Modern Shaker Style Kitchen Colour Schemes in 2023

Shaker kitchens are one of the most versatile kitchen designs. They can be found in nearly every style of home, from the most modern apartments to the grandest period homes. Shaker kitchens are beautiful because they are simple and have no fancy mouldings or fussy decorations. It is a good choice for anyone who doesn’t want an extravagant kitchen design.

They afford a lot of opportunities to experiment with different kitchen colours schemes.  From appliances, to flooring, window treatments and cabinets –  it is easy to make the kitchen one’s perfect habitat.

This article outlines different kitchen colour schemes for modern shaker style kitchens. This outline is in no particular order, and it also does not mean that these are the only kitchen colour schemes available for modern shaker style kitchens. Any person can pick a kitchen colour scheme that gives their shaker kitchen the look and feel that they enjoy. 

What is a Modern Shaker Style Kitchen?

Basic features of a modern shaker style kitchen include beautiful cabinets paired with bright colours, patterns, or decorative details to make a unique style that expresses a person’s personality. The cabinets usually consist of five flat piecesā€”a recessed center slab surrounded by a four piece frame. It is an excellently simple design that blends perfectly in any style cooking space from farmhouse modern to traditional.

Kitchen Colour Schemes for Modern Shaker Style Kitchens

1. Grey Shaker Kitchen

Grey as a kitchen colour scheme can be used on different kitchen styles. It goes well with light or dark shades, as a base for brighter colours, or to add depth. All grey with different times also works perfectly. All of these styles can look just fine in a modern shaker style kitchen. Grey with cool tones look good with white, blue, or black. Greys with warm tones look great with cream, red, or brown. Different shades and textures are best for grey shaker kitchens.  A good example is light grey shaker cabinets with dark grey shaker marble countertops and a glossy, mid-tone grey backsplash.

2. White Shaker Kitchen

Using white as a kitchen colour scheme is a great choice regardless of the kitchen style. White fits in beautifully in a modern shaker style kitchen to balance with some of the bolder and brighter colours used in other places in a shaker style kitchen. One can choose white shaker kitchen cabinets, a marble countertop and backsplash, and metallic fixtures, hardware, and accessories in gold or bronze to add visual interest and the mixing and matching of materials. Light green or grey is also good for the cabinets, they can make the cabinet bright without necessarily making the whole shaker kitchen all-white. This gives the room a little more colour without taking away from the bright whites. There is a reason why white is one of the most popular kitchen colour schemes.

3. Blue Shaker Kitchen

A modern shaker style kitchen can take any almost shade of blue as a nice kitchen colour scheme, from aqua blue to navy blue. Blue is so versatile because it goes with so many different colours. You can choose something bold and lively, like aqua and red, something grown-up and earthy, like teal and wood, or something clean and fresh, like pale blue and white. Because blue is such a striking colour, you can use it sparingly and still get the most out of it. Blending light tan or blonde wood shaker kitchen cabinets with pops of aquamarine in a glass tiled backsplash catches attention and at the same time maintains the simplicity of a shaker kitchen.

4. Green Shaker Kitchen

Seafoam greens are popular in cottage kitchens, and contemporary spaces often play with deep, dark greens. A modern shaker style kitchen is one of the only places where a bright, bold green fits perfectly. Other shades of green such as deep, dark greens go well with contemporary kitchens, and seafoam greens are popular in cottage kitchens.  Combination of lime green and chartreuse are vibrant shades that can easily look overwhelming in a shaker kitchen, but can spell perfection when blended properly.

5. Black Shaker Kitchen

Adding a black kitchen colour scheme is a sure way to make a kitchen look more like a modern shaker kitchen. Black can be bold and striking, and it can be combined with other colours to keep things simple and sleek. The classic contrast of black and white is a nice choice to go for, with black shaker cabinets and white countertops and accessories. Black also goes well with other colours and makes them stand out. Adding black to a kitchen can make a red look stronger and a green look more alive.


This article lists the best kitchen colour schemes for a modern shaker kitchen, and they are sure to make the kitchen a delightful sight to behold and an inviting place to be in.


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