Layout of the living room combined with the kitchen options for arranging furniture

The combination and layout of the kitchen and living area significantly increase the useful area of ​​​​a small apartment or house, and also unrecognizably transforms the territory, allowing you to realize more design solutions. Of course, before approaching the process of redevelopment, creating a new interior, you should be well prepared and know for sure what you would like to get in the end.

2 in 1 kitchen and living room: layout

Is it always appropriate to combine the kitchen and guest areas? In what cases is the desire to remove the intermediate wall fully justified? It makes sense to change the design of the studio if:

  • there is little space in the apartment: the total area for cooking and receiving guests contributes to the rational distribution of the living area;
  • the constant presence of guests: it is easier and more convenient for the owners to communicate with people without interrupting the cooking process;
  • you own a cottage with a small area: such a layout will avoid a shortage of free space, make the house more comfortable.

Advantages and disadvantages of a combined room during renovation

The joint layout of the design with the living room has at least three big pluses.

living room kitchen layout

Another undoubted plus of the combined living rooms: the originality of the interior.

  1. Qualitative economy of residential area. For example, for an apartment that has a spacious hall and a very cramped kitchen, combined zoning is an ideal option for setting priorities.
  2. “Everything is at hand”, that is, a convenient location of cooking and other surfaces. The kitchen combined with the guest area allows the hostess to receive friends and prepare refreshments at the same time. In this case, we are talking about saving time.
  3. Additional lighting. If windows are provided in the living room, when combined with the kitchen area, they will add space and light from the sun’s rays.

In addition to obvious and indirect advantages, the layout of the kitchen with the living room has its drawbacks.

  1. The combination of two residential areas is not a cheap pleasure. This is not about an ordinary repair with breaking through the wall: the configuration of the layout provided earlier is changing. In addition to high material costs, it is necessary to obtain an agreement with the BTI, to resolve the issue at the documentation level.
  2. The smell of food. Some people like it, but most prefer to eat without the mixed flavors of various dishes, especially if they fried fish for dinner and ice cream was served for dessert.
  3. A matter of appearance: kitchen surfaces get dirty quickly, the process of cooking contributes to this. The guest interior, combined with cooking and cutting surfaces, is also subject to rapid contamination, so you will have to clean it often.

So that cleaning does not turn into a nightmare for you and does not take a lot of time, at the stage of interior design, think about the protective materials that will cover the furniture. Plastic, wood, tile, laminate, cork, sofa upholstery and more – everything must be taken into account to the maximum. Thus, you invest money in your future comfort.


Speaking about the interior of the combined kitchen-living room, you should be aware of the methods of zoning. With the help of the different effects, you can create a sense of “separation” between rooms without any walls. But where to accommodate guests and how to choose a mini corner in the kitchen, read in this article.

Zoning methods

living room kitchen layout

By slightly raising the kitchen to the podium, you will get an interesting design move.

  1. Flooring difference . The kitchen area can be tiled (mosaic) with a warm electric film floor, and the living room – soft carpet or laminate (parquet).
  2. With the help of wall decoration: the use of finishes of different textures and colors will create the illusion of separateness of each room without abrupt mixing. At the same time, more practical materials should prevail in the kitchen area due to the high degree of contamination. You can consider discreet two-tone ones, giving bright colors to the living room.
  3. Perfectly zoned bar counter.
  4. By means of a podium: the cooking area can be raised slightly. However, this option is not always acceptable where the elderly and small children live.
  5. Living room shelving. Shelves can be different, for example, the entire width of the wall, from ceiling to floor. Souvenirs from trips around the world, books, living plants look great on them.
  6. Through the play of light. In the kitchen area, lighting is of great functional importance. An acceptable option for installing a multi-level ceiling. Spot lighting will add charm to the living room.
  7. Furniture. With the help of a perpendicularly set sofa, you can successfully divide the area into sections – the kitchen and for receiving guests.

When zoning a living space using a bar counter, equip this element of the interior with your own additional lighting. It looks spectacular and very functional when combined with a pair of stylized chairs and hanging glasses.

A little more about how to illuminate the kitchen and living area

  • In the living area, you can limit yourself to subdued lighting.
  • It is better to arrange a workplace in the guest area (if any) opposite the window and add a light source.

The kitchen area, due to its functionality, requires especially careful lighting – countertops, hob, cabinets.

Combined layout options

There are many ways to plan functionally opposite zones. Let’s continue the list.

  1. The presence of an arch or wall is a great way to visually separate the kitchen and living room. This part of the interior can be decorated with anything, a small plasma panel for watching TV is appropriate here.
  2. For a country house, a fireplace option is acceptable.
  3. Extended aquarium. It can be mounted on a special stand in the wall or above the sofa.
  4. Screens and other mobile partitions will hide the mess in the kitchen if guests arrive unexpectedly.

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If you apply a tandem of several layout options for the kitchen-living room, you will get an original interior design: the kitchen will look like a convenient island for the realization of culinary fantasies, and the living room will look like a comfortable relaxation area.

kitchen design with breakfast bar

The bar counter – classic, modern, hi-tech, and so on – is the most popular way to distinguish between a kitchen and a dining room (living room). It is convenient to serve breakfast in a hurry, drink tea, cook lunch, and so on. Usually, a part of the wall is used to install the countertop, or a special partition is built from wood, stone, brick. Autonomous lighting above the counter creates a curtain effect that adds coziness to the interior. There are a lot of options for the bar counter, all of which are functional, aesthetic, and acceptable. It is important to decide in advance on the plan with the size and arrangement of furniture.

kitchen island

living room kitchen layout.

The island can only be arranged in a large kitchen, in a small one you simply do not have enough space.

The island is especially in demand in country houses or spacious apartment areas. However, it makes sense to use it in the conditions of small apartments. With such a layout of the kitchen area, a working panel with several additional functions is placed in the center, which significantly saves the time and effort of the owners. The size of the island can be any, but it practically does not affect the functionality of the furniture. It provides for:

  • place of storage of utensils;
  • dining table:
  • bar counter.

If possible and desired, island furniture can be additionally equipped with:

  • stove;
  • hood;
  • railing;
  • sockets for household appliances;
  • oven;
  • hanging shelves and more.

Being engaged in cooking in the island kitchen, the owner justifiably feels like a hero of a culinary reality show: all his manipulations are perfectly visible in the recreation area, so you need to be prepared for such a circumstance. You can read more about the island hood in the article.

Arrangement of furniture, plan

Furniture in the combined kitchen-living room, as a rule, is kept in one chosen style, for example, classic or oriental. If the kitchen area is small, it can be expanded by dismantling the balcony door and window sill – this will allow you to arrange the necessary furniture and appliances. Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony will only visually reduce the room. This point should be considered even when creating a design in the house.

Options for arranging furniture after repair

Clear zoning. For example, a kitchen island, a seating, and an eating area – a seating area and a dining table. Due to the loggia, you can increase the culinary territory by placing a piece of equipment on it, for example, a refrigerator. In the same place, on the former loggia, it is good to put a couple of armchairs and a small table for coffee. This and much more can be taken into account using the design software.

living room kitchen layout

Clear boundaries between the kitchen and the living room can also be made with the help of furniture by removing the walls.

Dining room-kitchen. Strict lines and elongated cabinets dominate here – they seem to support the vertical interior axis, besides, they delight with multifunctionality. In this option, there is no clear boundary between the kitchen and the living room: the work surface may well serve as a dining table as an island furniture plan.

The kitchen is a priority. The countertop for the bar counter can be combined with a worktop. It is convenient to cook, dine, and negotiate here: stylish shelving will emphasize the delicate taste of the owners.

Classic. What is a classic kitchen without a round dining table? In addition, he will perfectly distinguish between the working area and the territory reserved for sincere conversations. A fireplace, bookcases, soft carpet are appropriate here. The kitchen is built along one wall.

Usually, the combined layout of the kitchen and living room also suggests a combined style. However, if you want to experiment, you should draw up a plan with drawings and diagrams of furniture with dimensions.


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How to place appliances in the new design

The combined layout of the kitchen-living room places high demands on household appliances. First of all, you should not save on the hood – to avoid mixing odors, it must be powerful, with an air vent function. The main criterion for choosing household appliances for a combined kitchen-living room is noiselessness. No one wants to flinch at the sudden start of a refrigerator motor. Alternatively, the equipment can be hidden in lockers, which will solve two problems – noise and interior. How to choose a good chipboard countertop, read here.

The more harmoniously the equipment fits into the overall interior, the more comfortable the residents will feel in it. The choice of colors also depends on the taste of the owners: for example, a white refrigerator will be out of place in a high-tech metal kitchen and the same living room. It is worth noting that in a combined kitchen you cannot do without an air cleaner, you just need to know how to calculate the power of the hood.

Combined zoning involves the use of embedded technology – this equally applies to the recreation area.

Small studio apartment

The issue of ergonomics in modern apartment buildings is a top priority. The combined layout of a small kitchen with a spacious hall will give an excellent result in increasing the usable area. In this case, the zoning method with a bar top, sofa, mobile partition, or arch is especially popular. Style decisions depend on the preferences of homeowners.

The attraction of the loggia will significantly expand the space by dismantling the window sill block, where you can take out bulky kitchen equipment or a piece of furniture.

If you lay a door leading from the corridor in the kitchen of a small apartment, then in the resulting niche it will be possible to install a wardrobe-rack or even a refrigerator.

Convenient kitchen layout with living room photo

Here is a photo of some of the layout options for the kitchen-living room

living room kitchen layout

even a tiny kitchen will not look like this in a combined room

living room kitchen layout

Not all styles can be used in a combined room. Modern styles are best suited here.

living room kitchen layout

The living room kitchen mustn’t be dissonant with each other

living room kitchen layout

On the balcony, you can arrange a small place to relax or a dining area

living room kitchen layout

And you can, on the contrary, take the kitchen to the balcony

living room kitchen layout

If you don’t often cook at home, the combined kitchen layout is just right for you.

living room kitchen layout

Small apartment with walls removed no longer looks like a closet

living room kitchen layout

But even in a private house, a combined room can look very unusual.

The layout of the combined kitchen and living area is not something transcendent and impossible. On the contrary, such a decision, a private project, has many positive aspects, for example, ergonomics, convenience, the embodiment of design proposals. As in any other business, planning should be approached responsibly, having thought through all possible options in advance.


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