Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Want a recipe for scrambled eggs to perfection?

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Then you are very welcome, again, to this series entitled: Egg, KitchensCity!

Acclaimed by the egg public, where I explain all the basic egg recipes in the world, so that an egg is never wasted in vain again.

You would think that there are no secrets to making scrambled eggs, but most millennials will know that nothing in this life can be done without a tutorial.

About this scrambled eggs recipe

The scrambled eggs recipe is a classic for breakfast eggs and has the advantage that it is done in two farts, but be careful, as basic as it may seem, it is very easy to go wrong.

With these tips on scrambled eggs I can guarantee that they will make them come out fluffy , like a cloud but with scrambled eggs, and they will always be able to get them at the right point, no chewy egg, never again.

These are made with butter, because it’s the classic, but you can also make healthy scrambled eggs by cooking them in oil instead of butter.

Obviously they don’t taste the same, but if you follow all my other scrambled egg tricks, you will still have a good result.

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Well, enough of the chit-chat and let’s move on to the recipe.


– Eggs! (the amount will depend on how much they want to eat)

I surprised you, right? We will also need:

– Room

– Milk (a splash)

– Butter (a bit)

Scrambled eggs recipe step by step

1- The first thing we are going to do is break the egg in a bowl, add salt and the splash of milk (there are people who replace milk with cream, they can do it if they wish). We are going to beat well beaten until these ingredients are well united.

2- We are going to bring a frying pan to the fire, and we are going to put the piece of butter there to melt. As I clarified above, this can also be done with oil.

3- Once the butter has melted, or the oil is heated, we are going to give the egg one last beat and we are going to put it in the center of the pan.

4- What we are going to do now is, with a spatula, go through the egg from the edges to the center, leaving a few seconds (I count 4 or 5) between passes to give it time to set.

Thus, they leave holes that are filled with the parts that are still raw and these are cooked to achieve the best version of scrambled eggs.

It is important that the pan is over medium heat so that it cooks to perfection. On low heat it will take a long time to set and on high heat you risk getting burned.

5- Once it is cooked, to your liking, remove it carefully and place the scrambled egg on the plate where you are going to taste it!


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