Stylish chairs for the kitchen

Fashion can be not only for the style of clothing or interior, but also furniture, including such a necessary thing in every home as chairs. No one argues that any interior details should be ideally combined with each other, and if, for example, plastic country chairs are put in the classic design of the kitchen, then everyone will say that it is tasteless.

Stylistics is a very delicate thing, you need to have not only the rudiments of taste, but also be able to distinguish kitsch from a really high-quality thing. Therefore, our conversation is devoted to the intricacies of choosing chairs for each particular house, that is, the kitchen. So what do designers offer today? You may also be interested in information about what kind of kitchen lamps and chandeliers exist.

Modern tendencies

It may seem strange, but at the peak of popularity – a complete imitation! And this fully applies to the usual chair:

  • Transparent plastic model in gentle tones of the surf – with the illusion of circles on the water. Unusual, stylish, even enchanting!stylish transparent plastic kitchen chairA very nice option for a beautiful and modern kitchen
  • And the Italian design master Luca Nichetto was inspired by Bjork’s song about robots coming to life , and created a model identical to the song: a construction chair, in which the legs and back can be separated from the seat, and made of it a multifunctional stool. But which ceiling chandelier for the kitchen is most suitable for kitchen furnishings, you can see here.stylish kitchen chair by Luca NicettoA beautiful and practical option for a kitchen with an exclusive design
  • Or an unusual approach : the seat is made in the form of a shell from a molded polyurethane base, and is somewhat reminiscent of natural crystal. Also, you may be interested in information about which hanging chandelier for the kitchen above the table is most suitable, it is indicated in great detail here.stylish shell kitchen chairAn unusual option for an unusual kitchen, but can also be used in living rooms
  • Biological forms are in trend , and the new development of the concept of making familiar chairs resembles a snowflake, all parts of the product are made of plastic, but sheathed with fabric of the same theme, and all the seams are outside, not inside. And here is how the LED illumination of the lamp for the kitchen under the cabinets looks like and how the illumination of the entire kitchen is organized, you can see here.stylish biological chair for kitchenSuch models will look unusual, it is worth picking up such chairs and tables
  • A classic of the genre – a bent Viennese chair, but with a frame of solid steel parts, the result of creation is an eclectic style chair. And here is how Provence ceiling chandeliers can look and what furniture is most suitable for. can be seen here.stylish curved Viennese kitchen chairIn this form, the chairs can be of different types, it is worth choosing something modern for your kitchen
  • It is fashionable to decorate  chairs with prints with capes : in the form of Palekh or Khokhloma painting, and the color palette can be very diverse: with overflows, in burgundy or turquoise tones, based on the color scheme of other kitchen furnishings.stylish kitchen chair with printed capesCapes with prints can be of different colors with different patterns
  • Or another model : if you look at it superficially, it may seem like it is plastic, but in fact it is made of rough saddle leather, that is, a natural material! But what kind of oval dining table made of solid wood can be and which is the best, you can see here.stylish leather kitchen chairSuch chairs can be used not only in the kitchen, but in the office.
  • It is fashionable today to have laser-cut chairs at home : all kinds of ornaments or patterns have very bizarre outlines, the delicacy of the product gives it a special unforgettable charm. And if you add decorative elements such as rosebuds, it may seem like you are sitting among a rosebush. You may also be interested in information about what kind of soft chairs with armrests for the kitchen.stylish laser cut kitchen chairWith this manufacturing option, you can make different options for chairs with different angles and shapes.
  • Everything original and unusual for every home ! Here is the trendy trend of today. For example, a curved cherry wood chair is made in a zigzag shape. By the way, varnished, and
  • The principle of versatility is laid down in many models, this also applies to kitchen chairs, folding chairs with a back for the kitchen can be transferred to the veranda, to the terrace and sit down to relax there. The seat, back and armrests, made of plywood, can be easily folded, too, they are attached to the base with hinges.
  • Unusual forms are also a trend inherent in the present day. Chairs in the form of a maple leaf, or clover in the most delicate light green or orange tones.stylish kitchen chair in an unusual shapeChairs with unusual shapes. can be of different colors
  • Meeting guests is always a pleasant moment , but if they are offered soft and comfortable poufs, for example, for changing shoes, they will only be grateful to you.
  • Or the squeak of the season : glass chairs! Completely transparent and at first glance so fragile. But this is not the case, they are made of a special transparent plastic, something really reminiscent of glass. Moreover, it will not lose its shape for many years, it will not turn yellow in the sun, thanks to the latest technological developments.stylish glass chair for kitchenMost often, these chairs are made of metal using very thick glass.
  • Or another innovation: special additives in the manufacture of chairs that make it glow in the dark ! An irreplaceable thing for country tea drinking in a gazebo with friends.

But these models are rather exotic, and piece design products, until they were launched into mass production, and an exclusive, by definition, is very expensive, and not everyone can buy it: they are usually sold after being shown in public.

But what plastic chairs for the kitchen look like and how they can be selected and used can be seen in the article at the link.


But what is available to the average buyer, that is, what does the retail furniture chain offer?

Classics of the genre

These are traditional solid wood chairs and traditional wicker or rattan furniture . They are equally well suited to any interior, be it country or art style, provence or retro. But they will look ridiculous in a high-tech style kitchen, you must agree.

stylish willow vine kitchen chair

Having chosen such a chair, it is worth choosing the appropriate table.

Wicker furniture in the kitchen is more of a tradition, and it should be followed, and not neglected at all. In addition, it adds romance and peace to the overall environment, additional coziness and comfort.

stylish wicker chair for kitchen

Wicker furniture always brings comfort and convenience to the room, including the kitchen

Hi-tech . Usually, chairs in this manner are made of modern plastic, with elements of metal, less often natural materials. These are strict and not doomed to excesses furniture elements, strong and durable products. But it is cold to sit on them, so it is better to get warm bedding.

stylish hi-tech chair for kitchen

If you are going to purchase such furniture, then it is worth taking care of the interior in the kitchen.

Exclusive bespoke models

Everything here will depend on the flight of your imagination, and no one can limit it! But one should take into account the high cost of that kitchen design option, although the shapes and finishes can be very diverse.

Want to add fun and joy to your everyday kitchen space? Buy chairs in different colors: blue, red, yellow and purple! You can even assemble furniture from all the colors of the rainbow!

Determine which chair will belong to each family member, so it will be more fun and perky to eat with the whole family.

Artsy heavy furnishings

Probably, such pieces of furniture with velvet or velor upholstery are more suitable for a large dining room or living room, and in a small kitchenette they will look out of place. But if your space is furnished in a classic style, besides, it is a large area, then you can take a chance and put similar chairs to the dining table.

stylish hi-tech chair for kitchen

Most often, such furniture is made of very hard and fairly heavy wood.

Bar options

Of course, they are simply necessary if the kitchen has a bar counter itself, and it will not be very convenient to sit behind it on a low stool. They are always high, without armrests and with an impressive back, along the perimeter of the legs there are slats to put the legs for greater comfort.

stylish kitchen bar chair

Chairs can be of different shapes and colors

The material of manufacture can be very different, but traditionally they are made from a metal frame with a soft seat, and not only from artificial leather, it can be just velor or velvet.

But plastic products will look shabby, and resemble a public eatery, and if you respect your home, then you don’t need to buy them.

These are the directions and options for chairs for the kitchen are in trend today, but the choice, of course, is always yours.


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