What To Do With Cacao Beans

Healthful, vibrant, and lower in calories than its cousins cacao beans are a staple food that once a popular food is difficult to get rid of. If you’re interested in using cocoa beans in your cooking Here are 10 intriguing suggestions to include them in recipes.

They are extended seeds (similar to almonds) found inside the fruit of cacao plant known as Obroma cacao. From these beans or seeds two other food items are derived, which include the cocoa butter, and also cocoa powder.

On the market, you can find cocoa beans, either toasted or raw which can be used in various recipes or as simple and healthy snacks. Actually, inside these seeds, there are many minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium and magnesium as well as many B vitamins as well as vitamin E.

They also contain antioxidants, fibers, and also have anti-depressant power due to magnesium, and their ability to trigger the release of serotonin and endorphins. But, remember that they’re not recommended for those suffering from headaches, gastroesophageal reflux or those who cannot tolerate caffeine. Image Sources: Google Image

10 ideas for using COCOA BEANS In recipes

Before you look at the options to utilize cocoa beans in the kitchen, we’d like to remind that the flavor of cocoa beans is more intense and robust than the chocolate that we are used to. They are also slightly more bitter (for this reason, you should remove the skin in favor of those that have been toasty) might not be your cup of tea any of it, but sometimes it’s simply the matter of adapting to new tastes.

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As we’ve mentioned before the cocoa beans are a great choice to consume as a nutritious and energy-rich snack. They can be consumed in the morning or after lunch as you ease the hunger, or even after an exercise to be back to full strength since they are also extremely replenishing.


Reduced in cocoa beans they can add flavor to various food items. For instance, the traditional fruit salad adds a hint of crunch and freshness, for a new food or snack. It is possible to use any fruits you like, but perhaps it most appropriate is one that has the sweetness that is in contrast with bitter beans. Add add a sprinkle of cinnamon and you’re finished.


One of the best uses for this ingredient is that it permits the creation of pie and biscuits. Actually the cocoa beans that have been crushed are fantastic when added to shortcrust pastry like dough to improve the crispness, aroma, and taste. They are best if they are blended with cocoa for those who want to increase flavors of beans however, you can also add them to the dried fruits that are crushed such as cinnamon, orange, and red fruit. All you have be able to add is a few spoons into the classic recipe to create the most unique desserts to your dinner table.


Instead of vanilla, Try using cocoa beans instead to add flavor to creams. Chop the broad beans in the hot milk, and continue in the normal way of making the cream. When it is ready, strain it, and if you like, to refer for this particular ingredient apply the grain for decoration of the dessert, or even on the glass, if it’s the kind of cream that is consumed with a spoon.

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Similar to dried fruit raw cocoa is good for making energy bars. They can be made yourself with a mix of cereals puffed coconut flour, cocoa beans as well as barley malt. Place the mix in small heaps on baking sheets covered with parchment paper. Cook for a couple of minutes at 180 °. Once the mixture is cool, add dark chocolate that is melted.


Its lack of sweetness is a great ingredient for meals that are savory, like salads. Also, if you combine it with fruit salads, like oranges and apples The combination will delight your taste buds.


The cocoa bean’s grain is great for increasing the nutritional value of food and adding more flavor to smoothies or yogurt. In yogurt, you can mix into muesli and mix them in, particularly for breakfast, and in smoothies, you could select, in addition to the vegetable and fruit milks for the addition of Oat and cocoa powders sprinkle the grains only after the process.


There are people who use almonds to flavor jams , such as figs, apricots, and apricots. Even cacao beans can be used to flavor jams in this manner. By using a mortar, you can pound them , then put them in the fruit prior to cooking. In addition to providing a pleasant scent, it is a pleasant surprise you taste the delicious chocolate pieces flavor.


What’s better than enriching muffins with delicious crumble? Cocoa beans are the primary ingredient in this recipe. They must be chopped into small pieces and mix them with rice flour, brown sugar as well as rice oil (if you’d prefer, you can add almonds) Spread the crumble over the cakes prior to baking, and then enjoy the food!

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Then, you’ll be amazed when you decide to sprinkle cacao beans’ grains on your Risottos. If it’s a simple rice with saffron, or a rice dish that is sweet and delicious such as red turnip or pumpkin, it is up to you to test and select the one you love the most.

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