What Is A Convection Oven ?

You could say that the convection oven is an appliance, which can be used in both domestic and industrial kitchens. It is characterized by using fans to replace cold air with hot air and thus perform cooking. Because of their technology, they are usually more expensive than conventional ovens, although prices may vary.

The places where the conventional oven has excelled is in the mass production industry. Their models are wider and allow to cook more food, this saves both time and money in the long term. We must bear in mind that steam cooking has replaced gas due to its low cost.

What Is A Convection Oven ?

What Does A Convection Oven Do

One way to get the best benefits of a convection oven is to learn to use this device correctly. Next, you will be able to visualize some factors that you must keep in mind to obtain a texture and the perfect cooking term in your dishes. Pay close attention, that your effort will not be in vain.

In convection ovens the distribution of heat is different from that of a conventional oven, in general, the temperature and cooking time suggested in the recipes are designed in a conventional oven. But do not worry, to adapt these indications to your convection oven you only have to subtract 25 ° F and / or shorten the time by 15% or 30%.

Example, if in the recipe to prepare baked turkey it tells you to cook it at a temperature of 300 ° F for 2 hours, in the convection oven it will be cooked at 275 ° F in 84 minutes. It is very important that you keep this point in mind, especially when cooking dishes such as stews, vegetables or meat. Let no careless spoil your dishes.

Convection Oven Roast Chicken

Surely you are looking for an oven with which you can have in less time the crispy and golden term of food, because the convection oven is for you. Although, let’s face it, not all foods go perfectly with this type of cooking. For this reason, we mention that type of dishes are ideal for cooking in a convection oven.

  • Stews : For any food that needs a simmer, it is a good option for the convection oven. The heat transferred by this type of oven is homogeneous, which makes cooking uniform. As if that were not enough, these results would be obtained in less time.
  • Roasts : Cooking a roast of any type of meat and vegetables in a convection oven results in a juicy dish. In addition, hot air causes the skin of the food to brown and obtain a crispy and aesthetic term. Obviously, these results are obtained more quickly and uniformly.
  • Dehydration : As expected, a convection oven works the same or better than a dehydrator. Because its fan and the convection cycle accelerate the dehydration process of any food. A good result is obtained if it is tested with fresh fruits, vegetables or nuts.

Benefits Of Convection Oven

If we compare it with a conventional oven, convection ovens have numerous advantages. Another example, when compared with microwaves, which destroy nutrients in food and damage their molecular structure, while the convection oven heats food in a homogeneous way, without affecting the food elements.

As you have seen, there are several reasons why the food industry has decided to replace the conventional oven with convection. The results are much friendlier with the organism and with the food. However, its domestic use has not yet been fully positioned, but it is expected to replace traditional ovens in the future.


  • Energy saving
  • Convection ovens cook faster than conventional ones
  • They cook homogeneously
  • Microwaves often heat only some parts of food
  • Food conserves all its nutrients
  • Subtract 25 ° at the indicated temperature when cooking in a convection oven


  • Its price is higher. However, saving in a convection oven is noticeable in the long term
  • It is not suitable for all types of food. Flour-based foods are best made in a conventional oven

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