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The acrylic countertop for the kitchen serves as a work surface and also complements the kitchen design. It should be made of quality material, but at the same time remain a beautiful element of the kitchen space. You need to think about choosing a countertop first of all, because this is the place where all the work on cooking is concentrated.

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Artificial countertops

One of the main advantages of artificial stone countertops is a spectacular appearance and a variety of colors. If the design of the room dictates its own conditions in terms of the color and texture of the work surface, then the artificial stone countertop will become a relevant solution.

Artificial stone countertops have a unique natural range that cannot be found in nature.

The main advantages of this type of countertop:

  1. Environmental friendliness of the material. The artificial stone does not contain substances harmful to health, it does not provoke the formation of mold and mildew, and does not absorb odors. The artificial stone countertop does not absorb moisture, grease and all kinds of chemicals when using detergents to care for it.
  2. Ease of surface care Almost all types of contamination formed on the countertop during operation are washed off with water using a sponge and soap, leaving no streaks.
  3. Ease of repair . Decorative stone is not as strong as natural stone, but any surface damage that occurs on it can be easily repaired. Thanks to this, the countertop made of artificial stone will look like new after renovation.
  4. Impeccable look . Thanks to a special technology, seams and joints are excluded when joining, which makes the worktop look flawless.

Acrylic in the interior

The acrylic worktop will easily fit into any design style of the kitchen. Its aesthetic properties go well with the high quality characteristics of the material. Since the area of ​​application of acrylic is not limited by anything, the countertop easily complements the interior of any kitchen.

It is possible to give absolutely any shape to products made of acrylic stone, so unusual solutions can be used when designing a kitchen.


During intensive cooking, the worktop handles a lot of surface work. They put hot pots and pans on it, cut vegetables and meat, spill boiling water and sprinkle with fat. The quality of the material from which the tabletop is made determines how long it will retain its original appearance.


Acrylic countertop, in addition to its relatively low cost, is in demand due to the ability to accurately simulate natural stone.

Acrylic kitchen countertops are made by casting. Powdered white clay is used in their manufacture. The binders are polymers and acrylic resins.

Few can afford to buy a real malachite or onyx countertop, but it can be successfully replaced with an acrylic countertop. Check out the pros and cons of acrylic black countertops for a white kitchen here.

Ease of work with a plastic polymer base, which is used to make acrylic countertops, allows you to create unusual geometric shapes of the countertop, choose any texture and color scheme.


Among the disadvantages of acrylic countertops, the low hardness of the composite can be distinguished, due to which, if handled carelessly, scratches and cracks may appear. This disadvantage is successfully compensated for by good polishing of the material.

Their main drawback is their weak resistance to mechanical abrasion, due to which, with intensive use, scratches and abrasions may appear on the surface.

Constant contact with high temperatures will also gradually deform the acrylic countertop. This can be avoided by using special coasters for hot pots and pans while working in the kitchen. Another disadvantage is the cost of acrylic countertops when compared to countertops made from chipboard.

How to choose

A quality worktop must meet the following requirements:

  • shock resistance ;
  • resistance to high and low temperatures ;
  • resistance to mechanical stress ;
  • ease of care;
  • moisture resistance .

Do not forget about the decorative function of the countertop. It should organically fit into the interior of the kitchen, without attracting undue attention to itself.

How to make

If you wish, you can make an artificial stone countertop with your own hands. Read here how to make a drawing of a kitchen corner, this material will tell. Before starting work, you need to design a future countertop by making a drawing:

  • the layout of the table top must be made in real size, it is best to use hard cardboard for this;
  • you can make a tabletop according to the layout, for this you need to purchase a finished acrylic sheet;
  • for the manufacture of the countertop, it is required to make a plywood frame, which will serve as the basis;
  • any two-component glue will help to connect a sheet of artificial stone and plywood;
  • after the glue dries, the ends of the countertop must be leveled with a bar of coarse sandpaper;
  • the finished worktop can be attached to the desired location using screws.

Installation, can you do it yourself

If the kitchen surface consists of several parts, then each part must be adjusted to each other, and before installation, it must be pre-measured on site.

The installation of the countertop is the final stage of any design idea. If the product consists of a single part, the installation process consists only in attaching the countertop sheet with glue to the surface of the base. You can decorate the tabletop with LED lighting.

After attaching the countertop to the kitchen base, you need to make holes for sockets and plumbing, then install the sink.

Acrylic apron (acrylic)

Since there is a place above the worktop that is most susceptible to contamination after the work surface, many choose the same material for the apron that the worktop is made of. Using the same stone to decorate the countertop and backsplash gives the interior in the kitchen a whole.

Due to the quality of the material, the apron is reliably protected from moisture and dirt. The disadvantages include the high price and the complexity of installation (filling) without the help of professionals.

Caring for the stone on the kitchen table

The artificial stone countertop is quite easy to clean.

  • remove fresh stains as soon as they occur so that dirt does not bite into the surface. This can be done with a damp cleaning cloth soaked in soapy water;
  • stubborn stains are removed with a gel cleaner without abrasive particles.
  • Do not use a metal sponge to clean the surface of the acrylic countertop, as this can leave scratches on it.
  • when cutting meat and vegetables, use cutting boards to avoid scratching the tabletop with the knife.
acrylic countertop for kitchen

Artificial countertops look so presentable

acrylic countertop for kitchen

Acrylic allows you to create any color of the countertop

acrylic countertop for kitchen

Even a luxurious kitchen has a place for acrylic.

In order to finally decide on the choice, you need to study all types of tabletops, find out all their most important advantages and disadvantages. To do this, it is advisable to visit furniture stores, in which one or another material for countertops can be visually evaluated. It does not hurt to take advantage of the feedback from people who installed a countertop from the same material that you liked. So you can form an opinion about its quality.

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