Planetary mixer: which one is better for home, rating, and review

Planetary mixer with a bowl rating of the best: how to choose the best models with a bowl, blender for home, top-review of inexpensive, Gemlux or Kitfort

Hostesses who like to pamper their household with delicious and healthy dishes cannot do without reliable technical assistants, such that they can free them from laborious work. For example, when whipping omelets, cocktails, sambucs, or fruit purees. But for this, your hands must be free so that you can do other important business in the kitchen, so you should make the right choice in favor of planetary mixers with a convenient and capacious bowl, additional options, and different speed modes. Let’s consider an overview of the best models and the device itself in more detail.

A little more about the planetary mixer for the home

The devices received this name by association with the movement of planets around the sun and their orbits, as the familiar moon does to everyone. It is constantly in motion around our planet, and even by itself rotates around its axis.

planetary mixers

Often such a device is chosen by housewives who love and very often cook

A similar principle is incorporated in this equipment: the beaters are set in motion simultaneously with the bowl, one type of mechanism rotates in one direction, the other in the opposite direction. This technique allows you to more carefully approach the process of mixing, whipping, or preparing various kinds of puree – the product is obtained with a delicate, homogeneous consistency, similar to that which is made in an industrial production environment.

How the equipment with a bowl works

Since a rather high speed develops during operation, the bowl is always supplied deep and capacious, so that splashes do not fall on the table, beaters are attached above it.

The upper part of the body is usually with a hinged protective cover, where there are slots for installing elements of the rotating mechanism, the same rims or a hook, there is a control panel on the body: it can be a touchscreen or a simple mechanical one with rotary knobs.

A special pallet is securely attached to the lower part of the body, where the bowl will be installed so that it does not move during operation.

The whole process of kneading or whipping starts at the same time: the bowl and the beaters begin translational rotation, gradually gaining momentum.

Since the modern planetary mixer for home use is multifunctional, it is a large device, and you need to find a spacious place for it.

The package usually includes a deep bowl with a volume of up to 5 liters, a different number of attachments, including a blender or a coffee grinder, there is always a hook for the dough. Designers have tried to take into account modern requirements, and all equipment has a pleasant appearance.

But how do you go about choosing a planetary mixer for your home? What to look for when buying?

It will also be useful for you to know how the gastrorag cocktail mixer looks and is used correctly.

Review of the rating of the best models with prices


Equipment from the Russian manufacturer Kitfort is worth up to RUB 6.0 thousand. The peculiarity of the equipment is in the configuration and protection of the user: working parts are made of high-strength alloy steel, including the bowl. If you accidentally open the protective cover to install the attachments, the engine stalls and the device stops working. The metal bowl allows you to make a workpiece even from choux, hot dough, or mix ingredients that have just been in boiling water. A protective cover is installed on it, which makes the work completely safe, and if it is necessary to add something, according to the recipe, that is, a special hinged inlet of a small size. It will also be helpful to know how a mixer with a dough bowl looks and is used.

planetary mixer Kitfort

Specially designed design that will allow you to carry out all work safely, even if there are children nearby

Kitchen Aid

Planetary mixer from American manufacturers KitchenAid has won worldwide recognition, its products have been used since the beginning of the last century. During this time, the technological process has been verified to the screw, all parts are made charmingly from durable food steel, beautiful design with many attachments and functions. And here is what a Bosch planetary mixer with a bowl looks like and how effective it is when used, indicated here.

Planetary mixer KitchenAid

If you buy such a device for your kitchen, then you don’t have to worry about healthy food, because all the details are of the highest quality.


A device of the middle price category with convenient and useful functionality from the GEMLUX GL-SM5G company. possesses reliability, long service life, works at different speed modes, is compact, and beautiful in appearance. But which powerful hand mixer for the kitchen is the best and most optimal in function, this information will help you understand.

planetary mixer GEMLUX GL-SM5G

More often this option is acquired by professional chefs.


The next review is devoted to the product of the GL-SM5G brand, Gemlux, it is a little more expensive, but not much, with an approximate cost of about 12 tons, since its bowl is made of metal, with a comfortable handle, with the same functions and advantages.

Gemlux GL-SM4.5G planetary type for home beating, kneading, or dough preparation with functions for professional use. Functional takes up little space, works at different speed modes. But how to choose a mixer for the kitchen and what parameters should be indicated here.

planetary mixer Gemlux GL-SM4.5G

Automatic modes, which work in different ways depending on the required work, will allow you to quickly whip the necessary products


Kenwood equipment is always of high quality, practical to use, with many useful options: it can be used for whipping, mixing, preparing dough of different consistency, there are additional elements of a blender for cocktails and a coffee grinder. The metal body and bowl will cost more. You should also learn more about that. how to select and then use a specific planetary mixer for dough.

planetary mixer Kenwood

Powerful enough equipment to make any yogurt or smoothie with any fruit


An excellent assistant in the kitchen from the manufacturer Kitfort KT-1308. parts other than the whisks and the motor are made of high-strength food-grade plastic but can last quite a long time if they are well looked after.

planetary mixer Kitfort KT-1308

A huge selection of various whisks will allow you to make any dessert in the shortest possible time


Italian equipment of the Smeg brand can be compared with professional kitchen mixers: powerful, multifunctional, easy to use but does not take up a lot of usable space. There is an additional memory for counting calories, an electronic timer, a clock.

planetary mixer Smeg

Fully automated appliance suitable for modern women in modern kitchens


Products under the well-known BORK brand are always at the peak of popularity, they are loved for high-quality assembly, the durability of operation, reliability, and relatively inexpensive price, despite many functions. They are made entirely of metal, more reliable, and assembled at their native European factories. In mass production, there are also models of the middle price category with a plastic body and a bowl, but they work no worse than their expensive counterparts.

planetary mixer BORK

Both the body and bowl can be made of durable plastic, which makes the device less expensive

Kitchen Aid Artisan

The highly professional home appliance from the Kitchen Aid Artisan manufacturer has 3 different attachments, a metal bowl, is durable and easy to operate thanks to the touch panel on the lid of the device, a built-in timer, and a clock. It may also be worthwhile to understand that a multicooker or a double boiler is better and how to make the right choice.

Planetary mixer KitchenAid Artisan

It won’t take long to prepare various desserts

Attractive and multifunctional model of the planetary mixer KitchenAid Artisan 4.8 l 5KSM150PSEGP. Differs in convenience, durability, reliability.

But what is better and how the mixer differs from the blender is indicated in great detail here.


  • Marina, 24 years old: “Such a device was presented to me by my colleagues at work, I still did not know that it is very convenient and practical: the bowl is closed, nothing spills out, everything is prepared in a matter of minutes. And most importantly, your hands are free! “
  • Tatiana, 37 years old: “My old and familiar mixer, which I bought from my first paycheck, broke down. It’s a pity, for so many years he served me faithfully. I had to buy a new one. But, as my mother told me, a miser pays twice, so I decided to buy a reliable and good thing. Yes, indeed, I felt all the advantages of the planetary mixer right away: all the parts are closed, it is impossible to injure your hands, and you also cannot get dirty if something spills by during whipping or kneading. The thing is really necessary and useful. “


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