Ninja bl480 Review

This model of Nutri Ninja is explaining in our ninja bl480 review. This Nutri Ninja has the best advanced Auto-IQ feature. It is the auto-iQ blender that comes in black and silver colors. It looks very attractive and contains the most powerful motor of 1000 watts, so it blends everything very smoothly. Also, it has the best sharp stainless steel blades that can blend all varieties of tough ingredients, and the blending completes at a fast speed with smooth results.

Ninja Bl480 ReviewNinja Bl480 Review

Powerful motor:

The Nutri Ninja blender with Auto IQ contains a very powerful motor of 1000 watts. It has the power of 21,000 RPM. It ensures its durability of the construction of the motor because some of the parts of drive gear use rubber and plastic in construction. Also, the base unit uses plastic in the manufacturing, and it looks very nice.

Stainless steel blades:

The blades are from stainless steel, and it contains an assembly of four stainless steel blades. The blades are very sharp, and the disc of the blades is from nylon. Further, the blades have the best quality of easily done the process of blending.

Pitcher of container:

This model of Nutri Ninja blender comes with three sizes of containers. These sizes include 18 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz. All the containers are from BPA plastic. The best amount of batches of drinks easily prepare at a single time. The cups provided by it have a maximum line that shows the maximum limit of food to fill.

Ninja Bl480 Review


In this section of our ninja bl480 review, the dimensions of this tool are present. It is a compact design that takes very little space in the space of the kitchen counter. The dimensions of this compact product are about six ¾ inches X 6 ¼, and the height is 8 inches, so it easily fits under most of the standard kitchen cabinets. The package dimensions are 12.6 x 11.2 x 9.3 inches.

Speed settings:

In this ninja bl480 review, we mentioned the settings of speeds of it. The Nutri Ninja blender has a control panel showing the display of time and contains four buttons for different functions. The one-button is for the start/stop button, and the second button is for the pulse button. The third and fourth button is for iQ ultra-blend (for pre-set programs) and iQ blend respectively. These third and fourth buttons show the advanced feature of a single-serve blender.

Manual programs:

It has a pulse function that is for manual control of it. The auto-iQ program is for normal smoothies, and the auto-iQ ultra-blend is for blend ice and frozen ingredients. The start/stop button is for the easy start and stops of this unit.

Easy to use:

It is very easy to use. Only fill this unit with ingredients and liquid to its maximum line. It has a screw-in that is assembled with it tightly to prevent leaking. But the screw-in is not too tight, so it’s hard to remove it. When the process of blending completes, then the lid is used to take this anywhere.

Easy in cleaning:

The cleaning of this unit is the easiest. The blenders contain dishwasher-safe parts that include its blades and containers. After the blending, immediately clean it, so it is very easy to clean with little effort, and this unit clean fastly.                                                           

Ninja Bl480 Review

The versatility of using it:

In the ninja bl480 review, it is a truly versatile blender. It is the most capable blender to perform all blending tasks. No blending is difficult for this unit. It makes perfect smoothies with high quality. With its best blending function, it can easily crush ice and make frozen desserts. The two pre-set program settings are ideal for making pureeing and chopping.


It comes with a warranty of one year. This warranty is limited to one year and has a complete warranty over all its parts. So, it must use with full free of tension. It provides the best experience of blending.


The only drawback of using it at high speed is that the blender is a little noisy, and it creates noise during blending. Otherwise, it has the best functions and shows its best performance.


  • The Nutri Ninja bl480 has the most powerful motor, and it has a sharp stainless steel blade. It results in smooth blending.
  • It is the most versatile tool that is capable of making many different frozen drinks or smoothies.
  • And, it is very easy to use and also easy to clean.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-s-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-s-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Powerful motor with stainless steel blades
Versatile blender
Two pre-program settings
Easy to use and clean
BPA free pitcher of a blender[/i2pros][i2cons]Noisy blender[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Is this blender gives very smooth results?

It delivers the best smooth results of blending. The most powerful motor uses it with sharp blades that are from stainless steel. The blades move with fast speed and blend all kinds of toughest ingredients. The motor and blades ensure smooth blending results—moreover, the process of blending continues at a very fast speed.

Ninja Bl480 Review

What kinds of favorite foods/drinks make in it?

It enables to make all kinds of favorite foods or drinks. The perfect quality smoothies make from the blender. The blending texture is very smooth. The blender crushes ice very well and blends frozen ingredients with a minimum quantity of liquid. It is also ideal for pureeing and chopping with its two pre-set programs of blending.

Is the use of this blender is easier?

This Nutri Ninja bl480 blender is very easy to use and also easy to use its different functions. The blender contains a control panel that has four different buttons. Each button has different speed modes and produces the best outcome of blending. The blending is very smooth, and the blender always provides its outstanding performance.

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