How to store bread correctly | Can I store bread in the refrigerator?

The fact that bread is the head of everything has been known to everyone for a long time. And only recently, for a certain category of women, it has become an undesirable product, but this is only a few percent, and the bulk of us recognize the primacy in the food system for bread. Few people know that people found bread about five thousand years ago, and every century its production gradually improved, until the bread took the forms that we buy every day in the store. Today, more and more often bread is baked at home, in a bread machine or simply in an oven, and in most parameters it is practically not inferior to the factory one.

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How to store bread correctly

Everyone knows that bread cannot be stored for a long time. But not everyone knows how to properly store bread. Any types of bread become stale for several days, or even for several hours, and the longer it lies, the more it loses its softness, begins to crumble, and dries up. If stored improperly, the upper crust becomes covered with an unpleasant-looking mold, and toxins begin to accumulate in the core, i.e. bread becomes poisonous, inedible. So it is undesirable to store bread for a long time without any packaging and a special container. So where is the best place to store bread?

Proper storage of bread means separate storage of white and black breads, as in one bag they quickly deteriorate and are at risk of contamination with bacteria.

Our not so distant ancestors wrapped bread, overwhelmingly homemade, in canvas or linen towels. But now, when natural fabrics have become quite expensive, and times have changed fundamentally, bread is stored in glass, ceramic or wooden containers – specially made bread bins, or large closed containers with a tight-fitting lid. But, in any case, it is undesirable to store bread at home for a long time, no matter how well it is packed and hidden. Of course, a wooden bread bin is best suited for storing bread, since wood absorbs moisture well and prevents mold from forming.

It is correct that for a longer storage, bread should be placed in a paper bag, in extreme cases – in a plastic bag, but paper is preferable, because paper allows air to pass through and bread can breathe, and in polyethylene it suffocates, so the shelf life in such a wrapper is reduced. In addition, it must be remembered that the best material for a wooden breadbasket is juniper wood and birch bark, but nowadays both of these materials belong to the category of exotic and are quite expensive, so breadbins from simpler breeds are on sale, but they are also in terms of their qualities better than glass, iron or plastic. For those who want to start baking bread themselves, in a bread maker, you need to know that the prepared leaven can be kept in the refrigerator for no more than 10 days, after which it loses its quality. And bread made in a bread maker leave it on the wire rack to cool, then wrap it in a plastic bag and close. But homemade bread that you have already cut should be stored in a paper bag to slow it down.

Is it possible to store bread in the refrigerator

Some people ask if bread can be stored in the refrigerator? Yes, there is such an option for storing bread. But you need to know a few things. Bread is best stored in the freezer, at a temperature of -18 – -20, but keep in mind that when defrosting in any way, the bread turns stale very quickly, and after heating it in the microwave, it must be used within half an hour, then it will instantly stale.


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