How to store honey at home | How to store honey in combs, how much to store, in what dishes and at what temperature

How to store honey

“Honey, if there is, then it is not immediately available!” – so said the bear from the popular Soviet cartoon, which adored this “cunning object”. But, no matter how tasty the honey is, and in a few days, for example, a three-liter jar of this gift of nature is unlikely to succeed. When it comes time to collect honey, everyone tries to stock up on it for a year in advance, but, alas, not everyone knows where to store honey and how to do it. But this is very important, since honey may not lose its useful properties for years in favorable conditions for it. So, how to properly store honey at home, how much honey can be stored and at what temperature – more on this in this article.

How and where to store honey correctly

The place where honey is stored must have special conditions. For example, he does not tolerate the sun’s rays, since they will heat the jar, and this will lead to the destruction of nutrients in it, including the enzyme inhibin, which is responsible for the antimicrobial properties of this product. Therefore, the best place to store honey is in a cellar or basement, if there is a suitable humidity level. There is no difference in how to store linden honey and rapeseed honey. But honey with bee bread should be stored in a slightly different way. For example, in order to maximize the shelf life of bee bread, it is necessary to dilute it with honey in a 1: 2 ratio and send it to a dark, cool room with a humidity level not 15%. But on the temperature and utensils where honey is stored, it is worth dwelling separately.

How to store honey in combs

Many people prefer to buy honey in combs. Of course, such a product is much more useful, but it requires special storage conditions. Therefore, it is very important today to know how to store honey in combs. First of all, it should be said that the natural “packaging” will not allow honey to crystallize for a whole year. But it can be affected by inappropriate humidity. So, before storing comb honey in a certain place, it is necessary to determine the degree of moisture in it. If its level exceeds 60%, then the honeycomb may become sour, and if it drops below the optimum, then moths or mold may appear. The temperature is also important, which should be kept in the range from 3 to 10 degrees above zero. For those who do not know in what conditions to store honey, it is also necessary to understand that you cannot put fruits or vegetables near it, and especially bananas,

Is honey kept in the refrigerator?

Many people are concerned about the question of whether honey is stored in the refrigerator. In principle, honey can be stored in the refrigerator if you follow a few rules. So, this is quite acceptable if the temperature in the refrigerator is not lower than 5 degrees Celsius (as a rule, this temperature regime is observed on the door). You can also store honey in the refrigerator if it has a dry freeze function, otherwise you will have to check the moisture level in it and, if necessary, remove excess moisture from the walls. Before you put honey in the refrigerator, you should make sure that the dishes in which it is located are tight so that no foreign odors get inside.

How much honey can be stored

There is still a lot of controversy around the question of how many years honey can be stored. Some are convinced that this unique product does not lose its beneficial properties for centuries. Others are sure that honey cannot be stored for more than a year, as harmful substances are formed in it. Alas, it is not possible to prove this or that fact, so when thinking about how long honey can be stored, it remains to rely on your own knowledge and experience. For example, the fact that honey was found in one of the Egyptian pyramids in the tomb of the pharaoh can serve as proof of the eternal benefits of honey. That is, even after several thousand years, honey did not lose its properties and was still suitable for consumption. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how long to store honey, and even more so they do not know that in the honey left for storage, fermentation processes continue throughout the year. Therefore, those who are not sure how much honey to store can be assured that aged honey is even much more useful than fresh honey, and will yield to it only in the degree of aroma and appearance.

In what container (container) to store honey

It is important to know which container to store honey in so that it does not change its taste. In addition to tightness, the material of the container is of enormous importance. So, there is nothing better and more correct how to store honey in dishes made of natural wood, including willow, linden, alder or birch. But coniferous dishes are not suitable for such purposes. You can store honey in stainless steel, clay or ceramic containers. By the way, a clay pot is the optimal container for storing honey, because it is not capable of entering into chemical reactions, does not deteriorate, does not oxidize and maintains the desired temperature regime.

But in what container it is not recommended to store honey: metal containers (due to oxidative processes of metal, honey can absorb harmful substances and cause poisoning); plastic container (honey is an active substance that is capable of “pulling” chemical impurities out of plastic, so if you store honey in a plastic container, then no more than a year and only in a special food container). What is the best way to store honey – everyone decides for himself, but one cannot ignore the above facts.

At what temperature should honey be stored

It is equally important to know at what temperature to store honey. So, the optimal temperature range for this product is from -6 to +20 degrees Celsius. Accordingly, for those who are convinced that honey cannot be stored in the refrigerator, we can say that honey should not be kept at room temperature. Those who do not know how to store honey in an apartment should know that some of the vitamins in this product begin to deteriorate rapidly at temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. But the temperature below the permitted one does not affect the beneficial properties of honey in any way, but only makes it even harder, in other words, it freezes. Another important condition for storing honey at home is not to change the temperature in order to prevent its uneven crystallization. That is, if a place has already been found to store honey at home,

So, honey can really be stored for years without losing its beneficial properties. To do this, you just need to know how to store honey and find a suitable place for it. If this product initially has excellent quality, then over time it will change quite a bit, and then not from the quality side. The honey is usually covered with a hard layer on top, as fructose, which is not sugar-free, rises over time. And besides, honey has been known to darken over the years. That’s all the rules on how to store honey properly, all that remains is to enjoy the natural delicacy as long as possible.


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