Original chocotorta recipe and its best variants

this time we are going to talk about the saving dessert, that dessert that always gets you out of trouble: the blessed chocotorta! You have a meeting and you don’t know what to bring? The chocotorta recipe gets you out of trouble , your friends come to your house and you’ve just come home from work exhausted and you don’t know what to do? Chocotorta. And so on any occasion. So I wonder: What noble fruit does the chocotorta not believe?

You don’t have to be a great pastry chef to be able to make a good chocolate cake recipe. Anyone can do it! These days if you have children in your charge and you no longer know how to entertain them, making this easy cake together is a great plan. It is very simple and entertaining, you will thank me!

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About this original (classic) chocotorta recipe

In general, the typical recipe is with cream cheese and dulce de leche … This recipe that I bring you has a small variation, instead of cream cheese it is only with cream! We form a false mousse, beating the dulce de leche with the cream and that is the mixture we use. There is a much smoother and more airy chocotorta. It is much lighter!

Well… Lighter is an obvious saying. We are very clear that this dessert is very fast to make, that it is very tasty and all that, but it has NOTHING about light. But hey, it is an allowance that we can give ourselves from time to time, right? Neither is it a dessert to make every day of course! Would you like me to bring you the recipe for dulce de leche? If so, tell me in the comments and if you like the idea, we will do it!


for a medium font

  • 400 gr of dulce de leche (if it is a much better pastry chef, otherwise it does not matter!)
  • 400 gr of milk cream or custard
  • 750 gr of chocolate cookies
  • Milk or coffee to soak the cookies
  • 50 gr of semi-bitter chocolate (topping or cup)
  • 50 gr of cocoa powder

How to make chocotorta step by step

  1. Begin to beat the dulce de leche and when it is a lighter color add the cream . Beat at the lowest point of the mixer until it is ready. Be very careful that you do not go over the point because otherwise you cut yourself!

    If because of those tragedies in life it were to be cut: add a splash of cream and integrate. Reserve aside.
  2. Soak each cookie and place in a bowl to form a layer. Place a layer of the dulce de leche cream. Another layer of moistened cookies and so on 4 times.
  3. Chill for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
  4. Sprinkle with cocoa powder. When serving , grate some dark chocolate on top and be happy and eat chocotorta!

This dessert is wonderful, I hope you enjoyed it and it made you a bit happy in these difficult days! Now we continue with the variants.

5 variants of the original chocotorta

It can always be richer!

In the recipe for chocotorta detailed below you will find a very simple recipe , but if you want to put a little swing in it, I have a set of 5 variants with which I like to vary it so that it is not always the same. What I’m going to tell you are my biggest secrets, so know how to appreciate them, ok?

  1. If you want a more compact mixture for the chocotorta, you can resort to the traditional recipe of the same amount of dulce de leche as cream cheese. For example, in the recipe of this post it can be 400 grams of dulce de leche and 400 grams of cream cheese. It only remains to mix it well with a spatula and voila!
  2. You can add things to the chocotorta to give it another texture , such as meringues, or walnuts, or almonds … You can put a layer of cookies, sprinkle some crunchy ingredient and on top the layer of mixture and so on.
  3. For the coverage you can make a more liquid chocolate ganache. Using 100 gr of chocolate and 100 ml of milk cream. You have to chop the chocolate and add the hot cream on top and mix. We finish the chocotorta with that kind of sauce and send it to cool. Delicious!
  4. portion can be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to cut with the sweetness of the chocolate cake.
  5. If you want to innovate, you can mix it with some citrus , or strawberries … The star of the party.

If you have any other ideas, tell me! It is not going to be something that only I am telling my secrets and you nothing. This is a round trip! Well, let’s go with the recipe. I hope you enjoy it!


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