Office Pantry

Office Pantry – More Than A Kitchen To Cook Coffee

Office Pantry area of the office where employees can obtain their part of nutrition.

Finally lunch break: time to relax and recharge your batteries, preferably with a delicious snack that you prepare yourself in the office kitchen. Provided this is equipped with the necessary kitchen utensils and built-in appliances. Because although in many companies an office or at least a tea kitchen is available, it often lacks the right equipment.

Unlike a home kitchen, an office kitchen is primarily used to cook coffee and prepare quick meals. Elaborate menus are rarely cooked here. If employees feel comfortable in the office kitchen, they will automatically engage in conversation with each other, develop new ideas together and grow closer together as a team.

From a cozy and well-equipped office kitchen benefit not only the employees, but ultimately the entire company. After all, a positive working environment encourages employee creativity and productivity, which in turn has a positive impact on business success.

We show you what is important when planning, equipping and using a good office kitchen. In addition, we have put together some tips for you, with which the conflict situation can be successfully defused, when unflushed coffee cups lead to trouble.

Office Pantry Appliances

office pantry

The fitted kitchen in your own home usually uses only a few people. Things look a little different in the office kitchen: The kitchen is available to a large number of employees, so it’s not uncommon for several people to be in the office kitchen at the same time.

 Just as with the planning of a fitted kitchen at home, an office kitchen can be created individually and adapted to the room conditions and the office needs.

Office Pantry Designs

The favorite drink during work is and remains the coffee. That’s why it pays off for the office kitchen a powerful coffee machine, with which you can prepare several cups of aromatic coffee within a short time. It goes without saying that the best space in the office kitchen is reserved for the coffee machine. 

In addition, just as with the planning of a private fitted kitchen, it is important that the various areas are arranged in such a way that there are short paths . For example, it is extremely convenient to place the cupboard and cup cabinet so that it is in close proximity to the dishwasher as it is cleared almost daily and mostly contains cups.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

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The perfect office kitchen has several sturdy and spacious cabinets so that the glasses, cups and cups as well as other crockery, pots and teapots of the colleagues can be kept neatly . Bouquets are just as much a part of a birthday as delicious cakes or pies. Therefore, plan enough space for vases and cake plates. 

The bigger the team, the more often there is something to celebrate. For example, pull-out cabinets are ideal for neatly storing plates, pots and champagne glasses. So nothing stands in the way of the next After Work Party or the Christmas party with delicious mulled wine and home-baked cookies.

Space On The Work

The work surface serves primarily as a storage area for the kettle and a large coffee machine, so the countertop should be chosen correspondingly large. In addition, employees enjoy fruit boxes and snack boxes very popular if the small hunger wants to be breastfed immediately, which also take up space on the work surface .

Practical Sink Cabinet

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Because not only fruits and vegetables are washed in a built-in sink, but also water is refilled, a deep sink for the office kitchen is a very good choice. The space below the sink is ideal for a practical sink cabinet, are stored in the detergent, descaling for coffee machine,  and sponges. 

If the cabinet is large enough, you can also place a trash can here. It is important that the waste bin can be closed with the help of a lid or a flap, so that unpleasant odors are avoided.

Office Pantry Furniture

Inviting, Robust And Easy To Clean

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Because the office kitchen is used by many people, sturdy materials ensure that the fitted kitchen can impress for many years with a neat and appealing look. Although a high-gloss finish lends the kitchen an elegant and high-quality touch, this surface is less appropriate for an office kitchen.

because the glossy kitchen fronts are relatively maintenance-intensive, leaving too many finger and hand prints left by colleagues. With durable surfaces and durable equipment , you’re not doing anything wrong.

A Large Dining Table

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However, this does not mean that an office kitchen must be lacking in coziness: the kitchen is a popular meeting place, both at home and at work, where people can exchange ideas and develop new ideas. 

Equip the office kitchen, for example, with comfortable seating, an inviting kitchen counter or a large dining table so you can have breakfast or enjoy your lunch break with colleagues.

Ideas For Office Pantry

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An inviting and friendly feel-good atmosphere gets the office kitchen through the living and matching decorative items. Beautiful floor lamps, framed pictures and indoor plants create a homely atmosphere in which working is much more fun.


These devices may not be missing in any office kitchen

As in the home fitted kitchen, the appliance also important in the office kitchen, which makes the kitchen practical for everyday office use. Since the office kitchen is used by several people, there are special demands on the electrical appliances.

Office Pantry Supplies

office pantry

The most important device in an office kitchen is clearly the coffee machine: Especially in the early morning hours and in the morning, many people enjoy the popular hot drink to wake up and work concentrated. 

For smaller businesses, a conventional filter machine is a very good choice. For larger companies, however, is worth the investment in a fully automatic coffee machine . Pamper your staff and opt for a fully automatic machine that can prepare not only aromatic coffee, but also delicious cappuccino, latte macchiato and latte coffee.

Large Dishwasher

Very important is also a large dishwasher with a width of 60 cm. Because the appliance will be used at least once a day, a quiet dishwasher is preferable, as the buzzing and clinking of dishes should not distract employees from their activities. Ideal is also a light indicator that appears on the floor, so you can easily see how long the dishwasher is still running.

Cool And Prepare In The Office Kitchen

GE kitchen, GE Black Stainless Kitchen, kitchen shell

For the preparation of quick snacks and small meals, the hob, oven and microwave are indispensable in an office kitchen. Combined appliances that combine microwave and oven are particularly space-saving. 

This makes it easy to heat the milk for the coffee easy or to bake a cake quickly. A quiet and powerful hood ensures that cooking fumes and odors do not pull into the office.

Equip the office kitchen with a large refrigerator to house the food and snacks of all colleagues. If the team likes to spend some time after work to discuss ongoing projects, the after-work beer or cool drinks can be stored in the fridge for the summer. In winter, however, a hot water tap or a kettle allows the preparation of a warming tea.

Knigge Tips For The Office – Right Behavior In The Office Kitchen

Unfortunately, tea and Office Pantry are a source of hassle and annoyance in many businesses: you just want to get a coffee out of the machine quickly, and instead of a clean mug, find a pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

It is even more annoying when you look forward to your favorite yogurt during your lunch break, but you can not find it anymore because a coworker has chewed it.

Tips For A Harmonious Working Atmosphere

The establishment of basic rules for office life ensures that the dispute over dirty dishes an end and the office kitchen can shine in the future as a prime example of cleanliness and order. 

In order for the rules to remain in the minds of employees, they should best be.recorded in writing and, for example, affixed to an inside cabinet door. The following rules support a harmonious working atmosphere and avoid in the future dispute and annoyance in the office kitchen:

Everyone Eats Only What Belongs To Them:​​​​​

Anyone who brings their favorite.yogurt to the office, of course, would like to eat it themselves during their lunch break. Out of consideration for the colleagues one should therefore only eat what one also bought and put in the fridge.

Everyone Is Responsible For Cleanliness:​​​​​

If you have spilled with the tea bag or something went.wrong while warming up the lunch, wiping the stains and leftovers away immediately so that the colleagues also benefit from a clean office kitchen.

Everyone Puts Their Dishes In The Dishwasher:

If no one feels responsible, to clear the.dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn them on, the cup and cup stock is used up at some point. It is better to put your own things directly in the dishwasher and turn it on when it is full. This also means that every time the dishwasher clears.

Everyone Disposes Of Their Food:

The cheese has taken on strange color and the cold cuts smells strange? Immediately throw your spoiled products in the trash so that the bacteria do not spread throughout the refrigerator.

Everyone Decalcifies Times The Coffee Machine:

The coffee no longer donates coffee, because it is too calcified? Once everyone takes care of the descaling of the kettle and coffee maker, everyone.benefits from the coffee in the office kitchen. This includes the refilling of beans and water, if you are the last and the coffee maker informed accordingly.

Everybody Has Their Turn:

Especially for jobs that do not have to be done on a daily.basis, it is helpful to make a plan of what, who takes over and when. These activities include, for example, the cleaning of the.refrigerator, the purchase of new coffee or the wiping out of the kitchen cabinets.

Cooking In The Office

After a meal, our body is busy with digestion, so that certain organs such as the stomach, the.pancreas or the intestine are better supplied with blood. The result is fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

The more lavish the meal is, the stronger this effect becomes. That’s why everyday cooking demands light cooking ideas that provide energy for the day, but do not give up. To avoid the midday low, low-fat and easily digestible foods are the right choice.

Recipe Ideas For A Healthy Lunch And Snack Breaks​​​​​

For lunch and cooking in the office, there is a division of labor among all colleagues: while some buy the.ingredients, the others prepare lunch. Here you will find, for example, suitable recipes for lunch in the office and tips for organizing cooking together.

If you prefer to cook at home and want to eat your own in the office, you will find all.sorts of ideas for takeaway recipes here .

Brain food – helps to supply the brain optimally with nutrients and to promote performance and concentration ability. If you want to recharge your batteries for everyday office life with small snacks, you will find ideas for.healthy super foods here .

Kitchen Utensils For The Office Pantry

So that the small snacks and delicious meals can also succeed.and be enjoyed, various utensils are needed in the kitchen. The basic equipment of an office kitchen includes:

  • Cookware:large and small pots, a pan, a pasta strainer and two to three salad bowls in different sizes
  • Dinnerware:sufficiently flat and deep plates, cereal bowls and cutlery, salad servers
  • For coffee, tea & co:cups and cups as well as various glasses for cold drinks. If there is something to celebrate, champagne glasses are also part of the basic equipment
  • Kitchen helpers:A knife block, spatula, ladle, whisk and practical chopping board should not be missing in any office kitchen
  • Baking utensils:A baking dish, a kitchen rasp and a scale, baking paper and measuring cup complete the kitchen equipment.
  • Kitchen textiles:A kitchen apron prevents grease and water splashes from ruining the blouse or shirt while cooking, while kitchen paper, plaster sponges.and dishcloths can be used to remove stains on the worktop or cooker directly
  • And in case of emergency:a first aid kit and a flyer for the.nearest pizza supplier, if you want it to be faster and more convenient​​


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