Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen in different ways. Discover these magnificent ideas to organize your kitchen .Take advantage of the available space efficiently in the different pieces of furniture and those areas that are little used; In this way you can achieve a space without visual chaos, more functional and attractive.

With all the utensils and food in order and well distributed you will also make your environment look renewed .

To make the decoration of your kitchen stand out and also look neat, it is best to leave space in the countertop area.Place only some decorative items or utensils that you feel are necessary. You can plan where each object will be located and keep it over time, so that your decoration can be appreciated.

Similarly, for storage space in drawers and cabinets , you can make the most of available space with different types of organizers for different kitchen objects.

Another common feature is to leave some areas of the kitchen unused or empty , although, it can be effective for the environment to be more open and ventilated; but, if you feel that there is a lack of space to store , there are very practical furniture and accessories that can be adapted to your style of decoration and the available size.

Below we show you different solutions for each kitchen area.We hope you help.

How To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets


In this image we see a cabinet with two levels that have been well distributed. In the first level glass objects are included, while in the second level three types of organizers are adapted, which help classify the type of dishes and give use to all available space.

How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets Food

Take advantage of cabinet doors to accommodate condiments or spices with these supports. Inside the cabinet you can add a uniform package design for different groceries and separate them according to use. The most frequently used can be located at a level that is more accessible.

How To Arrange Kitchen Stuff

The cleaning items under the laundry look well organized with this shelf designed especially for this area. We see that each surface can slide from one side to another, leaving free space where the pipe is located.

Home appliances

To make the space on the counter tops look clear, you can include some appliances inside the cabinet. This includes a plug to use them from there as the microwave oven. Likewise, free space is left on the countertop and near the cabinet to be used more easily.

Where To Put Things In Kitchen Cabinets

Pots And Pans

In this drawer metal dividers are used that allow the pots to be kept in order.

Another slightly simpler option is to separate pots stacked to one side and pans inside an organizer with the right dimensions.

And, finally, another option is to place them on metal hangers that are part of a central wooden structure that allows pulling and pushing.


In this drawer, all its dimensions are used to accommodate sets of cutlery. It has two levels, the one that is located in the base is fixed, while the one above is sliding.

Some Foods

To have the vegetables or other foods at hand, place them in the top drawer, this way they will be closer to your food preparation area, as we see in this image.


Six metallic containers are placed in this drawer to accommodate ladles, spatulas, tweezers, trenches, among others.

Hidden Drawer

There is no better way to place sponges to wash dishes than in a hidden place. They will no longer occupy space in the laundry area and the area will look better.


Another option to store the dishes is through some metal dividers.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

Furniture For Cleaning

In this closet several organizers are incorporated, so that everything can be at hand in a practical way and without loss of time. The area of the door is used to the maximum as well as the interior area to include brooms, toilet paper, buckets and other components related to cleaning.


In this image we see how the products are classified with different types of containers maintaining a uniform scheme.

Walls, Shelves:

This kitchen includes several levels of shelves with transparent containers and contain different types of food. In the top row some decorations are added and in the last row some appliances mainly.


You can use the dashboard area with rails and baskets for fruits for Organizing Your Kitchen.

Here we see an organizer in three levels with rails, shelves, condiment holders, and other elements of frequent use for cooking.

Perforated Boards

Another option to achieve order in the kitchen is to distribute the most used utensils on a perforated board.

Here we see hanging baskets with some objects, fruits and vegetables.


Take advantage of the free space next to the refrigerator to include containers with different products.

Unused Kitchen Areas

The corners of the kitchen are often little used. You can exploit this free space including additional drawers and achieve more storage space.

If there is a free zone next to the refrigerator you can add more storage space like this narrow and sliding furniture.

A piece of furniture can be incorporated to distribute the cleaning objects. In the upper part are detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, among others. And, the next space includes hooks and hooks for brooms, dustpan, etc.

The magnets in the containers and in the upper cabinet are perfect for organizing some food and take advantage of this little used space.

You can give additional use to the cabinets with a stand for hanging and display kitchen utensils as we see here, where a beautiful set of copper pots is grouped.

A small table or hidden table inside the cabinet can serve not only to eat but also as a side table to prepare food.

For a more personalized and creative scheme, the pots are located in the area of the window. You also get some privacy for this small kitchen.

With these ideas to organize the different corners of the kitchen we are sure that your environment will look more orderly and you will make your work in the kitchen more efficient.


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