What Is A Slow Juicer

A low speed juice extractor, it is a type of juice squeezer that provides maximum nutrition and flavor of fruits, vegetables with the advantage that it squeezes without modifying its original characteristics. From this article, you will know what is a slow juicer?

These are some of the advantages:

  1. The use of the squeezing system at low speed without heat and without centrifugal force.
  2. Produces the maximum nutrition, vitamins, antioxidants, flavor, color and juice of any fruit or vegetable.
  3. Quiet operation.

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What Is A Slow Juicer

Slow Juicing, How Does It Work?

A Slow Press !?

This gently squeezes the juice out of the fruit or vegetables. The juicer separates the juice from the pulp, which then comes out of the device through two different outlets.

High Quality Juice

It is a cold pressing process and comparable to the way in which cold pressed olive oil is produced. The slow juicer is a huge improvement over the centrifuge juicer. This technique of slow juicing ensures minimal friction and hardly generates any heat. This ensures that the majority of the enzymes and vitamins remain intact. The juice you make with the slow juicer is of high quality, high in fiber and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. You can make fresh juice from any fruits and vegetables you can eat.

Slowly And Yet Quickly

Slowly? Not really! The slow juicer is not slow, because on average you can make 2 large glasses of juice in 5 minutes. Sometimes more sometimes less, depending on the vegetables or fruit you use.

Good For Your Health

Once you have decided to make juices a regular part of your daily diet, you will quickly experience positive effects:

  • After 10 days you will start to feel noticeably fitter. You will sleep better and, for example, have fewer headaches. Your digestion will noticeably improve.
  • After 20 days, you can see your excess weight decrease. Juice drinking is also slowly becoming a real habit.
  • After 30 days you will discover that you are building muscle mass with much less exercise. The energy that you have available also increases significantly.

Please note that in the first few days you can experience side effects (such as headache or tiredness). These are phenomena that occur when your body excretes large amounts of toxins. This is only temporary and the start of a healthier lifestyle. Keep going and you will feel amazing vitality and increased energy within 10 to 30 days. 

What Is A Juice Extractor?

The secret to obtaining a “living”, high-quality juice is to extract it in a different way. When the juice is squeezed at a slow speed, it is slowly separated from the pulp. Thus the taste, most of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are preserved.

What Is So Special About A Slow Juicer?

Slow juicers deliberately process the pressed material gently. The devices should not heat the raw vegetable juice as much as possible, and the swirling of oxygen should be as low as possible. Therefore the juicers work at a relatively low speed. In the field of vertical juicers, the speeds are between 40 and 100 revolutions per minute.

What Is A Slow Juicer

However, the speed says little about how gently the ingredients are juiced. It would be wrong to draw direct conclusions about taste and nutritional content from the revolutions per minute. Ultimately, only one thing is decisive when buying a juicer, namely that the device processes the juice ingredients slowly and therefore gently.

Much more important than the speed is the actual technology on which a juicer is based. Good slow juicers crush the ingredients and squeeze them out with great force without generating too much heat or incorporating oxygen. Two types of construction have established themselves on the market, namely horizontal and vertical juicers.

Horizontal juicer : One or two press rollers rotate in a horizontal plane. The material to be pressed is pressed directly onto the rollers with a ram. There is a sieve below the rollers to extract the juice. The juice container is also placed under the rollers accordingly. Horizontal slow juicers usually discharge the pomace directly at the end of the press rollers.

Vertical juicer : A press roller rotates in a vertical plane. The roller rotates together with a blade, which first crushes the juice ingredients. The material to be pressed slides further down, is crushed and then pressed against a cylinder mold. The fresh juice remains in the press chamber of the device. The pomace is discharged to the side below the press chamber.

Whether horizontal juicers or vertical juicers make the better juice cannot be said in general. The respective device ultimately decides here. The Angel Juicer, for example, performs extremely well among the horizontal slow juicers.

The fact that there are different technologies and construction methods is primarily due to patent protection. Several manufacturers have patented the structure and functionality of their slow juicers, so other manufacturers have to go their own way. That is why, for example, horizontal double rollers are only used by Angel Juicer and Greenstar. Manufacturers such as Hurom or Kuvings have specialized in vertical juicers.

Juice The Leafy Vegetables And Wheatgrass With The Slow Juicer

Most juicer owners will only process fruit, and occasionally certain vegetables, such as carrots. Green leafy vegetables or selected grasses (e.g. wheatgrass), on the other hand, are rarely juiced. These ingredients provide a particularly large number of nutrients, which is why vegetable juices or fruit juices with a vegetable portion are a good choice.

Slow juicers act on the pressed material with great force. This makes some devices ideal for juicing green leafy vegetables. One reads occasionally that only horizontal juicers can reliably extract the juice from flaky ingredients.

Whether nettles, spinach or wheatgrass: We have juiced these ingredients and achieved a very high juice yield. Thanks to the slow juicer technology, there is almost no heating, which is also reflected in the taste. The fresh juices have strong colors and taste very tasty.

If you would also like to prepare nutrient-rich raw food juices from fruit, vegetables or green leafy vegetables, we recommend a slow juicer. Fruit and vegetable juices pressed with it have a great taste and enrich the diet. The juice preparation is easy, the preparation time for the ingredients is short.

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