Why Is My Kitchen Sink Not Draining


The blocking of the kitchen sink is the worst thing. It is too inconvenient and becomes a major issue for the plumbing system. Why is my kitchen sink not draining? The following are causes for the not draining off the kitchen sink. This article is great for knowing the reasons for the kitchen sink not draining. Also, you will know about those ways to solve this problem.

Why Is My Kitchen Sink Not Draining

Reasons for not draining

1. Grease and Oils

The first major cause of the not draining off the water is the grease and oils. When grease or oils enter the pipe, it will cause the blockage of the way of the water. It is necessary to dispose of grease or oils from the pan properly and then wash it. But the majority of the user does not consider the proper disposal of grease.

We have not idea about the harmful damage of the pipe by grease & oils. The grease & oils become thick at normal temperature. When they move from the kitchen sink, they cause the adding of a layer of build-up in the pipes. Lastly, this problem will cause the blockage of pipes. As a result, the kitchen sink will never drain.

2. Soap & Chemical 

Besides grease & oils, the build-up of soap & chemical also cause the not draining off the kitchen sink. We may think that soap is clean and it will not create any issue. But it is a wrong perspective. When any soap combines with the water of heavy minerals, it causes soap scum. This white substance is present everywhere, such as bathtubs and kitchen sink, etc.

One prominent sign of the build-up of soap & chemicals is the too hot water. With time, the build-up will cause clogging. As a result of this clogging, the kitchen sink will not drain. In both cases of chemical and soap build-up, the clogging will happen.

3. Food Scraps

The third and last reason for the draining problem is the food scrap. The food plate of dinner or lunch contains many food scraps, including green onions or cheese. We forget to properly dispose of food scraps instead of entering them in the drain line. 

The food scraps will cause a major blockage, and the water will not drain from the kitchen sink. It is important to make sure that no food scarp will pass from the kitchen sink pipe.

Fix the not draining problem

If there is the problem of not draining in your kitchen sink, then you can solve it with the below ways. You can try these ways to ensure the smooth draining of the kitchen sink. But, if you will not solve the problem, then you should call any professional plumber.

1. Try a Plunger

The use of the plunger is for the solution of small blockage. The small blockage will cause the slow draining of the water from the kitchen sink. A plunger is a handy tool for the easily unblocking of the pipe. There are different options for using the plunger.

One option is the use of the regular plunger. But, always sanitize this plunger with soap & water. You can also choose any sink-only plunger. Many of the plungers are available. If you want to use this method of the plunger, then follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, pass some hot water through the kitchen sink. This step will help in the softening of the clogs. This process is the most helpful if the problem is due to the grease & oils.
  • Secondly, the plunger should perfectly fit over the drain of the sink. Make sure that the plunger will not move and then pump it several times.
  • Thirdly, remove the plunger and check the drain flow of water. If you again notice the difficulty in the draining, then repeat the process. If it does not work, then use another method.

Note: if there is a garburator, then firstly unplug the garburator. After that, use any method for the clearing of the draining problem.

2. Use Baking Soda, hot Water & Vinegar

The baking soda & vinegar is a great way to remove the clogs easily. The draining of water becomes smooth. Below are the steps of this method.

  • Firstly, wait for a short time so that all water will drain from the sink.
  • Secondly, put the baking soda in the drain. The funnel is more helpful in direct putting the baking soda into the drain of the sink.
  • Thirdly, now add the half cup of vinegar. Now, instantly cover the opening of the drain and leave for six to ten minutes.
  • After that, remove the drain cover. Then, pour the hot water directly into the kitchen sink. All this process will be helpful in the unclogging of the kitchen sink. And it ensures smooth draining.

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Is this solution work?

It is a convenient method that is suitable for minor clogs. It is an alternative to any harmful cleaner. Both vinegar and baking soda are helpful in the loosening of the clogs. It is helpful for the clearing of the kitchen sink drain. But it is not too good for serious clogs.

Why Is My Kitchen Sink Not Draining

3. Use a Safe Drain Cleaner

Besides the above-all methods, you can also use safe drain cleaning products. Only use that cleaning product that isis safe & natural instead of chemical bases cleaners. The chemical base chemicals are harmful toto the plumbing system.

Check the P-Trap

The checking of P-Trap is necessary if you want to eradicate the problem of draining completely. Sometimes, the clog will present in the P-trap. Therefore, clearing of P-trap is critical. It is great to clean this pipe for smooth draining.

Prevent future clogs

You can easily prevent future clogs by avoiding the reasons mentioned above. Make sure that no food scarp will enter the drain line. Also, try to dispose of grease or oils very well before washing. We hope that you will get the information about why is my kitchen sink not draining

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