Types Of Kitchen Layout

The basic forms of kitchen planning When planning your kitchen, you roughly distinguish between the following Types Of Kitchen Layout:

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kitchen shapes

  • One-line kitchen
  • Two-line kitchen
  • island cooking
  • L-form
  • U-shape
  • G-Form
  • special shapes

Depending on your preferences, your spatial situation and the way you cook, another type of kitchen or a combination of different shapes will suit you. To find the right kitchen for you, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • How big should your new kitchen be?
  • Space do you need?
  • How is cooking done? Together or rather alone?
  • How big is the space for the new kitchen?
  • Is the kitchen a pure place to work or does one stay there?

Each of the forms has different advantages and disadvantages. Which form is best for which ideas and wishes, you will learn in this article.

One-Line Kitchens Or Kitchenettes

Types Of Kitchen Layout

One-line kitchen with a combination of black fronts and wooden elements.

The one-line kitchen stands in the room like a football team before the kick-off: all in a row and ready for action. And like football, this kitchen form is a crowd pleaser. And rightly so, because the one-line kitchen is flexible and adapts to the wishes: from space-saving to generous, from inconspicuous to rich in accents. Only team player she is not – more than 2 people should not cook here.

The one-line kitchen often meets in small rooms, but it basically fits in any room, as it only takes one wall. Her specialty is narrow, long spaces. Lately, they are often found in kitchens, where value is placed on a spacious dining area. Because the single-line kitchen is very space-saving and can be integrated in the living room quite inconspicuous if necessary.

Ideal Dimensions Of A Kitchenette

The ideal dimensions of a  kitchenette  are mainly dependent on the size of the room. The more space you have, the more  storage space  and work space will be used when planning your kitchen. If your kitchen only has room for a small kitchenette, there is no big disadvantage. However, then some rules should be considered to the ideal dimensions.

Average Price Of A Kitchenette

It is not always easy to keep an overview in the jungle of kitchen offers. Many retailers advertise with offer prices and promotions, while others rely on advertising measures such as images and quality promises. But are the promised offers reflected in the price / performance ratio?

Tips For Kitchen Planning Of Kitchenettes: Types of kitchen layout

  • When planning a single-line kitchen, pay particular attention to the arrangement of the appliances. This should be adapted to your handedness ( right or left handed? ).
  • Especially with small kitchenettes, you should make sure that you have enough storage space at the end . Take advantage of the room height in short kitchens and thus create more space in a small kitchen.
  • If the kitchen space is very narrow (2 meters or less), then you can think about kitchen furniture with special depths. Some manufacturers offer their  kitchen furniture also with forty or fifty centimeters depth  – so you gain some space in front of the kitchen. A good planning – especially as regards the storage space – is then mandatory

Ideas And Examples Of Kitchenettes

White Kitchen Counter With Dark Worktop With Red Accents On The Back Wall

Types Of Kitchen Layout

One-Line Kitchen With Red And White Fronts

Types Of Kitchen Layout

One-Line Kitchen With White Fronts In Front Of A Blue Kitchen Back Wall

Types Of Kitchen Layout

Yellow Kitchen With A Kitchenette And Wall Units On The Adjoining Wall

Types Of Kitchen Layout

In this yellow kitchen, the one-line kitchen is combined with wall units on the adjacent wall

Small, Compact Kitchenette In A Gray Design Kitchen

Types Of Kitchen Layout

Small kitchenette with colorful freestanding fridge as a highlight

White Kitchen Of Ikea With Worktop In Wood Look

Types Of Kitchen Layout

One-Line Kitchen In Country House Style

Types Of Kitchen Layout

Clever Mini Kitchen In Black

Types Of Kitchen Layout

Small Kitchenette With Wood Back Wall

Types Of Kitchen Layout

Two-Line Kitchens: Types Of Kitchen Layout

Types Of Kitchen Layout

Two areas under one hat – this kitchen succeeds. It is for purists who want to work on one side and keep their dishes and cooking utensils clean on the other side of the kitchen. And they also like those who like open shelves and want to give the kitchen a homely feel. It fits in any room, and depending on size, it is suitable for the single to the family clan.

Two lines  on opposite walls, so this kitchen form really fits almost every room. Even for long rooms with opposite doors. It is great for home-founders, has room in many student apartments and can be easily set up. It is popular to populate a line with the electrical appliances, plus the matching wall cabinets. The other side can be used with tall cabinets, a loose arrangement of base cabinet and upper elements is possible. For a dining table for two people is also almost always room in the two-line kitchen.

Two-Line Kitchens Images

In a two-line kitchen, 2 kitchenettes are placed on (usually opposite) walls. Thus, a two-line kitchen is particularly suitable for rooms that have only windows on the narrow walls. The two kitchenettes are often the same size, but can also be quite different – depending on the nature of the room, a two-line kitchen can be flexibly adapted. Sometimes the kitchens are also – similar to an L-shaped kitchen – placed on two adjacent walls. But the kitchen islands stand alone and are not connected to each other, so they do not have a continuous working surface.content

  • Advantages of a two-line kitchen
  • Disadvantages of a two-line kitchen
  • Frequent locations
  • Ideal dimensions of a two-line kitchen
  • Tips for kitchen planning
  • Inspiration: pictures, examples and ideas

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Two-Line Kitchen

Advantages Of Two-Line Kitchen

  • A two-line kitchen can be flexibly adapted to the room and therefore fits almost everywhere
  • Particularly suitable for rectangular kitchen spaces with windows or doors on the narrow side
  • Also feasible for the rather small purse
  • Existing connections rarely need to be modified
  • With good planning at the same time a lot of storage space and work space

Disadvantages Of Two-Line Kitchen

  • Little coherent workspace in smaller rooms
  • A room width of at least 2.40 meters is a prerequisite for comfortable work

Frequent Locations

Two lines on opposite walls, so this kitchen form really fits almost every room. Even for long rooms with opposite doors. It is great for home-founders, has room in many student apartments and can be easily set up. It is popular to populate a line with the electrical appliances, plus the matching wall cabinets. The other side can be used with tall cabinets, a loose arrangement of base cabinet and upper elements is possible. For a dining table for two people is also almost always room in the two-line kitchen.

Dimensions & Sizes

There should be at least a meter of space between the two kitchenettes to allow for smooth work. However, a minimum distance of 1.20 meters is better so that all doors and drawers as well as appliances (such as the dishwasher) can be opened conveniently. Twice the depth of the working surface and – comfortable – as wide the passage. That is enough. If there is enough space, it is quite possible to set a table in the middle, to eat together or to prepare food in comfort.

Tips For Planning A Two-Line Kitchen
  • Pay attention to existing connections during kitchen planning.
  • There should be at least 120 cm between the two lines.
  • Especially if only one of the lines is intended as a working line, you should pay attention to sufficient work surface and the correct distances between stove and sink.
  • When planning the kitchen of a two-line kitchen has proven itself, if cooker and sink are housed in the same kitchenette. Often one of the two kitchen units is used as a working line (worktop, stove and sink) and the other as storage space (tall cabinets, refrigerator, dishwasher , etc.).

Ideas And Examples For 2-Line Kitchens

Dark, Two-Line Kitchen With A Bright Work Surface And Dark Tiled Floor

White, 2-line Hacker Kitchen With Dining Table And Black Chairs

Black, Two-Line Kitchen With Back Wall And Dining Table In Wood Look

Two-Line Kitchen Made Of Wood With Sloping Roof

Kitchens In L-Shape Or Corner Kitchens: Types Of Kitchen Layout

Beautiful country kitchen in L-shape with cooking island. The white kitchen fronts are combined with a marble worktop.

An L-shaped kitchen consists of two connected kitchen units (thighs). These are often placed in a corner of the room (hence their name “corner kitchen”). When planning a kitchen in L-shape but other variants are possible.This kitchen form is suitable for almost every room. For small, narrow rooms, for long wall fronts anyway, and large open kitchens get with her the special Pep. Because here it is not always along the wall, one leg of the L is freely built into the room to the room divider, the dining counter or open or closed shelf for dishes and glasses.

Kitchens In L-Shape: Advantages, Disadvantages, Examples And Pictures For Modern Corner Kitchens

Depending on the size of the room and the desired equipment, it can be planned as a corner kitchen, for example. An alternative is to let one of the two kitchenettes into the room. It serves as a  room divider or as a freestanding, communicative work surface (and is a practical alternative to a kitchen island).

Dimensions & Sizes

An L-shaped kitchen is content with little space and therefore almost always fits 1-room apartments except perhaps. Not even windows on the partition wall are a hindrance. According to available space, the future kitchen owner can also indulge in luxury. In addition to the dishwasher, which has long been standard if possible, then find the baking cart at eye level, the steamer or the built-coffee machine still have their place.

Tips For Planning L-Kitchens:

  •  Make sure you have plenty of storage space next to the sink and as much space as possible between sink and cooking facilities.
  • Take advantage of the valuable storage space in the corners of a corner kitchen. Cabinets with rotating elements make it possible that even the corner can be fully exploited.

Ideas And Examples Of L-Shaped Kitchens: Types Of Kitchen Layout

Modern White Design Kitchen In L-Shape With Black Back Wall

Small, Blue L-Shape Kitchen

Red Country Kitchen In L-Shape With Gray Tiled Floor

Idea For A Black L-Shape Kitchen

u shaped kitchen layouts

Kitchens In U-Shape: Types Of Kitchen Layout

u shaped kitchen layouts

Small Al U-shaped kitchen in country style with wooden elements and white fronts. Photo: Al no Incredible storage space, infinite work surfaces, unhindered cooking pleasure. The kitchen in U-shape is the space wonder among the traditional variants. Any desired electrical appliance finds its place, tall cabinets can be provided, and also the weekly supply of food can be stored directly in the kitchen. If you have always dreamed of a large kitchen, you will feel comfortable here.

Frequent Locations

Large families appreciate the space available, and even the supply of pension guests and club members can be done well by the installation of this kitchen. Because the U-shape does not always have to fill a closed space. A long side can certainly serve as a sideboard for a breakfast buffet in the smaller guest house or as a bar in the clubhouse. In the private sector, the thigh can be used in many ways: with a bench, so that the little ones can watch while cooking, the dining area finds its connection or additional storage space such as drawer elements, which can be opened to the living area.

Dimensions & Sizes

Too many doors disturb the U, and this variant needs a lot of space, whether it is to be mounted in the own room or integrated into the living area. And of course, there must be enough space between the work surfaces. Short ways from one side to the other are indeed practical. But at least twice the working depth should still be in between, so that even when drawers are pulled out and doors are open, it is still comfortable to go through.Tips for the U-shape kitchen planning

  • In order to work comfortably and you do not despair of open cabinet doors and drawers, you should at least 200 cm distance in the middle plan.
  • Make sure there is not too much space between workspaces. Otherwise, too long runs occur.

 Ideas And Pictures Of Kitchens In U Shape

There are countless possibilities and ideas for kitchen planning. Normally, the kitchen is installed in three adjacent walls, but often a kitchen island or counter instead of the third wall is preferred. We show you innovative ideas and implementations and give tips for the correct planning of the kitchen in U-shape.

U-Shaped Kitchen With Filigree Elements And Bright Fronts

u shaped kitchen layouts

U-shaped kitchen Venezia, photo: allmilmöIs in the kitchen only a small space for a U, then should be dispensed with extra deep and wide kitchen cabinets. Instead,  grab light, playful grips and  fronts . Even kitchen fronts in bright colors such as  white , magnolia or beige provide more lightness and thereby at least visually enlarge the room.

Broken U For More Ease In The Kitchen

u shaped kitchen layouts

A U-shaped kitchen can quickly become bulky. But even there is a simple trick that you can pay attention to when planning your kitchen. A break ensures more ease. But so-called floating  kitchen cabinets  make the big kitchen look lighter and more modern.

U-Shaped Kitchen With Bar As Breakfast Table

u shaped kitchen layouts

If enough space is available in the kitchen, an additional  counter  in the middle of the room can serve as a visual eye-catcher. In this spacious white kitchen, a modern bar counter replaces the classic dining table – perfect for quick morning coffee and afternoon snacks in between.

Use Natural Materials Such As Wood 

u shaped kitchen layouts

Another tip to bring more warmth and freshness to the kitchen are natural materials such as wood or light stone. These make the kitchen look U-shaped light and unobtrusive. It is particularly nice to use the same materials that have already been used as a  kitchen floor  or wall paneling. This gives the kitchen a uniform and modern look.

Gray U-Shaped Kitchen With Wood Worktop And Red Accents

u shaped kitchen layouts

Modern gray kitchen with gray fronts and wooden worktop. The U-shape of the kitchen provides the connection between kitchen and living / dining area. In addition, she was supplemented with a kitchen bench, which invites you to linger, read and drink coffee.

Idea For Kitchen In U-Shape With Wood And Bright Fronts

This U-shaped kitchen features matte fronts in sand and natural wood trim. The bar counter with bar stools ensures a special flair. Loved by the kitchen idea?

Idea For Kitchen In U-Shape With Counter

In this kitchen by Leicht, a cooking island replaces the third wall. The kitchen island is complemented by a  bar counter  in wood and provides a modern look in the open kitchen.

U-Shaped Kitchen With Counter / Bar

U-kitchen with stone top and large bar from Strasser. Photo: StrasserAt this beautiful bar of stone 3 people have comfortable place. This U-shaped kitchen with a thick stone top offers enough space for large meals and at the same time provides a wonderful place for a social get-together. Countertop with counter, bar or table.

Nice Ideas And Pictures For U-Shape Kitchens

Be inspired by the following kitchen pictures! The one or the other U-shaped kitchen with bar in this article will surely give you a nice idea for your kitchen planning.

Idea For A Small U-Shaped Kitchen With Wooden Bar

Small U-kitchen with wooden bar by Team7 (linee); Photo credit: Team7In this small, beige U-kitchen made of wood thanks to the small wooden stand-up also the quick morning coffee fun.

Idea For A U-Shaped Kitchen With Counter And Bar Stool

U-kitchen with stone top and large bar from Strasser. Photo: StrasserAt this beautiful bar of stone 3 people have comfortable place. This U-shaped kitchen with a thick stone top offers enough space for large meals and at the same time provides a wonderful place for a social get-together.

White Cooking Island With Rustic Wooden Counter: Types Of Kitchen Layout

White cooking island with rustic wooden counter; Photo: Team7
The modern and simple white kitchen with handle-less fronts gets a nice contrast: a rustic wooden counter. Together with the simple bar stools, the kitchen gives a harmonious, modern image.

Extended Cooking Island Becomes A Dining Place: Types Of Kitchen Layout

Modern wooden kitchen with island and extended dining table; Photo: Team7In this modern kitchen, the cooking island has been extended by means of a wooden plate. This results in an adjacent dining table in the height of the worktop. So you can cook, work, eat and spend time at the same time and next to each other.

Longer Worktop Than Counter At Cooking Island: Types Of Kitchen Layout

Wooden kitchen with island and stone worktop with breakfast bar; Photo: Team7 The worktop can be extended not only as a table on the side, but also as a counter to the front. Team7 demonstrates how it works. The worktop of the cooking island is extended and used as a counter. It makes no difference whether the worktop is made of stone, stainless steel or wood – everything is possible.Dark wood kitchen with white worktop and counter; Photo: Team7Cooking island with extended worktop; Photo: Team7  

Kitchen Island With Slimline Worktop And Attached Wooden Counter

Thin worktop made of stone with attached wooden counter; Photo: Strasser stonesOn this stone worktop a wooden counter was placed. So the cooking island can not only be used to work and prepare, but also to eat and drink coffee.

Large Kitchen Island With Herbal Bed And Dining Area: Types Of Kitchen Layout

Exceptional kitchen island with integrated herb bed and dining area; Photo: SiematicThe center of this kitchen is a very special cooking island: In the middle of the island is the hob, to the right of a work surface with integrated herb garden and right of the hob there is a separate dining area.Two variants.  

Wood Kitchen With Breakfast Bar Or Dining Area By Sheraton

u shaped kitchen layouts

Kitchen with island and integrated dining table; Photo: Sheraton offers two different variants to connect the cooking and dining area. In the first variant, the kitchen island is gradually reduced and extended. This results in an attached dining table. The second variant is to enlarge the worktop of the island by a bar counter.Country-style island with white worktop and bar or counter; Photo: Sheraton  

Cooking Island In L Shape: Types Of Kitchen Layout

u shaped kitchen layouts
u shaped kitchen layouts
u shaped kitchen layouts

Another popular alternative is a kitchen island in L-shape. The short side of the L-shaped island is often used as a table or counter.Kitchen with long kitchen block and natural stone worktopKitchen with large island and integrated dining table; Photo: ScavoliniAnother example is this oversized cooking island with integrated Scavolini dining table. The handleless fronts in black matt of this cooking island are combined with a long worktop made of natural stone.Kitchen island with gold-colored fronts and countertop with stone counterUnusual, but extremely appealing is this kitchen. The black kitchen front with glossy fronts in black is combined with a golden kitchen island. The black worktop has been extended and supplemented with a dining area.  

Kitchen In G-Shape: Types Of Kitchen Layout

u shaped kitchen layouts

Grünstige wooden kitchen with plastic fronts from the series Bari Castell Beech in G-shape. Photo: Schüller KitchensA G-shaped kitchen has very similar benefits to a U-kitchen. The difference lies in another leg serving as a room divider. The classic arrangement of a kitchen in G-shape is thus that three walls are occupied by kitchen units, which are supplemented by a further, open leg in the room.

Kitchen In G-Shape: The Versatile Kitchen Form With Extra Work And Storage Space

u shaped kitchen layouts

There are basically no limits to kitchen planning. Especially in the selection of the kitchen form of creativity may be allowed free rein. It does not always have to be a two-line island kitchen. How about a G-shaped kitchen, for example?

  • Features and benefits
  • In which room does a G-kitchen fit?
  • Important dimensions and sizes
  • Tips for planning

Features And Benefits Of A Kitchen In G-Shape

A G-kitchen is the extended version of a U-shaped kitchen. The kitchen in G-shape is complemented by a short kitchenette and thus creates a separate room in the room, so to speak. A G-kitchen is therefore particularly suitable for large kitchen spaces, because it creates boundaries and yet appears open. The additional kitchenette provides even more storage space for kitchen appliances , pots and co and creates another workplace. 

Another plus is the ergonomic features of a G-shaped kitchen. Turn around once and you can continue working. Furthermore, everything can be easily monitored from the kitchen kingdom – perfect for families. The advantages of a G-kitchen are therefore obvious. The attached kitchenette is versatile: it can be used as a dining table, Bar counter , hatch, coffee bar, cooking surface or other are used.

In Which Room Does A G-Kitchen Fit?

u shaped kitchen layouts

A kitchen in G-shape is – as already mentioned – especially for large kitchen spaces. A room size from 14-16 square meters is ideal. But there are no restrictions in the shape of the kitchen space. So a G-kitchen fits perfectly in a square room as well as an oblong cut room. In the latter case, it can even serve as a practical room divider between kitchen and living and dining room. 

At the same time, the G-shape gives a room its lightness and thus also corresponds to the trend towards an open kitchen . The kitchen is also ideal for families for whom the kitchen is mostly living, dining, working and cooking areas at the same time.Important dimensions for implementation. In order to be able to move freely in a G-shaped kitchen and to be able to open fronts and pull-outs without any problems, you should make sure that there is a minimum distance of 1.20 m between the two kitchen units. So you have enough freedom of movement in your kitchen to be able to work and cook ergonomically .

The ideal working height of the kitchen lines depends on your own body size. How can you calculate it, you learn here: Ideal height of the work surface charge . Should several people cook in the household, a height-adjustable worktop is also recommended . So everyone can cook in a pleasant and healthy attitude.Planning a G-kitchen. When planning a G-kitchen, there are basically no restrictions, you can make the kitchen exactly as you want. However, there is an exception for renovations or the installation of rental kitchens – because here you have to pay attention to existing connections for water and electricity.

These limit your creativity. Otherwise, we can give you the following tip on the way: Always make sure that all edges are processed well. Sharp corners and sharp edges can quickly lead to injuries, especially in winding kitchens.


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