What Can You Cook On A Raclette Grill?

As soon as the temperatures drop, the raclette is remembered to our (good) memory. But once his craving for melted cheese has been satisfied, the device returns immediately to the cupboard. What if we thought otherwise? Now question is What Can You Cook On A Raclette Grill. Here are 5 cheese-free recipes made with a raclette grill.

The principle of the raclette grill

Raclette is a dish of very old Swiss origin since it is said that William Tell already ate raclette in 1291. The raclette device can be seen as a fairly rudimentary device: it is essentially a resistance that is heated on top of the food placed in pots or pans. On some models, other cooking methods can be added such as a grill or a stone grill (the resistances also heat the upper surface).

However the heart of the raclette appliance remains the famous fondue pot (except for traditional appliances which allow scrape the cheese directly from the wheel). If this device has been specially designed to melt raclette cheese, nothing prevents us from trying the adventure with other ingredients.

Idea # 1: pizza

For an Italian evening with friends, you can use a raclette machine to cook mini pizzas. Some precautions are nevertheless in order. First, your pizza dough must be very thin (if you have opted for a store-bought pizza dough, do not hesitate to apply a roll to flatten it further).

Cut your dough using a small round cookie cutter then offer your guests toppings in separate bowls so your friends can imagine their own pizzas and vary the pleasures. For baking, let your pizzas cook in the pans for a few minutes then leave them for a few more minutes on top of the appliance so that the dough can cook from below. Finally, others recommend pre-baking the dough in the oven for better tasting.

What Can You Cook On A Raclette Grill?

Idea # 2: the tortilla

Now let’s cross the Mediterranean to reach Spain and one of its iconic dishes: tortilla. To start a tortilla party with your friends, you must first prepare all the elements that make up the recipe. First cook your potatoes and your onions. You can also pan heat other ingredients such as chorizo or diced peppers.

Once all these foods are ready, beat your eggs into an omelet then bring all these ingredients to the table and leave them above the raclette machine to keep them hot (except for the beaten eggs). Once again, guests can create their own mini tortilla according to their taste. They place the ingredients of their choice in the pan and add the beaten egg last.

Idea # 3: blinis: What Can You Cook On A Raclette Grill

Here is another specialty that comes to us this time from Russia and which is very popular for holiday meals: blinis. The difficulty with blinis is that it cools very quickly, but thanks to the raclette machine, you can enjoy it at the right temperature.

You must therefore prepare your blinis in advance and offer them to your guests with garnishes such as smoked fish (salmon, halibut or eel), fish roe, sour cream and herbs such as dill. Your guests will just have to compose their pot with the different elements to have a tasty and perfectly warmed blini.

Idea # 4: French toast

For afternoon tea, the raclette grill is a good idea, especially if you have a whole tribe of children to feed. As with the pancake maker, this allows children to have a friendly snack during which they have fun “cooking”.

To do this, simply prepare your usual recipe with milk, eggs and sugar, then bring this preparation back to the table with pieces of bread or brioche previously cut. The children will just have to quickly soak the bread and then let it brown for three to four minutes in the appliance. Finally, provide them with jams, icing sugar or even brown sugar to obtain a truly delicious French toast.

Idea # 5: melted chocolate: What Can You Cook On A Raclette Grill

Let’s finish with another sweet touch, not to say THE sweet touch. We are of course talking about chocolate, which can also be used in the raclette machine on condition that it has previously been melted with a little liquid cream in a double boiler.

What Can You Cook On A Raclette Grill?

The idea here is rather to heat it with fruit according to the seasons. So in winter you can add exotic fruits or citrus fruits to your fondue pot, while in summer you will enjoy beautiful red fruits. As a final note, you can also sprinkle the fruit and chocolate duo with coconut shavings or flaked and toasted almonds. Guaranteed success!

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