Kitchen wall clock: unusual, original

Time is the most valuable resource in our difficult pace of life. Saving time has become a fix idea for most of us, since the more time, the freer a person feels. Seemingly ordinary watches help people in saving this valuable resource, however, they can also serve as a stylish accessory and decorate any kitchen.

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The wall clock market is very diverse, so any consumer can fully satisfy their taste with the model they like. In order to make the right choice and not get confused in the variety of watches, it is worth knowing the stylistic and functional differences between different types of these products. But how the kitchen timer with a clock looks like and how it is correctly used can be found here.

Types of wall clocks, their pros and cons

The market is replete with various types of wall clocks, depending on the form of the technical characteristics. In order to optimally select them, it is necessary to determine their type in order to harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen. Watch cases can have different shapes, most often manufacturers use the classic round shape for the dial, square cases are a little less popular, and fancy-shaped cases are even less common (designer cases may not have cases as such). The clock can act as an addition to the drawing in the kitchen.

clock for kitchen

The watch can be either electric or with a winding mechanism.

  • Also, the color of the body plays an important role, in order to maintain the stylistic unity of the kitchen, it is necessary to select the color according to the body of kitchen appliances (fortunately, there are completely different colors on the market, their combination, so it will not be difficult to find a suitable range). The simplest design option is drawing on the watch glass with acrylic paints.
  • Also, one of the parameters of choice is the material of the case and watch numbers – the most common material is ordinary practical plastic, which will not fade over time and which is quite easy to clean from dust. Plastic cases are massively used in inexpensive copies, and in models of the middle and high price segment, glossy or matte-coated plastic is used. Metal or wood of various species is also often used as a material. Metal predominates as a design attribute in high-tech watches, and wood is used in a classic design and gives significance and weight to the structure (valuable wood species can significantly increase the cost of a structure).
  • Also, various materials can be used in the decoration of numbers and arrows, from simple painted plastic to metal and wood. Also, the market is replete with various shapes of hands and dials – this parameter is completely diverse from ordinary Arabic numerals or Roman numerals to various symbols and signs. Different shapes offer great variety and can suit all tastes depending on the type of device.

In the general interior of the kitchen, all the little things are important, including glass for kitchen facades.

The only common feature is functionality – all different types are designed to show the exact time. The types of wall clocks include:

  • Classic– are the most popular for placement in an ordinary kitchen, without any frills. Such types are made in the form of a circle with a regular dial in the form of black or light Arabic numerals, or in the form of Roman numerals. Most often, such specimens are of the usual black or white color, and are notable for their low cost. Also, such watches most often do not differ in high cost and their average price is about 7-70 dollars. The principle of operation is based on quartz, which means that they need ordinary batteries to work, which must be changed periodically, and quartz in cheap products begins to show the wrong time over time. Also, this class includes semi-antique ones (they can also be partially attributed to the vintage look), their cost is already quite high, since the body is made of certain types of wood, and the principle of operation is based on mechanical parts, which, subject to high-quality assembly, ensures high accuracy of movement for a very long time. The disadvantages of such products include the rather high cost of watches, which can amount to 280 dollars, depending on the materials of manufacture and the overall size, as well as the need for a periodic mechanical platoon using a special key. You may also be interested in information on what modern kitchen chandeliers might look like. which can amount, depending on the materials of manufacture and the total size, and 276 dollars, as well as the need for a periodic mechanical platoon using a special key. You may also be interested in information on what modern kitchen chandeliers might look like. which can amount, depending on the materials of manufacture and the total size, and 276 dollars, as well as the need for a periodic mechanical platoon using a special key. You may also be interested in information on what modern kitchen chandeliers might look like.classic kitchen wall clockThe most frequently used watch, as it has a regular battery
  • Designers have the largest assortment of different types, completely different shapes, sometimes bizarre… Such watches are used to decorate unusual interiors. In such a watch, there may be no case at all, and the numbers can be directly attached to the wall. The cost of such products is often quite high, since designer products are a single product and they emphasize the uniqueness and originality of the kitchen. Often, such watches have arrows of an unusual shape (completely different objects can be used for this, ranging from ordinary sticks to a fork, spoon or other kitchen utensils). The average price is about $140, and the principle of operation is based on quartz. Most often plastic materials are used for execution, since it is plastic that can be given a unique and inimitable shape and fulfill the wishes of the customer. The designer piece types, which are made to order, stand apart. Such clocks will decorate any kitchen and can be made by workshops for any customer’s request and in almost any shape. However, the disadvantage of such products is the high price, which is made up not only of the materials used, but also of the work of the designer, so the price for such types starts from $200. Also, a common design solution can be the use of a ceiling chandelier in the kitchen.designer kitchen wall clock
  • They can be of various types and sizes.
  • Electronic – designed to decorate the kitchen, made in a modern style, and the principle of operation is based on the use of electronic elements. Such watches can be of completely different shapes, one thing in common is the widespread use of the plastic case of the product. Most often, following the trend, the shape of the case is round, a little less often rectangular. These cost from $14 to $80 on average and emphasize the modern style of the kitchen. The color scheme may also not be limited to the usual black color – the solutions may be different and in this case do not greatly affect the cost. The disadvantage of such watches is less reliability when purchasing low-quality cheap products from an unknown manufacturer. Also, such watches are rarely amenable to reliable repair, since if an electronic element fails, the repair consists only in its replacement. electronic kitchen wall clockSuch a watch can work for many years on a single charge.
  • Hi-tech – most often these types are electronic and have a futuristic design. Recently, the installation of kitchens of this design and, at the same time, accordingly, high-tech design watches, is gaining more and more popularity. Often the material for the execution of the case is metal or plastic painted under it, in this style, bright and variegated colors are rarely used, in second place is the black case. For a general style, you can also try using Provence ceiling chandeliers.high tech kitchen wall clockhigh-tech kitchen wall clocks are most often installed in modern and unusual kitchens

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The average cost is about 40-60 dollars, in addition, the reliability can be from 3 to 8 years when used as ordinary batteries, quartz or electronic elements. The shape of the body, if the customer wishes, can also differ in unusual shapes, however, made in the same style as the kitchen.


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