Why Is My Kitchen Sink Backing Up


The kitchen sink is a critical component of the house. It uses daily for washing and cleaning up—Misfortunately, sometimes the kitchen sink back up. There are numerous causes for backing up of kitchen sink. Most of us get worried about why is my kitchen sink backing up. It is not a big issue that is impossible to solve out. If you will not solve the problem, then contact the local plumber.

Why Is My Kitchen Sink Backing Up

How do you know when the kitchen sink backing up?

Numerous possible reasons will tell you about the backing up of the kitchen sink. Below are those main reasons:

Reasons for backing up

1. Clogged kitchen sink pipes

When you use the kitchen sink more often, there are chances of passing food through sink pipes. The small food pieces can easily pass from the pipes, but the large food pieces will stick there. After some time, the stuck of debris makes it difficult to pass water. As a result, the condition becomes worse. The clogging of the sink pipes will cause the sink to back up. You can fix this clogging problem if you know about it.

2. Use of powerful dishwasher

The next reason for the kitchen sink backing up is the use of a powerful dishwasher. It will happen when the draining of the dishwasher & kitchen sink is through the same pipe. The discharging of water from the dishwasher may cause the backup of water in the kitchen sink. The effective cleaning of the dishes will require discharging a lot of water. If your pipe does not handle a high volume of water, then the water backs up in the kitchen sink. It is necessary to use a stronger pump for the powerful dishwasher.

3. Clogged washing machine

When the washing machine works and water back up in the kitchen sink, the machine is the problem. The clogging of the pipes of the washing machine will cause the kitchen sink to back up of water. The unblocking of this machine pipe is tricky because it requires full force. You can contact a plumber to quickly eradicate this problem.

4. Clogged drain line

The sink drain is one of the high drains in the plumbing system of the house. If there is any issue in the plumbing network, then it affects the sink of the kitchen. Therefore, the major problem is the backing up of the kitchen sink. The main drain line may clog due to the entry of the debris etc. It is necessary to solve the clogging problem in the main drain line.

5. Problem in the vent pipe

Accurate venting is necessary for the proper working of the plumbing system. The vent pipe is for the smoothly flowing of the water through the air. The clogging of the vent pipes will cause difficult flowing of the water. In this way, it results in the backing up of the kitchen sink.

Solutions to solve the problem of kitchen sink backing sink up

1. Boiling water

When any debris stick in the drain line, then boiling water is the best solution. Boiling water is a good way to clear the blockage of clogged pipes. It is the simplest. It is your initial move in solving the problem of a clogged sink. The steps for using the boiling water are following:

  • Take half a gallon of water and make it boil.
  • Then, pour the boiling water into the opening of the drain.
  • Lastly, turn the tap of water on and check the draining flow of water. If you notice the slow speed of draining, then repeat the process.

Note: Never use this method for the PVC pipes. The reason is that the boiling water will damage the plastic pipe. However, if the boiling water will not solve the problem, then use another method.

2. Use a plunger

The use of the plunger is a great way to unclog the kitchen sink and eradicate backing up. It is easier to utilize this method with the following steps:

  • First of all, fill the sink using hot water and make sure that the sink will only half fill.
  • Second, the position of the plunger should go over its drain. After that, pump this plunger numerous times with fast speed.
  • Third, remove this plunger and notice the draining of the water.
  • Repeat this process continuously, and then you will get the best results.

3. Baking soda & vinegar

It is an alternative to utilize of harmful chemical cleaners for draining. Also, it is a convenient method because baking soda & vinegar are usually present in the kitchen. Use the following steps to remove the issue of the kitchen sink backing up.

  • If there is some water in the sink, then remove it first.
  • Now, pour half cup baking soda into the drain and then add one cup of vinegar.
  • After that, cover the opening of the drain for 10 minutes.
  • Now, remove its cover and pour the hot water. It will help in the unclogging of the intense clogs.

4. Plumber’s snake

Some clogs will need more strength with the use of the plumber’s snake. This best tool contains a coiled spiral snake. When the snake hits the clog, it will clear the blockage and solve the backing up. If you have not a plumber’s snake, you can also utilize a wire coat hanger.

5. Cleaning of P-trap

The blockage of the P-trap causes the kitchen sink to back up. So, it is essential to clean this P-trap. Any debris will stick in this pipe. You can efficiently clean the P-trap with disassembling of this pipe. This method is a little tricky. So, it is necessary to wear gloves & towels. After again assembling, check the draining flow of the water.

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Prevention for future

After solving the backing up problem of the kitchen sink, now you have to take further measures for the prevention of clogs. The most important preventive measure is never entering harmful items into the drain.

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