10 Mexican food recipes that you cannot miss

Last year I was in Mexico visiting friends and family and I was very trapped with the culture, with the people, with the places, but above all things: with the Mexican food! In this post I am going to list the ten Mexican foods that you cannot stop trying in any way if you go to Mexico.

I’m going to list Mexican recipes, from least important to most important (guess now it’s Mexican tacos). Although, to be honest, all meals are important. Why then do I put it like this? Because if they go a few days, or they happen by chance, or they are on a scale or whatever, I want them to know what they cannot lose in any way.  From there they can be enlarged as time reaches them. It is not news that the gastronomy in Mexico is one of the best in the world: it was named Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity… And well, I named it the owner of my heart. Two titles that not just anyone has!

This list does not cover even 30% of all the exquisite Mexican food that I tried and that can be enjoyed in every corner of the country. But hey, if he didn’t put the ranking together, he was going to make an eternal list. You can see the full video here and since you are subscribe to YouTube by clicking here  to get all the exclusive content from the network.

Mexican recipes combine ingredients from all times and places in the world and achieve the perfect balance between flavors, aromas, textures and colors. Anyway, enough of so much chatter and let’s go with what matters to us!The 10 richest Mexican foods, without repeating and without blowing starting now!

#10. Mezcal

I start with this typical Mexican drink that you cannot stop trying. And I choose mezcal and not tequila for several reasons:

1. Tequila is a more popular drink internationally, you can try it anywhere in the world, but mezcal is something more of the deep Mexican culture. Of your identity. 2. There are a lot of things to try with this drink: everything!

# 9: Chile en nogada

The chile en nogada is a chili stuffed with a beef stew, mixed with fruits. This typical Mexican recipe goes with a walnut sauce (nogada), parsley and pomegranate, you don’t know how good it is! It is an explosion of flavor in the mouth -ba dum tsss-.

No, seriously, this Mexican recipe is crazy, if you have the opportunity to try it take advantage of it without hesitation.

#8: Quesadillas

Quesadillas are the quintessential quick Mexican cuisine recipe. You eat on the go, in stands or wherever! There is literally a small stand of quesadillas on each block, so it is impossible to go through Mexico and ignore them. It is the tortilla of the tacos, with a filling and hot. Its filling changes depending on the region of the country where it is tasted, but it always has cheese (hence the name, of course).

#7: Cochinita pibil

This Mexican recipe consists of a stewed pork meat marinated in achiote, wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked in a clay oven.

This position was fought between cochinita pibil and the barbecue. Why did cochinita pibil win? Because although barbecue is delicious, it is not something very different from something we can try in Argentina.

Barbecue is a typical Mexican meal where lamb meat is wrapped in a maguey leaf and cooked in a hole. It is very tasty, and the doneness is incredible. But… Trying cochinita pibil I think you are going to try something totally different and wonderful! Anyway, if you have time, try the barbecue too! Please, Mexicans do everything well!

# 6: Tamales: Classic of Various Places

The tamale is a preparation that exists in a lot of places and each country in America has a different recipe, but always with a corn base wrapped in some leaf such as corn on the cob, banana, maguey, etc. And it is steamed or boiled.

Tamales are a traditional Mexican recipe and they are a must! Ah, a variation of the tamale in Mexico is the guajolota, which is the tamale but in a sandwich: delicious too !!

# 5: Elotes and esquites: the essentials

The corn is boiled corn, put on a skewer and bathed in different sauces and very very good ingredients. Esquites are exactly the same but in a glass. The corn is shelled and all the same is put on it but it is more comfortable to eat.

Elotes and esquites are essential when it comes to talking about Mexican food.

# 4: Chilaquiles and enchiladas

The chilaquiles are made from tortilla chips. What is a Paulina chip? People wonder.

A totopo is a triangle or piece of fried or toasted corn tortilla and they are super crunchy. Chili sauce (green or red) is added to this and other ingredients such as fried egg or shredded chicken or whatever you prefer! It is very common to order them for breakfast, so if you dare.

You already know what to change the croissants or the mate cookies for, what do you think? In this same position are the enchiladas, which, unlike the chilaquiles, are corn tortillas filled with different things and bathed with chili sauce.

This Mexican food is more for lunch or dinner than for breakfast.

#3: Pozole

Pozole is a kind of broth that is made with corn and has a lot of variations. It is a plate of celebration, of celebration. It is not a dish that is eaten daily. How can be the locro in Argentina!

It is a Mexican recipe that turns out to be versatile and changes according to the region. Try it and tell me!

# 2: Mole: Another classic of Mexican food

Mole is a mixture of dried chili peppers and chocolate (which gives it its characteristic flavor). It is generally eaten with chicken but it can also be eaten with other meat. It is very rich and unlike any dish you have ever tried! Chocolate gives it a bitter touch that I don’t know how to put into words … Or yes.

My words are: try the mole because it will blow your wig!

# 1: Tacos: The quintessential Mexican recipe!

If you want to try the gastronomy of Mexico, in no way can you leave out tacos. But no way huh !!

The taco, for me, is the heart of the mex food ICANA . It is the tortilla usually made of corn (there may also be wheat) filled with EVERYTHING! Chicken, meat with different spices, fish, vegetables. You really can get tacos of anything and every corner across the country.

You can see here how to make homemade taco dough and I also recommend this post with the guacamole recipe so that you do not get the urge to eat one of the most traditional Mexican recipes!

Tell me which ones you tried and if you liked the list! Would you add something else? Ah, another thing … Would you like us to make a Mexican recipe? Which one?


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