Reversible non-stick frying pan: how to choose

Double Sided Pans – The non-stick grill is a handy attachment for pancakes, pizza, sausages, sandwiches, tall omelets and more. Multi-layered non-stick coating for fat saving. Food does not stick to the surface, even if no oil is used for cooking. Fast frying or stewing allows you to preserve vitamins, minerals and trace elements. food does not need to be turned over while frying. For even frying, it is enough to close the lid, and after the right time, turn the pan over to the other side.

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Depending on the design features, the pan can function as a crepe maker or waffle iron. On some models, the two halves of the pan may come loose. After they turn into 2 classic ones. Dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

In this article, we will look at the main technical characteristics of double-sided pans, which stoves are intended for and which dishes can be cooked. It also provides an overview of the best manufacturers and approximate prices. And here is what a grill pan with a lid looks like and what it looks like here.


A double-sided good frying pan with a non-stick coating is designed for quick frying and braising. Consists of two traditional pans with comfortable handles, connected by a hinge. When closed, the halves are fastened with a lock. This allows it to be turned over during the process, ensuring an even browning. Finished foods remain juicy and crispy. To prevent fat or juice from leaking out in the process, most models are equipped with silicone pads along the edges.

Features of the double-sided frying pan – grill:

  • thick bottom;
  • original corrugated surface (the crust on finished products has characteristic stripes, as after the grill grate);
  • multi-layer teflon or ceramic coating.

But what the Gipfel double-sided grill pan looks like and what capabilities it has during operation, is detailed here.

The most durable pans are made of cast iron and aluminum. In the first case, the disadvantage may be the significant weight of the product – more than 2 kilograms.

Double-sided pans are designed for all types of stoves: electric, gas, glass-ceramic and metal-ceramic. Please note that some models are not suitable for induction hobs.

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Convenient handles make it easy to turn the pan while cooking. The non-stick Teflon or ceramic coating allows you to grill, if desired, without oil or other fat. Food does not stick to the surface and does not burn. This type of pan is suitable for cooking:double-sided non-stick frying pan

  • sandwiches;
  • pancakes;
  • pizza;
  • closed pies;
  • tall omelettes like tortillas;
  • vegetable dishes;
  • sausages;
  • chops.

Heat-resistant bakelite, plastic or silicone coated handles for easy handling.

In some models, it is possible, if necessary, to turn it into two classic pans.

But what the grill pan for an induction cooker looks like and how it is used is described in great detail in the article at the link.

Advantages of the double-sided frying pan – grill:

  • the design of the embossed grooves contributes to the drainage of excess fat or unnecessary liquid;
  • fast frying provides a crispy crust with typical grill stripes;
  • a harmful “film” of fat does not form on meat or fish;
  • quick frying or stewing preserves the maximum of nutrients;
  • the small contact area of ​​the food with the frying pan allows you to cook with absolutely no oil, or with a minimum amount of fat.

With this method of preparation, the outer crust on meat and fish products quickly “grasps”, preventing the juice from flowing out. When fried, the finished product turns out to be juicy, with a crispy crust on the surface.

Manufacturers overview and prices

When choosing a double-sided frying pan, it is worth considering the following basic parameters:

  • size (depends on the number of people in the family);
  • material (the weight of the product and its durability depend on this);
  • type of internal coating (safe Teflon or practical but fragile ceramic spraying);
  • shape (can be square, round, even oval);
  • the height of the ribs – grooves on the inner surface (the quality of the prepared products depends on this parameter);
  • handle cover material (it is better to give preference to a cover made of special wood, silicone or heat-resistant plastic).

Best double-sided models:

  1. Tefal (Tefal). The most famous manufacturer of non-stick pans offers several models of double-sided pans. They are manufactured from die-cast aluminum. The outer cover is equipped with a special heating indicator. It makes it easy to determine the optimum temperature for frying. The most versatile is a square speed with special “ears”, a diameter of 26 centimeters. But what is the best grill pan and by what parameters it is chosen, indicated here.double-sided frying pan TefalThe pan is equipped with a special heating sensor, which makes cooking easier
  2. Travola. The pans are made of aluminum with a high-quality scratch-resistant DuPont Teflon coating. Bakelite handle, silicone pads on the edges of the pan for a firm hold of the halves. The shape is only rectangular, weight is 1350 grams. Not suitable for induction hobs. You may also be interested in information about what a good ceramic-coated pan looks like.double-sided frying pan TravolaThe frying pan is very scratch-resistant, but it is still worth taking care of when cleaning from food debris
  3. Gipfel . Frying pans measuring 24 or 26 centimeters are available in different shapes and with several coating options. This is a three-layer Teflon or ceramic resistant to mechanical damage.Gipfel frying panThe manufacturer produces various shapes of pans and with different coatings.
  4. Lodge. Cast iron grill pans of round, square or rectangular shape. The size varies from 26 to 30 centimeters. They provide uniform and fast heating. You may also be interested in information on how an electric grill pan for a home might look like.double-sided frying pan LodgeFrying pans are round or rectangular, which allows you to choose a pan for a suitable dish
  5. Biol . Pans made of cast iron, square, with rounded edges and a rounded bottom. Available in sizes 24, 26 or 28 centimeters. Since they are made of cast iron, the weight is from 3 kilograms. Here’s what the supremo non-stick frying pan looks like and how you can use it.Biol double-sided frying panThe frying pan is made of cast iron, which will prolong the service life of such a frying pan.
  6. Grill master . The square-shaped double grill pan has a movable holder. Thanks to this, the product can be divided into 2 halves. It turns out 2 traditional pans if you need to cook a lot of food. When folded, the product is fixed with a magnetic lock. A characteristic feature is a special compartment for water, into which excess liquid flows down.double-sided frying pan Master grillA frying pan from such a manufacturer can be divided into two parts and used separately.

The average price of a double frying pan ranges from $20 to $ 28.

A double-sided non-stick frying pan can replace the grill at home. It is also used to make pancakes, pizzas, hot sandwiches, chops, thick omelets, closed pies. It can also replace a crepe maker or waffle iron depending on its size and shape. Design features include a thick grooved bottom on both sides and a non-stick coating.

The grooved surface in the form of longitudinal grooves allows excess fat or juice to drain off. This makes the food healthier. The crust on the surface quickly “sets”, not allowing the internal juice to flow out. This is important for meat, fish or seafood, vegetable dishes.


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