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The star fruit juice enhances its properties just when he does join other products that are helpful to the body in this case point out some that are so useful, as you boldo and you red fruit.

How to make star fruit juice?

Star fruit juice is an extraordinary natural product that is exceptionally appreciated in the universal markets, widely known as “organic star product” or “natural star product”.

It has a place with the Oxalidaceae family. Likewise, depending on its beginning, it receives distinctive names: in the Dominican Republic, “five fingers”; in Costa Rica, “tiriguro”; in Brazil, “caramboleiro” and in Venezuela, “Chinese tamarind” or “sweet tamarind.” It is an organic product with an exceptionally wonderful shape, of incredible use in the design of various dishes of choice.

Healthy properties of star fruit juice

  • Its real segment is water. It contains few measures of basic starches and even less protein and fat, so its caloric estimate is low.
  • Carom puree is rich in calcium oxalate and solvent fiber.
  • Contains a direct measure of provitamin An and vitamin C.
  • In relation to this, its potassium content emerges.

Provitamin An or beta carotene is transformed into vitamin A in our body when it is needed. This vitamin is essential for vision, the great condition of the skin, hair, mucous films, bones and for the correct functioning of the invulnerable frame.

Vitamin C mediates the development of collagen, bones and teeth, red platelets and promotes the retention of iron for sustenance and protection against disease. The two vitamins also have a cancer prevention agent impact. Potassium is an essential mineral for the transmission and age of the nerve impulse and for typical muscle movement, it intercedes in the adjustment of water inside and outside the cell. To a lesser extent, there are B vitamins and minerals, for example calcium, that are less beneficial than those obtained from dairy products or different foods that are a decent source of this mineral.

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Properties for well-being

Star fruit juice is a sweet organic product, invigorating and with an extremely unique shape. Due to its appearance, healthy properties and commitment of cancer prevention agent substances, associated with our well-being, its use is highly recommended for children, youth, adults, competitors, pregnant women or nursing mothers and the elderly.

Star Fruit Juice

Due to its commitment to provitamin An and vitamin C, its use is prescribed to the entire population and, in particular, to people who are in the most serious danger of the affliction of deficiencies of these vitamins: people who cannot bear the citrus fruits, pepper or different vegetables, which are an almost selective source of vitamin C in our eating routine; for people who must complete a low-fat diet, and thus with a low amount of vitamin A, or for people whose nutritional needs are expanding.

A part of these circumstances are: times of development, pregnancy and lactation. Similarly, tobacco, liquor, use of specific solutions, push, exceptional physical action, tumor and AIDS, stomach-related misfortunes caused by spitting or losing the intestine, and endless inflammatory diseases decrease utilization. and they create a terrible assimilation of the supplements.

Vitamins A and C, as cellular reinforcers, help reduce the risk of numerous diseases, including cardiovascular, degenerative and many tumors. Its solvent fiber substance gives it purgative properties.In addition, due to its low amount of starches, rich in potassium and low in sodium, they are exceptionally prescribed for the conditions of diabetes, hypertension or heart and venous diseases. Its potassium substance should be considered by people who experience the harmful effects of kidney disappointment and who require extraordinary controlled feeding methodologies on this mineral.

star fruit is exceptionally bottomless this season; it serves for unemployment and iron deficiency; It contains beta-carotene, a substance that is transformed into vitamin A, brilliant for vision, keeps the skin and hair in perfect condition and helps our resistant frame.


  • Have some star fruit
  • Request water
  • A little sugar to sweeten
  • Cut ice. 


Mix the star fruit, wash and cut into pieces, next to the water. At that time, once everything is mixed, you will strain it and we will add sugar to taste. We present with ice. Give for four people.

Benefits of Star Fruit Juice

This product for a long time has highlighted innumerable benefits that will be explained later and that when you learn them you will take them into account for the rest of your life:

To lose weight

Carambola or star fruit, being a natural product rich in water and low in calories, fat and starches, is perfect for incorporating food abstention into weight control. Similarly for those people who do not take after weight reduction, eating methodologies can take it without limitations due to its low caloric intake.

Purging Properties

The maceration of this natural product to have solvent fiber has the benefit of having diuretic properties, which makes it ideal for people who suffer from obstruction. In short, we can think of this organic product as a characteristic purgative.

Suggested for diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease

This natural product is described by a low intake of starches, which makes it a decent sustenance for people suffering from diabetes and is also rich in potassium. what makes the iodoeoneum hypertensive and the states of both veins and the heart.

Gives vitamin C and A

By giving it both vitamins, this organic product is suggested for the entire population and particularly for those people who have a greater danger of distress due to lack of these vitamins, for example, individuals who cannot tolerate citrus fruits, pepper or different vegetables (elite spring of vitamin C in our feeding routine), individuals who have low-fat and subsequently low-vitamin A feeding methodologies, or essentially individuals with increased nutritional needs (developmental phase, pregnancy, lactation, smoking, stretching, malignancy, AIDS , expanded physical action, etc.)Be that as it may, we must not ignore the cellular reinforcing activity of the two vitamins that makes star fruit a perfect organic product to reduce the danger of distress from numerous infections, for example, cardiovascular, degenerative, and much malignancy.

It is equally essential to remember:

  • That vitamin A is essential for vision, the good condition of hair, skin, mucous layers, bones and for the correct functioning of the safe frame.
  • That vitamin C is involved in the development of collagen, bones and teeth, red platelets, despite increasing protection against contamination and the assimilation of iron.

Potassium source

Within the mineral substance of this organic product, potassium emerges, which is fundamental both for the transmission and for the age of the apprehensive impulse, for a typical solid movement and to be the main responsible for the hydration and the direction of the cell.

star fruit Juice to Revive

Experiment with a Chinese sieve so there are no bumps and place the cooler on a reasonable stand.


  • A few caroms.
  • Some cold water
  • Sugar. 

How to do it?

  • Wash and cut the star fruit into pieces. Keep some stars to enrich the glasses.
  • Pass the pieces together with the water and sugar in case you see that it is too thick, include more water. Do the same with the sugar.
  • Whenever you like
  • At regular intervals, eject, evacuate, and return to the cooler.
  • When it’s done, move in and serve.
  • Carom juice to revive.

star fruit Juice with Pineapple

Enhance Singular Cups With A Carom Cut


  • Pineapple juice, at least half a glass
  • Squeezed orange
  • Some carambola or star fruit. 


Put the pineapple and the squeezed orange in the blender along with the already washed and cut star fruit.

Beat for a couple of minutes and strain.

Decorate, if you like.

For best flavor, chill before consolidating each of the fixings. Serve instantly. 


Starfruit, once harvested from the tree, does not continue to ripen, so in case you need to gobble up desserts, buy natural products that have hints of yellow or gold. In this way, you will achieve a tremendous preparation and surprise your guests if it is a suitable meeting in a pleasant place or space.This fruit is divine because it serves for an individual delight or in conjunction with other people, it also serves as a garnish in an excellent and out of the ordinary lunch.

Nutritional Value of star fruit Soda

Starfruit has numerous medical benefits. It is an exceptionally total organic product in terms of supplements and fiber. It is a deeply suggested food for children, competitors, pregnant or lactating women and the elderly. It is an ideal natural product for the use of people who cannot bear citrus fruits, pepper or different vegetables. Star fruit is a source of vitamins.

Star Fruit Juice

Star Fruit Juice With Pineapple

The star fruit juice enhances its properties just when he does join other products that are helpful to the body.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Asian
Servings 4


  • 1 glass Pineapple juice
  • 2 Squeezed orange
  • Some Carambola or star fruit


  • Put the pineapple and the squeezed orange in the blender along with the already washed and cut star fruit.
  • Beat for a couple of minutes and strain.
  • Decorate, if you like.
  • For best flavor, chill before consolidating each of the fixings. Serve instantly. 
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