Art Deco kitchen design: interior options for the kitchen-living room

Art Deco kitchen: design in the interior of the kitchen-living room

The style trend appeared in the 20s of the twentieth century. Art Deco combines modern and neoclassical details. He is characterized by luxury, stiffness, and at the same time simplicity. In the interior, the simultaneous presence of exquisite figurines, vases, sculptures made of ceramics, glass, and other expensive materials is allowed.

The design connects all times, you can see ancient elements and progressive technologies in it.

Style exclusivity

The combination of numerous decorative elements and bright shades, turning one into another, is an art deco style.

art deco style in the kitchen

Luxury, exclusivity, wealth are the hallmarks of Art Deco style.

For decoration, forged and carved components, natural fabrics, rare wood species are used. The design of the kitchen of the art deco studio is distinguished by the details:

Pros and cons of choosing

The positive aspects of using the design can be called:

art deco kitchen
  • original furniture ;
  • strict geometry;
  • interior functionality;
  • refinement of color;
  • massive bright lighting.

When applying style in the kitchen, glossy tiles or shiny parquet are used, which will visually help to increase the space.

In art deco style, it is better to use more reflective surfaces. This will help create a unique design.

The disadvantage of applying style is the price. Furniture, finishing materials, gilded or chrome parts are quite expensive.

Art Deco in the kitchen

The main task of art deco style is to <a href=

The main task of the art deco style is to create in the kitchen an atmosphere of a cozy atmosphere that promotes relaxation.

Art Deco is practically not used in small interiors, it is used in a large areasThe style involves combining the interior of the dining room and kitchen. The design defines clear lines, resulting in an elegant kitchen with original solutions. Art Deco is one of the styles that can be used to design a kitchen in a private home.

An important aspect for the art deco style: it is necessary to ensure that any object catches the eye: a figurine, a vase, a picture.

An element is chosen that causes genuine attention and delight: a beautiful chandelier, a small mirror, or an original item. He must draw attention.

art deco kitchen

Elements of art deco style should attract attention, catch the eye.

Art Deco is not a holistic style, it is assembled from various components, but with a single idea. Details of different cultures and eras are combined.

brick tiles for the kitchen

Do you know in what styles you can use decorative brick tiles?

How to create a beautiful interior of a small kitchen, read the advice of experts.

Ceiling, walls and floor

Designing a kitchen in the art deco style implies aspects:

art deco kitchen
  • two-level ceilings;
  • wide windows that give a lot of light;
  • simple geometric patterns.

Materials for interior decoration are natural stone, expensive wood, glass, leather, and marble. A stone countertop is one of the possible uses for expensive materials. Design from inexpensive raw materials will not be able to create the right direction.

The background of the walls is combined with the furniture. Surfaces are made in light colors, but the alternation of dark colors is allowed. Flashy bright colors are not used. A combination of black and white is used in the interior.

The floor and ceiling in the kitchen are finished with shiny coatings during decoration. A gloss is used that plays with rays of light.

A multi-level backlit ceiling fits into the art deco kitchen. If a simple ceiling is used, then it is complemented by a crystal chandelier.

art deco kitchen

A large chandelier is the main feature of the Art Deco style. Without it, the kitchen will turn into an ordinary classic.

Self-leveling floors in the kitchen or shiny parquet are ideal. In certain cases, linoleum is used. The style requirement is a mosaic pattern or options with a cage, herringbone, and zebra.

When framing the windows, fabric with a fancy ethnic ornament is used. When using tulle, it should give the impression of a thin gossamer and airy lace.

Color solutions

art deco kitchen

Leather, gilding, bronze, ivory – that’s what you can find in an art deco kitchen

The color palette is smooth transitions and simple steps. Paints should emphasize the zoning of the room, highlighting one thing. Read our article, with expert advice on how to combine wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen.

Art Deco shades refer to the natural colors of leather, earth, stone, or steel. Spectacular combinations of golden and silver tones.

Images on the floor should intersect with walls and even curtains.

art deco kitchen

The color of the furniture should be duplicated in the color of the curtains, in a bouquet on the table, or in sofa cushions.

In a luxurious style, you need to correctly combine shades. Beige and light brown colors are used for gold. Silver is combined with red, green, and gray tones.


art deco kitchen

The main attribute in the kitchen is furniture. Art Deco includes sets made of precious wood and other natural raw materials.

Headsets should be luxurious and practical. Color solutions – shades of wood. The furniture is decorated with forged fittings, leather, carvings with ethnic ornaments.

Chairs, stools, or a kitchen sofa are upholstered in satin, velour, or velvet. Additional elements in the design are:

art deco kitchen
  • the skin of an exotic animal – the floor;
  • ivory items – figurines, caskets;
  • marble products ;
  • semiprecious stones.

For the work surface, it is permissible to use laminated furniture, but with a massive glossy worktop, the work area with a marble sink and a glass apron will look harmonious.

Behind the headset there should be modern technology, a glass hood is well suited. Crockery – expensive glass and crystal.

expressive elements

art deco kitchen

Dishes in a cupboard, glossy surfaces, mirrors – these are the expressive elements of art deco

The business card of the style is trapezoidal mirrors.

art deco kitchen

The interior of the kitchen room, corresponding to the Art Deco style, is harmoniously complemented by mirrors. A large product is installed in the center of the area, this will visually increase the space. The mirror will reflect the shiny floor and wall covering, giving originality.

Mirror coating is applied to cabinets, their doors. Crockery, sets, and other attributes of cooking are stored in cabinets. The style is designed to show the kitchen as a cozy place to relax.

A typical design accessory is large flowers in pots standing on the floor. Or fresh flowers in expensive flowerpots.


art deco kitchen

Good lighting: a chandelier and spotlights for the work area, a must for style

Art Deco implies the presence of an abundant stream of light. Installed general and local lighting.

A crystal chandelier is mounted in the center of the kitchen or above the dining table. Light sparkles in the crystals, it will fill the room with sophistication. Forged metal products with imitation of candlesticks are also used.

art deco kitchen

If you want to have a royally luxurious kitchen – art deco is for you!

There are spotlights on the ceiling. They are also installed in the kitchen set, three pieces are enough.

art deco kitchen

Classic: black, red, white. Always looks stylish and unique

If the wall area allows, then a sconce with crystal or expensive glass components is attached to it.

art deco kitchen

An art deco kitchen should look bright. With the right combination of interior decoration, the interior of a classic French restaurant is reproduced, taking on Bohemia. The sophistication of design creates coziness and comfort, turns the kitchen into the center of the whole house.


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