Which Restaurant Chairs Are Best For Small Spaces?

It can be easy to come up with the idea of a restaurant, but actually going out and executing this idea can require an inordinate amount of effort on your part. There’s no telling what sorts of conditions you will be forced to work with, and how you manage these conditions can be the linchpin that determines where things will go from here on out. Just as an example, it might not be possible for you to rent out an exorbitantly large space to run your restaurant from. Instead, you would likely have to content yourself with a smaller location to save money on rent.

Since you will be short on cash in the near future, it would be best to cut down your costs and opt for a more conservative patch of real estate, but this brings its own problems to the table. For one thing, the correlation between rental rates and square footage means that you won’t be able to expand your furniture set up. Hence, you really need to learn which restaurant chairs for small spaces. Before we provide you with the information you need, we should start off by listing down some of the pros and cons of using chairs optimized for cramped quarters.

The first benefit that comes to mind is that this can allow you to fit more customers into the space. Each patron that you serve will contribute to your overall profit margin at the end of the day, so the more you can squeeze in there the better things would pan out for you. Some customers actually love the idea of sitting really closely to each other.

This creates an amazingly intimate vibe, one that they would not be able to stop talking about anytime soon. Plenty of restaurants littering the busy streets of Hong Kong offer lots of seating in not a ton of space, and you can see just how much this has contributed to the vibrant culture of the Eastern city.  

There’s also a lot that you can gain from keeping pathways clear in your small space. Not only will this help your customers get seated somewhat more quickly, but it would also set aside navigable areas for your servers to transport meals from the kitchen to the awaiting table with all of your hungry guests.

Finally, there is a benefit that bears mentioning which usually doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. We are of course talking about the advantage of versatility. Chairs optimized for small spaces are, by their very design, going to allow you to completely transform your interior space without even requiring any prior planning.

Let’s say you are sitting around on a particularly slow day. Your chairs will be organized in such a way that they would be spread out as much as possible, so as not to overwhelm any patrons that decide to step in through your door. Now, what are you supposed to do if a large party suddenly comes in and demands to be seated? Well, you need to set up some chairs for them right away, otherwise you will lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime since these customers can really help you attain some semblance of financial security in the long run.

If you have had the good sense to buy chairs suited for spaces on the smaller end of the spectrum, creating room to seat your guests comfortably will be a real breeze to get through. After all, the inherent qualities of these chairs are enough to convince you in the veracity of our statements.

Now that we have gotten the benefits out of the way, it’s time to get down to the meat of the matter at hand. Which chairs are going to give you all that you need to extract maximum value from a less than ideal brick and mortar set up?

There are a few things worth keeping in mind, starting with how heavy they are. The thing about smaller restaurants is that you have to be able to create space without running the risk of injury. The lighter the chair is, the easier it would be to move it from one place to another. This can clear up pathways should the need arise, along with giving customers a bit of flexibility if they want to try to move to a different location within the same eatery that you own.

Another thing you might want to consider is buying foldable chairs. They have the added advantage of storage, since you can just pack them away and only bring them out if the quantity of customers warrants it to an extent. Remember, you can’t have a static furniture arrangement if your eatery is under a certain size. Keeping a fluid arrangement is imperative, and with foldable chairs coupled with some folding tables to go along with them can give you so much flexibility that you will never have to turn customers away for lack of space.

However, one thing that you should remain cognizant of is that chairs that are too light or portable can sometimes see a decline in durability. You must balance these twin concerns by using metal or plastic folding chairs that have been tempered to such a high degree that they won’t be able to get damaged.

This goes double for restaurants that might see quite a few kids coming in with families. Family dining can be tough to handle in smaller than average restaurants, but putting some effort into finding some chairs that can measure up to the needs of the day can open up your world to some of the most committed customers out there.


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