benefits of celery juice cleanse

Benefits Of Celery: What Is It And What Is It For?

There is a vegetable with a peculiar flavor that is undoubtedly celery. With a highly aromatic and exotic scent, celery lends itself to a wide variety of culinary dishes to which it provides the magical touch of seasoning. There are different benefits of celery juice cleanse.

But it is not the only thing that it does for us. Celery has enormous health benefits.  Most of them are related to the purification of the body, so it is common to see it as the main ingredient in green juices.

If there is something characteristic in celery, it is its peculiar flavor, in addition to the tremendous variety of culinary possibilities it offers. With an intense and aromatic flavor, celery is a vegetable of the Umbelliferae or Apiaceae family, a group to which parsley, fennel, cumin, or carrot, among others, also belong.

Benefits Of Celery Juice Cleanse

Celery is a winter vegetable and can find in the market in two varieties: the white, with a milder flavor, and the green, more refreshing, both being very aromatic. It is usually used a lot in the kitchen, being delicious in rice dishes, purees, broths, in addition to combining perfectly with pasta, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, and vegetables such as pumpkin, zucchini, artichokes, cucumbers, turnips, leeks, onions and, of course, with potatoes.

Next, we will analyze the properties and benefits of celery so that you know the positive effects it has on our health. We started!

Celery Juice Properties

Celery stands out more for its satiating and dietary properties than for its macronutrient content. It has low-calorie content, providing few carbohydrates and proteins, although the former are high quality and offer a high amount of fiber.

Thus, celery has vitamins of group B and vitamin K and is rich in folic acid. The minerals with the greatest presence in their composition are potassium and magnesium and calcium, sodium, and iron, although in smaller proportions.

It is also rich in nutrients with an antioxidant effect such as polyphenols, tannins, and flavonoids.

Properties And Benefits Of Celery

Celery does not rank as one of the most nutritious vegetables. Its macronutrient levels are not particularly remarkable. However, its phytochemicals are important within its nutritional content. Furthermore, it is a plant of the Apiaceae family, and it is a perennial plant that grows throughout Europe and the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia.

The special thing about celery is that it is an excellent food for a balanced diet since most of its composition is water (92%). It is extremely low in calories and produces excellent satiety.  For these reasons, it helps you lose weight and maintain a balanced diet.


It is purifying thanks to the minerals present in its composition. In combination with the essential oil, apiol, potassium, and sodium help stimulate the purification of the organism.  Likewise, they help eliminate uric acid and other toxins from our bodies. Celery root is especially diuretic, so it fights fluid retention and helps relieve colic. It also helps remove kidney and gallbladder stones.


Celery is high in phytochemicals like phenolic acids, flavones, flavanols, and antioxidants like vitamin C, beta-carotene, and manganese. These phytochemicals help reduce oxidative stress and decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines. So celery has anti-inflammatory properties.


It is also rich in fiber, so it favors the digestive process and stimulates intestinal transit, helping to prevent abdominal bloating and constipation,  thanks to its carminative properties.


It has sedative effects that help the nervous system.  A raw celery juice with honey at night is an excellent remedy to make you sleep at night more easily.

Benefits For Women

It contains vitamin C and folic acid. Therefore, celery is a powerful ally for women. Thanks to the combination of vitamin C with folic acid that is so beneficial for women, it relieves the symptoms of menopause. It regulates menstruation, whether it is abundant or scarce.

Diuretic And Depurative

The combination of potassium, sodium, and apiol essential oil makes celery an excellent diuretic by stimulating the purification of the body and eliminating uric acid, among other toxins. It also helps to remove kidney or gallbladder stones.

Benefits Of Celery Juice Cleanse

It’s Healthy Cardio

Thanks to the effects of apigenin, celery is ideal for preventing high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. Nutritionists advise substituting celery salt for sea salt in the diet of hypertensive people.

Helps To Lose Weight And Improve Our Diet

The high concentration of fiber and water in celery makes the stomach feel full, making it ideal for introducing it in weight loss diets. In addition, when consumed raw, it requires slow and conscious chewing, a small change that significantly improves the quality of food, revitalizing our lives.

It Is Digestive

Being rich in fiber favors the digestive process, especially intestinal transit, preventing constipation, abdominal bloating, and aerophagia. It also reduces acidity and gastric secretion, helping to prevent stomach ulcers.

It Helps To Sleep

Celery has sedative effects, being an excellent ally to tone the nervous system and fall asleep. A home remedy to get a good night’s sleep is to drink celery juice with honey at night.

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Helps Regulate Menstruation And Relieves Symptoms Of Menopause

Celery is a powerful ally to regulate menstruation and relieve symptoms of menopause with vitamin C and folic acid.

Its content of vitamin C and folic acid helps to normalize menstruation, whether it is excessive or insufficient, helps alleviate the symptoms of menopause, cleanses the lining of the lungs, and remineralizes the body.


Each body is different, and despite the multiple benefits of celery, you also have to be careful in its consumption in some cases. This vegetable should not consume in case of acute kidney disease, during pregnancy, or if you have cystitis.

In very few cases, allergic conditions occur, but some people may suffer allergic reactions such as itching on the palate, tongue, and lips.

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