Stuffed Pizza A very easy and very tasty recipe

Welcome, my beloved, to this edition of a stuffed pizza recipe at KitchensCity.

Because to all the good things in pizza, we wanted to add all the good things in empanadas.

That’s right, my friends. We realized that it was unfair that a pizza does not go through the experience of having filling, and that’s why this recipe.

About this stuffed pizza recipe

Today’s fusion is pizza with ham and cheese patty. And also with green onion because you can put up with green onion as much as possible!

It is a very good option to delight in a dinner with friends, for example.

It is very easy and fast! And from a dumpling there can be several that you can fill in the way you like the most with love and creativity.

There is not much more to say so I leave you with the recipe:


For the mass:

-Four 0000 1 kilo -Salt

20 grs

-Oil 4 tbsp

-Water 550 cc

-Fresh yeast 50 grs

For the filling:

– Green

onion –

Ham – Mozzarella cheese –

Seasonings (to taste) –

Tomato sauce (I leave a recipe here)

– Fresh

tomato – Basil

Step by step to make this stuffed pizza

Filled with love!

1- First things first, the dough: We are going to make a crown with the flour with the salt on the edges, leaving a small hole in the center. Add the water in the center along with the yeast and oil. Integrate and once the bun is assembled, reserve and let rise twice in size in a warm place.

2- Once it has risen, separate two buns and stretch them with a rolling pin.

3- We are going to place one of those in a pizza maker and on top we are going to add the ham, the cheese and the cut green onion. On top we are going to season to taste.

4- Now we are going to place the other stretched dough roll on top, covering the previous ingredients, and we are going to put a little tomato sauce and more pieces of cheese on top.

5- Now we are going to take our pizza to the oven 180º until the dough is cooked and the cheese melted.

6- When taking it out of the oven, we are going to add slices of fresh tomato, basil and seasonings on top. And ready!


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