are pros and cons too.combination hob with electric oven and induction hobAn option such as an induction surface will allow you to quickly heat the dish
  • But if your family is small, then buying bulky and multifunctional equipment with many unnecessary modes may not be justified if these are people of retirement age, and all dishes fried in the oven in the grill mode are already contraindicated for them . But sometimes they also want to please themselves, and bake, for example, a biscuit roll, and without an oven it will be almost impossible to do this. Our advice for this group of people is to buy a combination hob with a gas top hob and a small electrical cabinet, which can save a lot of money.small combination cooker with electric ovenThis option can be useful for 1-2 people in a family.
  • If you came to the conclusion that you need an oven with an electric supply, then you will have several options for choosing the mode of its operation at once: turning on / off the top or bottom heating, activating the side walls or only the back one, cook the dish in accelerated mode, and defrost or bake any piece of meat or chicken with a crispy crust. Also, the electric cabinet can operate in the mode of a high-frequency oven, grill, be equipped with convection to blow hot air around the products being prepared in it, and even have the function of auto-cleaning from soot.


  • But whatever type of top hob you choose, pay attention to the presence of convenient regulators of temperature and functional modes so that they do not jam and turn smoothly.
  • On the oven door: it must fit snugly against the stove frame, be without gaps, which can lead to loss of energy and poor cooking.
  • Blocks from accidental inclusions are a very important element if there are small children in the house.

Rating of the best

  • The first position was taken by products from the German company Bosch under the brand name HGD 745255 , but this is not surprising, because the world-famous company is known for high-quality assembly, longevity and reliability of its household appliances for the kitchen. The top is a gas hob with an enamel surface, has 8 heating modes, including defrosting, a locking mechanism that protects small households from thermal injuries, the oven is also enamelled, there is a grill mode.combination cooker with electric oven Bosch branded HGD 745255The hob has a large number of heating modes
  • The second place was taken by the Gorenje combined plate under the brand name KC 5355 XV. Its advantage is a low price compared to German products, but the build quality gets a little tired. The stove has 11 operating modes at once, an enameled electric oven with a grill, auto-heating and defrosting. The hob is made of glass ceramics, with its own mode and power controls.combination cooker with electric oven GorenjeThe equipment has more than ten modes for better and more complete performance
  • Combined kitchen stove from Russian manufacturers GEFEST brand 5102-03 0023. Differs in ease of operation, reliability and practicality in use. The electric cabinet is equipped with all the functions necessary for the hostess, there is even a spit for even roasting meat or chickens, equipped with convection (blower) for even roasting. It differs in a low price policy in comparison with the previous options, but in terms of the quality of cooking, it is in no way inferior to the first two models.combination cooker with electric oven GEFESTHas all kinds of functions for frying and frying various dishes
  • Household stoves from the Gorenje company have long won the hearts of Russian housewives . And the K 5341 XD model is also released with a combined induction and electric hob, made of a stainless steel sheet with a variety of operating modes, convenient temperature and airflow controls, and a gas oven with convenient baking functions: there is a grill and a spit, a cooking timer … But what an induction 1 hotplate tabletop stove looks like, this information will help you understand.combination cooker with electric oven GorenjeThis cabinet has a function in the form of quick baking of products.

We hope that we have convinced you in favor of combined stoves, and, of course, the hostess herself should choose the cookware as a new household appliance.


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