Stuffed Eggplant 2 types with meat and vegetarian

Welcome to this stuffed aubergine recipe in another edition of KitchensCity!

The stuffed vegetables in the oven so that you adapt as you like. I like them because they are inexpensive and very healthy recipes …

In this case we have some aubergines with meat, ideal to recycle the filling of the empanadas, and some vegetarian aubergines that are a delicious bomb.

About this stuffed eggplant recipe

Eggplant is a very noble animal and in my house it is eaten to death, because it has a very versatile fleshy pulp and also because it is the basis of many healthy meals.

It was a joke about the animal, obviously the eggplant is not an animal, but if it could be a pet, it would be obvious.

I must have about 10 different eggplant recipes that rotate every month on my home menu (like these aubergine milanesas for example), but nothing like these stuffed aubergines, I love them.

These baked stuffed aubergines are very easy to make and it is one of the recipes with vegetables that I like the most, they do not have much mystery, but once you know the secrets of how to make them, a new world opens up for you, you will probably find yourself thinking about fillings to plug into eggplants, dreaming of the perfect eggplant.

The good thing about this stuffed aubergine recipe is that it is a great dish to make healthy dinners, very filling, and depending on what you fill, the eggplant can be a dish without carbohydrates.

Basically, if you want to cut a bit with the flours, you can stuff an eggplant instead of an empanada and feel like the king or queen of fitness.


-2 Eggplants

For the meat filling

-1/4 Kg. Of minced meat

– An onion

-1 piece of bell pepper

-1 clove of garlic


puree -cheese for gratin

For the vegetarian filling

-1 cup Yamani rice

-1 tbsp. cream cheese

-1/2 clove of garlic

-3 dried tomatoes


-parsley to decorate

Step by step to make stuffed aubergines.

For either option

1- The first thing we are going to do is cut the eggplant in half. As accurate as possible.

2- Now we are going to take one of the halves and make some vertical and then horizontal cuts in the center, on the inside of the eggplant, without going through the shell or reaching the ends. The idea is that there are some grid cuts. We repeat the procedure with the other half.

3- After making these cuts, we are going to take the two halves and sprinkle salt and pepper on top, along with a drizzle of olive oil.

And so, we are going to microwave them in batches of 2 minutes. Between batch and batch the idea is to fix and stir the center with a fork.

When we see that the eggplant is cooked, but not so much as to lose its shape, we stop with the microwave and begin to remove all the pulp from the center. We place this pulp on a separate plate because it will also serve as a filling.

Stuffed with meat

1- Chop the onion, bell pepper and garlic and we take it in a pot with oil to the fire. We add salt.

2- We place the minced meat and we move it well so that it cooks very well from all sides.

3- We are going to add a broth, pepper, paprika and tomato puree or fresh cut tomato. And we cover.

4- After 30 or 40 minutes, our meat will be cooked. We take it out of the fire and let it cool.

5- Once cold, we mix it with the pulp of the aubergine and then proceed to fill the aubergine. On top we add a few pieces of cheese and we take it to the oven 180º until the cheese melts.

Vegetarian filling

1- We are going to hydrate some dried tomatoes for a couple of minutes in the microwave-

2- We crush the pulp of the aubergine with a small quart of minced garlic and mix it with the cooked yamaní rice.

3- Add a little chopped fresh parsley and also a little cream cheese.

4- We add cut olives.

5- What remains is to put all this beautiful mixture inside the eggplant. And take it to the oven 180º until it is hot. If you want, you can top it with a little more fresh parsley!


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